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  1. Hi all! Thanks for the support. We had our appointment today with the surgery consult (my first vet set up this referral). They ended up retaking some New xrays. Long story short, they don’t think Gator has any signs of a tumor! So I think with 2 out of 3 vets thinking it’s not cancer, that’s what I’m going with! The agree that he has some mineralization/calcification and believe his bicep tendon could be chronically inflamed (though not sure why?!). The one thing they thought was off was that he showed more signs of discomfort when extending his leg as opposed to flexing i
  2. Thanks everyone! Dr. Couto was able to look at lab work and x-rays. He doesn't think that it is OS which is a huge relief! He thinks the limp could be due to the mineralization of the supraspinatus tendon (the little white crescent moon shape on the x-rays). He also thinks the oval shading in the x-rays could be a deltoid tuberosity (a normal anatomical landmark) - this is what the first vet thought could be cancer. So we have one vet saying cancer, and Dr. Couto saying its not. Given his expertise, I'm guessing its not. I was hoping to get one more person to weigh in and my original vet
  3. All surfaces. He seems a little better today on pain meds and anti-inflammatories.
  4. Thank you very much for the information. Its definitely a lot to take in, especially when we don't 100% know what we are dealing with. Dr. Couto already has been in touch and I sent the files in a format I think he needs. Hopefully we'll know more soon. It seems like an impossible decision. I guess its important to get as much of the facts as possible before we make any decisions. Gator is on both pain reliever and NSAIDs. I asked to have some blood work done to compare to blood work we had about 4 months ago. Even if bone cancer doesn't show up, on the slight chance something else d
  5. Thanks for your response. My vet did mention it. Said she wasn't exactly sure what it was, but could be something, may not. SHe was more concerned with the spot below the shoulder. We checked pads and so did vet. No signs of corns or anything else that would impact it. Dr. Couto already has gotten back to me. Thought there was some supraspinatus tendon mineralization (chronic tendinitis), but couldn't tell from the bones with what i sent him. I ended up sending them in another digitized format, hopefully that will help and we'll get another set of eyes on it from that perspective. Ve
  6. Thanks. I actually found his name before in other posts and already sent him an email! Hopefully he get's back to me soon. I'm sure he gets inundated with emails.
  7. That is so interesting! I'm assuming she seems to enjoy it? I once had a trainer convinced she could teach my grey Gator how to sit. She failed. Good for Skelly!
  8. My 6.5 yr old greyhound, Gator, developed a limp about 5 days ago. Like many, I assumed he had injured himself because he's always been pretty clumsy. As the limp remained, I tried to determine the source. I pushed, squeezed, and pulled on each toe, bone, joint, etc. Gator didn't really give any reaction to help me find where, other than his front left leg. I did all the research, and came up with a lot of things it could be. I took Gator to the vet. They thought his shoulder was swollen and suggested x-rays. Now they think it could be a tumor, but didn't really seem sure (see attached
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