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  1. @MerseyGrey Thanks for the heads up! It hadn’t occurred to me about the nasties and fragile hound skin! I hear you on vets bills that top their adoption fees too.. sigh we’re sort of assuming he’ll be ok with the motion as he’s a regular train and car traveler, and as long as his bed is down he will sleep through anything, but we can cut the trip short if it’s not workable. Also, of course prosecco- I shan’t be doing any navigating either
  2. Hello! We’re planning on going on a canal boating weekend in a few weeks, and aware we need to invest in a life jacket for Ghillie. does anyone have any recommendations for brands? They seems to range hugely in price and the one I see most regularly recommended is Ruffwear (top end of the price range, but I know their coats are excellent) the main thing would be a back-handle so that we could haul him out should the worst happen and he goes overboard- he’s a right lump of a hound! It’s super unlikely as he’s likely to spend the entire weekend asleep in his bed, but just to be on the safe side any advice or recommendations would be gratefully received :)
  3. Hi FiveRoooooers! Ghillie's had his op to remove a wedge from his toe (containing a potential corn / callous, and - they had hoped - the foreign body they spotted on the x rays) Unfortunately x rays this morning have shown the foreign object still there, and likely within the ligament-dense area of his toe where they can't cut it out. They're talking about referring him for potentially having the toe amputated which seems like a very serious escalation. Do you know if the object you worked out with the suture loop was in this danger zone?
  4. Mini update - my boy had his op on Tuesday and is doing OK. The vets aren't currently sure if they removed whatever it was that was causing him grief so he's got biweekly check ups and bandage changes for a little while to monitor his progress. I'll post any updates I get in case anyone else has similar problems in the future. As expected, the anaesthetic was pretty traumatic for him - he's not a brave boy and did himself some damage panicking as he came round. Fingers crossed that's the last time he has to go through that!
  5. Yeah, they're doing shoulders too - as he's been intermittently limping since I've had him (very slight, almost unnoticeable mostly- so much so we'd not been able to tell which leg was causing him grief, or if he just had a strange gait) so thought it was worth doing as they have to put him under anyway. He's only 4 apparently, but I've not been able to find any record of him on any racing database (I have another thread going on this website http://forum.greytalk.com/index.php/topic/321433-who-is-he/?do=findComment&comment=6029039and nobody else could find anything either!) But he has (relative) youth on his side for the anesthetic and recovery. A childhood dog (another sighthound, although not a grey) had awful reactions to general anaesthetics and unfortunately died from post-surgery complications so I have everything crossed that my boy will be OK. He's booked in for a pre-op blood profile, but if anyone has any other recommendations they would be gratefully received
  6. Thanks for all the help - after a lot more soaks etc, the mystery (and my poor boys limp) continues. His pad looks entirely healthy now, no swelling, no mark etc but absolutely very tender. He's booked in for comprehensive x rays and most likely some exploratory surgery next week If I wasn't anxious enough about the prospect of a corn, putting him under general anesthetic is going to give me a nervous breakdown, but the vet is certain it's the best course of action at this point so wish my boy good luck and all fingers crossed everything goes to plan and the problem is resolved...
  7. After more soaking and inspections yesterday, I noticed that he does have a few marks that must be from the Therapaw boot! His dew claw and knuckles have little grazes on them which must be pretty uncomfortable for him. After that, he didn't wear the boot at all and I used tape to cover the puncture wound for toileting and immediately he seemed much happier!!! He's got thin skin and fur, even for a greyhound (his legs look like a badly flocked dinosaur skeleton) so I'm wondering if the boot has caused more harm than good now I'm going to take him out of the city so he only has to contend with walking on grass for a week and see how he gets on bootless - fingers crossed
  8. Thanks FiveRoooooers, super worrying but good to know. My boy is super fussy and doesn't like the vet handling him, hates taking medication, obviously won't react well to sedation etc so she's generally reluctant to interfere.. can I ask a bit more, so I'm prepared for any push back from the vet? Did Aiden bear weight at all on his paw before the wound got worse and the second one appeared? How was his general demeanour? Did he tat at it? Chewing or anything? You said the wounds started to weep, but was the original one generally dry? For context, Ghillie seems completely happy other than when he's putting weight on it (ie he roaches about and bounces around on the sofa - he limps, but will put weight on it to walk, doesn't chew or lick it at all) The wound looks clean and clear and importantly dry. Historically I've always been a bit keen to rush Ghillie to the vets at the smallest sign of a problem so I think I might have a reputation for being a worrier - I don't want to be sent off with well-intentioned "he's not distressed, is bearing weight and the wound looks healthy" if there are so many similarities with your boys problem
  9. Thanks for all the advice. Unfortunately, his limp is still quite bad (compounded by the fact I've spotted his Therapaw boot is starting to rub a sore on his ankle too He's not having a fun time at all) I'll continue the soaks and rest for a couple more days and then get him back to the vets if there's no improvement I took some more photos - in case they shed any more light on what's going on. https://photos.app.goo.gl/RvygncdKkMzYiaSo8 https://photos.app.goo.gl/zzvDZqcGAVYCMSm6A https://photos.app.goo.gl/G4tqoR2JbdqbqkBF6 It does look a little more like there's a callous around the wound now - which I guess could be a sign of a corn? I'll start very lightly filing that down (he doesn't seem to mind this) and see if this helps too. He has cheered up a little since the removal of the stone, still very much into his food and roaching around on the sofa but this limp just won't shift!
