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  1. Was wondering about how I can best prevent hookworm infestation in my two older greyhounds since we just found out today that new adoptee has them. She's on Dr. Ng's "triple combination" protocol and I've been reading a lot here about treatments and issues (very disheartening, I must say) - but my bigger questions are around how to protect my two negative greyhounds. Unfortunately we weren't aware this was even an issue, so they ran around the yard together for almost two weeks - we have someone clean the yard once per week, and they often "go" on walks, so the yard has never been an issue. But...now we are concerned. I know that cleaning up right away is #1 (even though we can't do the "paper plate" thing of following her around since she's pretty skittish and she tried to get away from me when I followed her around with a baggie today, lol). Both existing greys are on Heartguard Plus and vet explained that even if they did get infected, it wouldn't really be the same thing since it wouldn't be chronic infestation that ended up in tissues and re-infected intermittently, and that the HG+ should protect them and kill any adults right away. Is this the case? Does cleaning feet immediately after being in the yard help? I've read the adults and eggs can't live through a hard freeze - but has anyone tried using one of those "poop freezing" sprays to kill them? We live in NC, so hot & humid weather is on the way - but if we pick up right away and then freeze whatever remains in the grass with the spray... might that work? I've read there is no proven way of treating yards - is that the case? I honestly don't care if I kill the grass, I just want to kill the hooks. Does anyone know how long they can live in soil? I guess our yard is infested now, which just sucks since we didn't know, but whatever - we have to deal with it. Can we do anything at all? Spray with bleach? Wondercide? Anything? Or... are we just waiting for a hard freeze this winter? Finally, how many of you have dealt with a new adoptee "infecting" your existing greys (or other dogs)? Are they easier to treat as my vet suggested? Is there anything else I can to help our new girl and our existing two? Still researching her treatment, but hoping to get a crash course in protecting the other two. Should we section off our yard and keep them separated? Buy them booties (which would be super funny)? Any tips or knowledge would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Help... I have read a lot of references to the success of the Prison Protocol for treating hookworms on this forum, but I cannot find actual protocol. We adopted Fargo in December, and he came with hookworms. We just completed our first round of intensive treatment, and unfortunately, our poor boy still has hooks. We were advised that it could take several rounds of treatment to get rid of them. Since many of you have had success with getting rid of hooks using the Prison Protocol, would you direct me to it? Many thanks!
  3. Yes, my new grey from Birmingham has hookworms. I am following the vets protocol for chronic hookworm because they returned after the initial treatment. That is not my question - but it is relevant because we have a lot of Panacur doses ahead of us in the coming months. My problem involves the Panacur causing extreme itching (a known side effect) in my hound. She was up all night licking and biting herself. I finally gave her a Benadryl at 1 am, and then another this morning at 7 am. Those have seemed to help for a while. Does anyone have experience with this side effect and any advice? I have contacted the rescue and they have contacted the vet to see what they suggest - but in the meantime I thought I would see if anyone else has had the problem and has any suggestions. Thx.
  4. I just started my pup on the prison protocol today as I know many others have done with success. I gave her Drontal Plus with breakfast this morning (about 6:30) and about 3 hours later gave her the Advantage Multi. I then ran out to to store for about an hour - we have a camera on the living room where she stays and I noticed she would not settle down like she usually does after we leave, she was pacing from the front window to the back door. I came straight home and took her out thinking she had to "go" maybe but all she did was urinate a little. Then she wanted to play and proceeded to jump around for a few moments (on leash) and we went inside. Shortly there after she threw up on her bed, then she threw up on her bed again, then she threw up on the rug. All in about 30-45 minutes and all reasonable amounts. In the 2 months I've had her, she have never thrown up. Does anyone have any ideas if it was the Drontal or the Advantage Multi? Because I gave them both roughly at the same time as directed, I don't know which one caused it. Has anyone else had this issue while doing this regime? If the Drontal was in her for about 5 hours was that long enough to do any good? Any help will be appreciated!
