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  1. Jimmy still has bald patches 3yrs down the line. I have waterproofs & fleeces. I'm not sure what else to suggest.
  2. Please look at the quality of his life. We who all love our dogs have to come to very painful decisions. Hopefully not yet
  3. All the greyhounds we've adopted have had very loose faeces that took a long time to sort out. Please make sure he's on a low protein food. They feed them mush when racing. Luckily no neutering problems Good luck.
  4. Diva raced at Wolverhampton. Jimmy at Perry Barr in B'ham Sadly we've lost Diva.
  5. After effects of the anaesthetic possibly? It takes some time yo leave the system.
  6. There is never a right time for you, but there is for your beloved pet. Pain & quality of life & what 1moregrey has said. We're on our 11th dog now & we loved them all dearly.
  7. We've always had to keep rugs/ runners on the kitchen floor for our greyhounds.
  8. They are so often over raced, rest him somewhat, but a short walk might help
  9. In the UK we can't adopt without 1 months free insurance, very helpful.
  10. I've grit in my eye, we lost Diva in October after only 2 years. She'll be waiting over the bridge to meet a new friend.
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