  10. Hello! My greyhound boy has been limping on and off for a week and after a fruitless trip to the vet, and a couple days of salt soaks and paw inspections, a little dark mark became apparent - as the week had gone on his limp got a lot worse. I assumed it would be a corn (my big fear, living in a city which makes hard surfaces impossible to avoid!) so continued with the soaks and rest. Then yesterday I picked a little very sharp stone out of what I thought was the corn - https://ibb.co/dcuHKyhere's a pic of what we were left with. The wound is quite narrow, but does seem a bit deep - there was no blood though (this pic was after a soak). It now no longer looks like a corn, IMO, but does anyone have any tips for healing wounds like this? He's still limping a lot (same amount as with the stone - still having to rest him, therapaw boot for toilet breaks etc) and I would assume if the only problem was the stone + the damage it caused, he would be limping a lot less now the stone is gone..? Would be great to have some opinions on how to help - he's a velcro boy and normally comes everywhere with me and is so unhappy being left / not being able to follow me all over the house as well as having such short walks
  11. I don't so much mean about being abused, I just heard that noise reactive hounds sometimes run away from the sound of the traps out of fear rather than 'for the fun of it'. He's generally pretty chilled, but is definitely very jumpy around loud noises I've been trying to look up his tattoos actually (I posted another thread on it here http://forum.greytalk.com/index.php/topic/321433-who-is-he/)I should contact the Irish Coursing Club really and try find out some more about him! Thanks for your advice
  12. Thanks for both of these bits of advice! @greysmom I'm fairly certain he's in very good condition - he had terrible skin when I got him, lots of cracked callouses and sore patches, but now he's so much better. He has a very thin coat naturally, but it's really glossy and he's very alert, playful and skips along very lightly. He's possibly the slowest greyhound in all the land, mind, when he really runs (I used to joke that nobody ever made money off him until someone told me some greys only race well because they're terrified, so he was probably one of the greys that ran fast out of fear than anything else :'( @sobesmom, he just about stops short of opening the fridge! He watches me cook, begs at the table, will snatch food off people if he can reach (all while crying like an abused animal!) - those are the ones that are getting worse. He is a terrible counter-surfer when nobodies looking, but when I signed up to greyhound ownership I assumed that would be the case. If anyone has any advice about stopping them stealing when you're not looking, that would be great but it's not really the main issue. I've been trying to build his self control around food at feeding time - I make him sit before I put his bowl down, then hold him back (soft hand on chest to stop him lunging) for a moment until I say he can go. I've only been doing this a week or so, and he is of course incredibly stubborn so I haven't seen any results yet.
  13. Hello, Maybe this one should be in the food forum, but I kinda suspect it's more of a behavioural issue.. I've had my grey Ghillie almost a year (and have had lots of help from this forum along the way!) and I feel like he's almost totally settled in now. One issue that has got a lot worse recently is his food obsession. When I got him, he was a little underweight and VERY food driven. After a few weeks he started to respect boundries a little more and learnt he can't snatch etc (still a thief if food was left within his reach, but I grew up with other counter-surfers so that's no big deal) I was clearly spoiling him as a new (and underweight) dog so he put on a little too much weight (only 1.5kg too much) so I upped his walking and cut down a little of his treats (but not his meals). He's now the 'correct' weight, but his thievery has become awful. He cries and tries to snatch every time anyone else is eating - it's really like he's starving. I know a lot of greys are super food orientated, but is it normal to see such a link between him being a little tubby and more relaxed vs being a normal retired (ie not racing) weight and behaving as if he's starving to death? I've read a lot about how bad it is for them to be overweight at all, so I guess I'm also asking how much attention people pay to the prescribed weight of their hound as well? He is a fairly average sized (??) 4 yr old and I'm told he needs to be 35kg. He wasn't sluggish or anything when he was heavier, but I did notice less rib-y than other greys we know. Is it better to let him be a little heavier and more relaxed about it? Is there such thing as a husky-grey?! He has Burgess Sensitive lamb biscuits (which are complete) and whole pilchards, plus cod liver oil (he has really dry sore skin, hence the heavy oil content) so there shouldn't be any nutritional issues. He has a super sensitive stomach, so I hope it's not a problem with his food as it's the only combo I've found that helps his skin and coat and doesn't make him poop gravy Any wisdom would be gratefully received His starving puppy dog eyes are giving me the worst guilt in the world!
  14. OK, thanks for all your help! It doesn't look different with toothpaste on, but I guess the course of action is the same either way - warm water soaks and keep an eye on him. If it's no better in a few days I'll get him to a vet. Will keep you posted...
  15. Hello! I have a limping hound again This time it's not weekend warrior syndrome though This morning he started limping on one of his front paws- throughout the day it seems to have got much worse and he now holds it up when standing still. He is quite stoic, so it's a bit hard to see where the problem is, but he sometimes winces a little when I put pressure on one of his toes - when I looked, there's a small mark on it. I heard that greys can suffer from corns - and that it can be made worse if they do a lot of pavement walking (which he does) Does the below image look like it could be causing the problem? It's just the same image 3 times as I have the worst luck uploading pictures to here! https://ibb.co/fMDeTR https://postimg.org/image/xxmlygb1z/ Thanks in advance for any help
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