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    Sorry for your loss, Robinw.
  2. What about just breaking the drontal in half so he can swallow them easier and you can divide the dose up into two or three halves depending on his dosage? I haven't really had a lot of luck with crushing, but half a pill wrapped in a small piece of cheese slice followed by a cookie gets swallowed without chewing or even tasting.
  3. The link in the prison doc for the Advocate also has Drontal Plus at a good price. Amazon has it as well under Drontal and Bayer Quad, but the price varies a lot. None of those places require a prescription. It's crazy to have that many eggs in his stool only a week after treatment. They have to be adult to lay new eggs, and the adults should have all been knocked out by the Panacur, which if it was Merck Safeguard dewormer for goats, was the same thing I used the last time. Maybe the drontal will work better if he can tolerate it.
  4. Do you get any blood in the stool after treating? Often with heavy adult infestations, there is blood after they are killed off and detach. We had blood in the first couple of treatments, but not during later treatments when the counts were lower. Have you been testing your other dog as well? Moderate is a pretty high count for eggs after such aggressive treatment. How long after the last treatment was it? Sorry for all the questions.
  5. If they did, they switched back to every two weeks together: During infestation time: • Every 14 days, we strongly recommend that you treat with both Drontal Plus and Advocate (also known as Advantage Multi). Not every veterinarian carries these medications so at the end we will tell you where you can get them. Use Drontal Plus XL (35kg), every 14 days (2 weeks). At the same time, also use Advocate (aka Advantage Multi) every 14 days. Both on the same day. Continue until the hookworm is gone. The good news – this works. The bad news, in case of heavy infestation, it can take 5-6 months. Our practice is to dose the new arrivals on New Dog Day and continue to dose every 14 days until adoption. Then we suggest the adopter continues the dosing until hookworm is gone. http://prisongreyhounds.org/Hookworm%207-2018.pdf This was from the July 2018 update. The prison paper was also updated in 02/2018 and 11/2017 to my knowledge.
  6. Strongid has pyrantel which is in Drontal and HG+. That is a big reason why I have stuck with HG+ over the years, but I don't know that it would be any more effective or less upsetting than panacur at a higher dose. We had success with the goat version of panacur so far. Also used the big size tube of the Advocate with it. We purchased each at the links listed above in this thread. Earlier attempts with either panacur or drontal varients along with the monthly HG+ had no lasting results. Cita is still on the Advocate. eta: Sorry Bizeebee, looks like I was repeating what you said.
  7. Negative again! I will be keeping Cita on the Advocate monthly until retesting again in 3 months. Hobbes goes back on HG+ for Dec 1st. and Carlos stays on HG+. Everyone seems healthy.
  8. I'm retesting in another 2 weeks but so far everything seems ok. There are no obvious tell-tale signs since the last negative test at least. I think the last test was about 6 or 7 weeks ago. The prison protocol was the only thing that has worked for our newest dog. The old standard of the treat and treat again in three weeks with Panacur or Drontal, plus the regular monthly Heartguard Plus only killed off the adults and they kept coming back.
  9. Sorry for your loss. Treats for everyone tonight.
  10. Drontal makes one of my dogs throw up if she gets the full dose all at once, plus not want to eat and be very lethargic for a couple of days. I usually break the pill in half and give it to her in two doses six hours apart with a food that is not her regular every day food. I gave her the Advantage multi the next day. The others could do a full dose of Drontal Plus all at once without issues other than being a bit lethargic. They are bigger, but also get a bigger dose. I switched them to Panacur/Safeguard because she tolerates it much better, but it is a three day dose, so I started it a couple days earlier then gave the Advantage Multi on the 4th day. I think the reaction just depends on the dog. Drontal Plus causing vomiting is definitely not unheard of.
  11. Sorry for your loss. I agree with better a day too soon, than a day too late.
  12. That is very good news. I will be testing my pack again in two months and am hoping for similar news.
  13. Suddenly soft with mucus could be parasites. Hookworm can be picked up just by walking through the grass patch outside of PetSmart, and may not show symptoms for a month or so. Or, your food manufacturer could have changed the formula. Both are things that we have gone through here this year, with similar results. If you haven't opened a new bag of food around the same time that this started, then it is likely not that. Hooks can be picked up anywhere, and depending where in the country you are, whipworm can show the same symptoms. Those are the first two things to come to mind, given the info provided. Have you had him long? 5 years old could be fresh off the track or several years.
  14. If the food really is working, then i see no sense in changing it. I kept my Frida on the same (as yours) food for years for the same reason. She came from the rescue with that food and it worked for her. I currently have one on a specific Canidae and another two on Eukanuba LB because that is what works for them. We also have have gone through the prison protocol for hooks. There really is no hard and fast rule for greyhound food, although many swear by foods with beet pulp in order to keep things firm. After a month on the treatment, the adult hooks should be killed off and you will just be managing newly hatched larva, so it shouldn't be like an advanced case where the dog's nutrition is going all to the worms. He should probably be putting on any lost weight by now. If his appetite and digestion are affected, it may be more from the meds than from the hooks at this point. There is a thread started by cgs, titled Hookworm on this site. Please feel free to join in and share your experiences. We have had varying levels of success and other related food/digestion issues with the hooks, so your contributions are appreciated as we work together to nail down a decisive treatment. Thanks, and welcome aboard!
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