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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, I’ve had my almost 8 year girl for 3 years now, and she had been doing exceptionally well for the last 2 years after the initial one year battle with chronic persistent hookworm, chicken allergy/intolerance, and gastroenteritis. For the last two years, we had her eating beef Tylee’s with weekly yak stick treats, special meals of fully cooked ground beef one weekend a month, and religiously fed her Interceptor Plus for heart worm and hookworm prevention each month. She was happy and healthy until this past weekend. The only things I can think of that happened was: O
  2. Our 4yo guy came down with some kind of bug over the weekend, which had (what seems to us) an odd presentation. I'm hoping someone here might have an idea of what it might be. Short story is that it started Saturday as a couple of peeing accidents inside (not explained by long interval between outside visits or anything like that), drinking tons of water, having to go outside many times per night/day (considerably more than normal), and transitioning Sunday to cow-pie poops and borderline diarrhea (fortunately all pooping occurred outside). He's definitely not himself, he hasn't been s
  3. Hello friends! My five year old greyhound developed soft stools yesterday, and I'd love some help and guidance! He is still acting normal- his appetite and energy are unchanged, and he is still his bright, cheery self. We're 99.9% certain he hasn't eaten anything unusual (he's always leashed on walks with us, and is well-supervised at home) and we haven't changed his diet. However, his last three bowel movements have been unusual. I'm still able to pick it up, but the consistency is quite soft (like soft serve or a "cow patty"), and there seems to be a bit of grey mucous on the exterior.
  4. Weve had our boy for about four months. Earlier this week we gave him his quarterly dose of Sentinel. It was his second dose with us and he was receiving it at the adoption group. First time we didnt notice any side effects and had not experienced any with our previous pooch. This time our boy didnt eat for about 24 hrs and has had diarrhea for going on two days. He slept most of the weekend as well. Was very worried but hes improved today quite a bit. Was curious if others have experienced this and suggestions about alternatives to sentinel. As always thanks in advance.
  5. Hello, I have had my greyhound for a year now. For the first 6-7 months he was having diarrhea and stomach upset almost every month and constant excessive gas. I changed his food to a prescription purina one - gastroenteric formula and I also add a probiotic. He's been on that food for about a month. It's helped with the excessive gas and his stools are much firmer. HOWEVER, he is still having a gurgling stomach every few weeks and HAS to go outside and eat grass. Every time we stay the night at my boyfriend's house (where we are frequently, so he should be used to it by now) he will wake
  6. Before we talk about canine vaccination schedules, first let's talk about poop! You'll have to excuse my french as I'm a retired RN and BM's are very near (but not so dear) to me! Let's just say that although some of this post may be speculation, poop analysis is my specialty! I fostered 3 retired racers (from Florida) over the last 4 months and adopted #4... GM's Felix! (I failed at fostering as they say!) Interesting fact: All of the 4 dogs had (and have) EXACTLY the same bowel patterns (progressively worse diarrhea as the day progresses.) No matter what I fed (feed)
  7. My recently adopted 3 year old boy is currently being treated for hooks, so his stools have been irregular but getting a lot better, but seems to get worse with high temps. We live where the weather is usually very cool and mild throughout the year, but this is the second heat wave we've had while having him and he's had loose stools both times. Is this common? Tips?
  8. I have discovered a miracle supplement for the battle of the soft stool! It's a digestive supplement by Honest Kitchen and it turned my dog's pudding poop into firm pick uppable by the third dose. He had to have surgery last month for foreign body obstruction (ate a cat toy, it was a terrible time) and since then I've had to hose down the yard constantly so I know you all will understand my elation and hope I can help others by sharing this. Wish I'd known about it when we first got him and took ages to sort out. They also make a powdered goat milk probiotic/digestive enzymes which I'm also gi
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