  5. Just here to vent. Philly came from the track with these nastly little things. He was treated with drontal but got really sick so we switched to another med that the name now escapes me. After numerous poop tests, he was still turning up positive so we decided to treat every 3 weeks for 4 months. And it worked!!! (Or so we thought). He was given the all clear with a final poop test in March of this year. I was so happy, I squealed at the office during the phone call from the vet. Fast forward to late July, early this August, he started having loose poops. Ugh, I feared the worst as I hadn't changed anything. Sure, I'd snuck in some table food here and there but nothing more than a small piece of chicken. Was even planning on switching his food thinking that was it (Purina Pro Plan chicken) Vet confirmed the worst today. They saw some eggs in a recent stool sample. I'm devastated (for him and me). We worked so hard!!!! I don't have a yard so I have to walk him and he's never eaten anything off the grass on walks (he'll lick a wet spot on the grass which I assume is pee from another dog but that's about it). Oh well, We'll be going back to 3 wk treatments of the medication (the name of which still escapes me). Oh and I know some flea and tick meds also help with deworminf and stuff but Heartgard and Nexgard made him ill (lost appetite and loose poop with heartgard; vomiting with nexgard). Any recs on flea, tick, heartworm preventitive will be appreciated. Rant over. Thanks for listening.
  6. A recent fecal test showed our grey is still loaded with hooks, despite repeated attempts to rid him of these nasty things. We are currently doing the Drontal Tabs/Advantage Multi double whammy. My concern is that the poor dog seems miserable...pacing, whining, biting at himself and panting. I feel badly for him, but I know we have to get thru it. Anyone else's dog experience this?
  7. Well, Mr. Ollie was finally diagnosed as having a high load of hookworms that I'm sure he came home with (recently adopted). So now it's a game of trying to get rid of them, we started with a dose of Drontal to see if that gets us anywhere, we'll go from there after a followup fecal. What are your monthly parasite preventatives of choice? I was looking in to Trifexis since it also kills and repels fleas. Of course, almost any type you look at there seems to be dogs who have had severe adverse effects (seemingly like the Quest/Zimectrin Gold in horses). So of course, now I'm totally paranoid. A few suggestions from fellow grey parents will greatly put my mind at ease! You guys are the best!
  8. Hello, We have hooks and diarrhea and have gone through multiple treatments of Panacur and one treatment of Drontal Plus. Reading through some posts, there seems to be some vets that have put them on long term treatment of Panacur, etc. Could anyone tell me what your protocol was that finally rid your grey of these vile parasites? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi GT'ers, Since my last post and all your reassurance, I've stopped worrying so much about my boy when I'm at work. On the camera, I see he sleeps in a few different places and occasionally runs a few zoomies. He's doing greyt! But -- we do have one issue that has cropped up -- he sometimes poops by the door to the yard (not the one I leave from) when I'm at work. I can't see that door on the camera so I don't know the timing but I suspect it's an afternoon thing. I hired a dog walker for my first week back at work (I'm a college prof) and he was super, no potty issues. I'm trying to get him to adjust to all day alone if possible and so went to every other day with walker last week. He was fine on days she came and pooped on the two days she didn't. No pee accidents inside ever. Some notes about his #2s: he's gotten nice and firm now on Kirkland salmon with a little beet pulp added (I'm a horse person so I've got it around). Is the BP making him go more? His by-the-door poops are also firm and one neat pile, so it doesn't seem to me like SA. My last dog with entrenched SA had runs all over the house and/or crate if alone... We're still fighting the hookworm battle though -- can that be messing up his frequency? Here's his normal schedule: 6 - up, PP in yard, then breakfast (2c kibble + scant 1/4c BP; he's 72lbs) 7 - walk, PP 745 - I leave for work 430-445 - home, out to yard for PP 6 - dinner (same as breakfast) 630 - walk or yard to PP 8 - yard or walk to PP (either 630 or 8 is a walk depending on weather, but not both, though he PPs both times regardless) 830 - brush teeth, milk bone, bed So he's normally going 4x with me and the occasional 5th poo in the house when I'm gone... Lots of poo but pretty firm, big improvement from when I first got him last month. He's gated into the first floor of the house and wears a muzzle when I'm out. On weekends he often gets a midday poo because we're on some outdoor adventure or other, so no weekend problems but I realize I'm also messing with his schedule in a potentially-unhelpful way. I know the obvious solution is to hire the dog walker for every day but that's really prohibitively expensive for me as a very long-term solution. I'll figure that out one way or another if there's no other solution but I'm hoping your experience and creativity will spawn a few ideas :-)
