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  1. Just another idea instead of a traditional leash that can be pulled out of your hand: I use a harness and a cross-body leash. If my dog launches, I have my entire body weight to use to counteract it. I can lengthen or shorten the leash depending on the situation, and I hold it with my hand most of the time. There are many things you can do to counter-condition to the prey interest, and I think a lot of it has been discussed. The basic theme is that you need to make the dog more interested in you and what you are doing (using food or attention) than in what potential prey might be doing.
  2. You should be looking for a trainer that uses positive based techniques, rather than one that uses pinch collars and such. Not necessarily a "greyhound" trainer.
  3. I tried the slow walking, he just hops forward. The only time he uses the foot is up/down stairs and to prop himself to pee/poo. I have been flexing his wrist, but I don't know how often I should do it. I'll give the vet a call today for more advice. Thanks!
  4. Sider got his cast off yesterday evening. Xrays show bone is healed. He had a cast that kept his foot straight (pointed) and his ankle immobilized (front foot) for 7 weeks. He is not putting any weight on it (he will to go up and down steps and shows no signs of pain). I noticed that he has very little range of motion in the ankle. Any suggested exercises to help with that?
  5. Maybe she is getting sick and your other hound is picking up on it?
  6. Have you tried antibiotics? Also, we have had luck with a drug called Proin in cases like yours. It makes it a little harder to pee, so unless his bladder is full he won't have the need to go. Just some thoughts.
  7. We plan to keep him, so separate play isn't an option. I NEVER have martingales on except for walks. Rope is tied non-slip and loose. The fact the Tiera immediately stops interacting with him is helping more than anything I have done. His face when she stops is priceless - "hey! Come back! Please?". Yesterday evening was great. I could see him holding back from bumping her and he mouthed without touching her.
  8. They only interact this way when Tiera runs. If I reduce the size of the yard, she won't run. I am picking up some rope today, I figure I can make a 20' lead and that should do it. Thanks!
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  10. I will definitely try that. Biggest issue is that my yard is about 1/2 acre so they get far away from me quickly. Maybe I will try a rope on his collar.
  11. My girlie is only 55 lbs (soaking wet) and my current foster is 75 lbs. When she runs after a toy, he will run after her and start bumping and mouthing at her head and neck (muzzled). She immediately freezes until he stops and then runs back to me to hide. I'm not sure how to correct him. She really hates physical play from another dog. I really think it's because she's so small. Thoughts? Required picture:
  12. Cooper passed away from a tumor in his abdomen yesterday. He was such a good boy. We will miss him so much. 6 months with him wasn't nearly long enough, but I know Lady is counseling him and keeping him in line. Goodbye, sweet boy.
  13. My dear, sweet Lady passed away from lymphoma on Thursday. Way too soon. I adopted her 1.5 yrs ago when she retired from being a brood mom. I have struggled for words to describe how wonderful she was and how important she was and ended up with a series of haiku: There is a hole in My heart only my Greyhound Can fill. So empty. Calm, rhythmic cheek puffs Warm nose as soft as velvet My sweet, precious girl Run faster than wind Loops and circles of pure joy Mom came home to me Persistent whining My day's loneliness surely Trumps your work fatigue Your sewing room is Not big enough for
  14. I can't connect with my cell phone, using Chrome or Explorer, but I can login from work (which is always hit or miss).
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  16. I clicked the button to edit the post and then manually typed in the tags.
  17. Nope Cleared everything, closed the browser, reloaded, relogged in and tried to edit my post in EEG to add the tags. Still tells me that extension is not allowed. I am on my home computer today (Chrome).
  18. Jeff, I can't post pictures either. Here at work, I have to use IE7 and when I press the image icon the screen goes gray and I'm stuck. Here is the image I am trying to link: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8347/8270280812_a42dd2301d.jpg It tells me I am not allowed to use that image extension here.
  19. Picked up Chad's ashes today. I made the desk ladies listen to a few Chad stories before I left. He really was a character. I finally feel like I can let Maisy and Bella's ashes go now, too. It was like they needed to be together first. I think I will take them all to my friend's farm and let them go on the private beach where they liked to paddle in the water. I just feel so lonely without them.
  20. Chad was my best friend. He was featured in CG Magazine a few times, and I used to post pictures of his couch antics and extreme ETS on here a lot. Many of you have met him in person so you already know. This past year was rough; all three of my dogs were diagnosed with terminal illnesses and they are all now gone. I really just don't have anything else in me right now. Good bye, sweet boy.
  21. I took Chad to VOSM last week. The doctor spent at least 30 solid minutes doing a complete assessment of Chad, which is something I haven't been able to get anyone else to do, so that alone was worth the drive. All told, we spent an hour with the doctor. He has issues in three different spots on his spine, with the lowest one being higher than the lumbar region. He told me that the two most likely causes are bulging disks or stenosis in those locations, but that there were some other (very less likely) possible causes like infections. He said that I would need to do an MRI of Chad's entir
  22. Why? If you use the really thin liners (they are about $1 for 25 of them) they aren't absorbent. I used them under Chad's vet wrap for years and he would swim in the river with them on. I had to change the wraps after a day of swimming, obviously, but you would be taking them off anyway.
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