  10. First, I apologize for the long post. We are desperate to help our boy feel better and I wanted to make sure I provided all the details... In the 3 months we've had him, I can count, on my hands, the number of times Puddy has had a solid #2. He's been to the vet 4 times now and we're still at a loss. Before I take him back to the vet, I want to make sure I'm able to bring them enough information to work with. I'm hoping you can help. Here's a synopsis of what's been going on: Meds & Tests Puddy came to us half-way through a course of Heartguard, which we finished during his first dinner. At the time, he had pretty runny #2s, but we figured this could be attributed to any number of things. A week after being with us, Puddy was Rx'd a 6-week course of Drontal at the vet after a stool sample tested positive for hookworms. For about 72 hours after the last pill, poor Puddy was literally howling in pain every time he pooped, which was actually more like explosive diarrhea. Stools were a bit bloody (hematochezia) and very, very runny. Like melted ice cream. A couple of weeks went by after the last dose of Drontal and Puddy continued to have diarrhea pretty much every time we took him out. Sometimes it was bloody, too. Figuring it couldn't be the after-effects of the Drontal anymore, we were concerned and took him back to the vet. They did another fecal swab and determined that he still had hookworms. He was Rxd a second round of Drontal for the hookworms and metronidazole for the diarrhea and suspected colitis. Round 2 of Drontal had very similar effects to the first round- howling Puddy, explosive diarrhea, a little blood. The effects subsided after about 72 hours again, but the diarrhea remained. The metronidazole did not seem to have much of an effect of Puddy other than firming up his poop to the consistency of mashed potatotes (at best). Food Puddy was eating Purina One Chicken when he arrived at our house. We transitioned him slowly over to Acana Wild Prairie over the course of a couple of weeks. His poop was never solid, though we weren't sure if it was the worms, the dewormer, stress, or ??? Our vet recommended we switch to a different protein to see if perhaps his diarrhea was related to his food. We switched to Acana grasslands and had maybe a week of pretty good poops after 2 weeks of being on his new food. Then, without warning or any changes to his diet, those lovely poops eventually went back to diarrhea. Thinking his Acana was too rich, we recently switched to Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream, which has a lower protein content. He still has diarrhea (with blood occasionally), though the first couple of days on the new food produced some nice poops. Other things: We've played around with his portions, giving him anywhere from 4 cups total to 2 cups total (he's 80lbs) per day. It didn't seem to make much of a difference, unfortunately. Puddy has had a couple of stints (one weekend, one 12-day stint) in a boarding kennel while we were out of town. He is very happy there and I do believe that the people take great care of him, but he always seems to come back home with tummy issues. We've eliminated all treats. He only eats his kibble and two .75in pieces of string cheese (I shove his daily meds in those) a day. He has maintained an appetite and weight through all of this and drinks a seemingly normal amount of water His coat is shiny and soft, so it seems like he's at least getting those nutrients Even when he has diarrhea, he can typically wait to go until we're on our normal walks. There have been, however, about 8-10 instances where he's stood politely by the front door or whined so we would take him out to go. In those instances, it was pretty clear that it was urgent. He has had one accident in the house, and that was about 24 hours after his last Drontal pill. We've given him rice and ground beef and it seems to clear him up for a little bit, but several days after going back to his regular food, it starts up again We were giving him a couple of TBS of pumpkin with his breakfast (man, he loved that stuff), and it seemed to be firming things but, but I'm not sure if that's just masking his other issues. Questions: 1. Are we switching his food too quickly? Is it common to see improvement followed by a period of decline? Can we expect to see things bounce back? Are we not being patient enough? 2. Recently, his poops have gotten much darker in color. I am afraid there is something wrong higher up in his GI tract since it appears to be blood. Any thoughts? 3. Is it possible that he still has worms? With two complete rounds of Drontal under his belt, I'm wondering if we need to move to something stronger? But I'm also concerned about the havoc it could wreak on his tummy since he had such an uncomfortable experience on the Drontal... 4. Are there other things we aren't considering? 5. How long does a food typically stay in their systems? In other words, if we gave him boiled rice and ground beef for several meals and then switch him back to his regular kibble, would solid poops on day 1-3 back on his kibble be residual effects from the rice and beef? Or does it move quickly enough through their systems where we can confidently say that he's having good poops on his kibble? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! We just want Puddy to be comfortable and happy. We're willing to try pretty much anything but I want to make sure we're going about it the right way and not just making things worse for him. Please help!
  11. Kenzie is 3 & been with me now for a year (most wonderful year) - for most of this year she has been on either Panacure, Nemex or Dronatol Plus and is still testing positive for hooks. Got rid of the round ones but not the hooks. Has anyone else experienced this? If so what worked for you? I very much want to bring another grey into our home but am concerned. I live in an apt. so she is walked different routes. I do have indoor cats & litter boxes are downstairs. She hates the stairs & won't go down them - even for a treat. Smile. Would you be afraid to bring in another grey?
  12. Hi all. Sorry about yet another hookworm post, but I'm wondering whether the symptoms of hookworm typically get worse before getting better. For those of you who have experience treating dogs with hookworm infestations, what was your experience once treatment began? I know some of you have said it took MONTHS to get rid of them and your dogs had bloody diarrhea and vomiting, but did it start out that way and gradually get better or did it seem to get worse before getting better? I spoke with the vet yesterday to give her an update and told her that Brady's diarrhea is worse than ever (marbled rust/orange colored and very wet/slimy/gelly like) and he wasn't feeling well when he got up yesterday (ran outside and started eating grass while wimpering with gurgling sounds coming from his belly). She said she wants to see him Monday and that she will check his stool and do standard bloodwork on him to see if it could possibly be something other than symptoms of hookworm. I really hope his bloodwork comes back normal. For those who haven't read my previous posts, we've been treating Brady for hookworms since May 13 (adopted him on May 10) with Panacur every three weeks, but lately we've been giving it to him every two weeks. He's on a bland diet, on Flagyl, and FortiFlora. With the exception of the FortiFlora, we have seen improvement in the past with both the bland diet and Flagyl, but it doesn't last. I'm definitely going to discuss trying another dewormer with the vet. Other than Drontal Plus, what other dewormers work well treating hookworms? Thanks in advance for any insight/help you can provide. This is so very frustrating and I feel so bad for Brady!
  13. Hi all. We've been treating Brady for hookworms since a few days after we adopted him (May 10) and he is still having symptoms (mainly pudding poo and occasionally grass eating followed by vomiting). Brady just finished his third, three-day round of Panacur on Saturday and his poops don't look any better, although he is going less often. We are going to do another three day round starting three weeks later (July 4). He's also been on Flagyl twice. The first time (about a week after adopting him), his poop was perfect the next day after starting a 7 day treatment, but then got worse over time (although the terrible stench didn't come back). This is when his stool came back positive for hooks. The second time he was given 14 days of Flagyl (with some improvement, but not much), which he just finished yesterday. Considering he just finished anti-biotics and has a bad case of hooks, I'm going to start giving him Forti-Flora tonight to see if that helps. I'm just wondering how long it's going to take to get rid of these things! And when should I start worrying that this treatment plan isn't working. If you're dog has had hookworms, how long did it take for you to get rid of them?! What was your treatment plan?
  14. I won't give the whole backstory because this will be long already, but in short, Boo has a very persistent case of hookworms. When our vet first diagnosed him, he said, "We don't see very many cases of hookworms in Alberta", so I am assuming he doesn't have to treat them often. Boo has now gone through multiple rounds of de-worming treatments, and a stool sample after each one. We are sitting around $1200 over the last 4 months in vet bills just for the worms. We have completely bleached every inch of the backyard, and we pick up every stool immediately as it hits the ground. We then bleach the area where we picked up as we go, too. He doesn't go to dog parks or play in other dog's yards. The first time he was treated, he did a couple rounds of de-worming spaced 2 weeks. The issue is that my vet (and techs) now insist on giving him one round of de-wormer, then testing. I've researched hookworms to the nth degree and received some great advice from adoption groups and know that a stubborn case should be treated several rounds 2 weeks apart... not one round at a time. The vet techs keep telling me that since he is alternating heartguard and interceptor every two weeks, that should take care of the worms. But it doesn't. Additionally, I have to pay $60+ for every stool sample I bring in... and I know when the hooks have come back without a stool sample. He does a treatment, stool becomes normal, he eats, has energy, etc. Then within a couple of weeks, he stops eating, stool becomes soft serve, etc. I don't really need a stool sample every time. It's pretty obvious when the hooks are back and the sample always does come back positive. However, they insist on testing the stool two weeks after every treatment. I've tried suggesting nicely that I would prefer to take a more aggressive treatment course, and suggesting which meds I would like... they always just say "No, no, I'm sure it will work this time...", even though it never does. My question is this: At what point do I either 'demand' (nicely, of course) my adoption group's suggested meds and course of treatment, and otherwise take my dog elsewhere? Or do I just keep throwing $100 down the hole every two weeks while they continue to fumble with something they admit having little experience in? Orrrr do I just order the meds online (Drontul plus alternated with Panacur) and do it myself?
  15. Poor Hutch. When we got our boys in early March, we were told that Hutch had been treated for hookworms. Three weeks after that, they were back with a vengeance. The vet prescribed three more rounds of Panacur. We finished the last round a couple of weeks ago. Hutch woke up this morning with a rumbly tummy and has vomited, mostly grass, but it almost looked like it was blood-tinged. He also had the runs. Uh-oh. Sure sounds like the hookworms are back - again. We will take a stool sample to the vet in the morning. So my question - if you have dealt with hooks, how long did it take to get rid of them? Is it possible that Panacur doesn't work in some cases? What are the alternatives? Hutch and Tibbs are sleeping paw-to-paw right now, something Hutch never allows (and usually growls at his brother when he gets too close), so he must be feeling badly to want his brother so close. Poor baby.
  16. Poor Hutch. This past Sunday his tummy was upset, but by evening he was eating again and seemed great through Tuesday morning. At lunch yesterday, I noticed that his poop seemed runny and that continued throughout the day and evening. He woke me at 5:00 A.M. this morning because he had to go out to vomit. He still had runny poop and I noticed there was some blood in it. He vomited a few more times and ate grass in the yard. Went to the vet (Hutch vomited on their front walk which I take as a political statement) - sure enough, the hookworms I was told he had when he was being trained at the prison are back (and it's been just about 3 weeks since he was treated). So we have a round of Panacur and two subsequent rounds in addition to be given. So far, Tibbs seems fine. His poop is normal, his appetite and energy are fantastic. Should I be worried that he will get them? Neither of the dogs are poop eaters. I've been cleaning up the poop right away, although I read that hookworms don't survive in the below-freezing weather. Can they be passed to humans without walking barefoot through them?
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