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  1. Happee Birfday HadaNanaParsnipFairy ! 🧁🍰🎂🦩
  2. I dunno. It's de same day eberee yeer. Sumtimes, Mummy misses it, tu.
  3. I wanted to post a pickshur ob a honky pig butt Mummy sed I'd be "enabling". Wutebber. I got a noo dining tabul! De naybors habs a noo dog wut duzn't like it so dey gibbed it to Mummy! It's a really nice WeatherTeck type set up. Very fancy and much nicer looking than the repurposed shoe shelf from Salvation Army. What? We're frugal.
  4. I remember! Sheesharoni! He mite be muh bro butt enuff is enuff. Miss Kerry, dat bideo wuz funnee. Daddy asked ifn he had sum greyhound in his parentidge. (I fink I bin insulted butt I do not no.) Miss Kerry, yu kin git honky pigs at de AllMart. Wen I git a noo won, I show him hooz boss. He stops honking in about fifteenleben minnits.
  5. Ivy and Guest had eggsiting walkies. Knot me, butt dare seems tu be sumfing digging in de planter on de lanai. Mummy finks dare mite be anuvver rat. Mummy’s habbing a melon collie day so I bin sticking close tu hur. Ya no, in case she needs tu administur ferapyutic ear rubbies.
  6. Anyone else been thinking, "usually a "shed issue" in a greyhound club would be something else entirely.
  7. We habs a king size bed in Floweriduh. Last nite I slept in between Mummy and Daddy. Usually with your butt up on the pillow. Mebbe Nate will like his tuck in rootine like I do in Noo York. It's nite to be tucked in and kissed and told yur a gudboy. Ducky, dat shed is a trabesty. Yes, Let ebereewun and aneewun no about it. Dey shud be shamed ob demselbs. Charlie, Mummy bemembers studio pickshurs ob Jack wiff hiz honky pig. Mebbee it's just as well yur mamabear duzn't post dem offen as all our mummies go THUD. It's cool tuday butt gonna be sunny. Mummy is keepin
  8. Oh, yes. We are gud at resycling. De allimagator/turtle/fish git de rats, small mangoes and PopeyeYahs and de occashunal fish wut shows up on de lawn. Totally!!!!
  9. Wiki! Dat's turrific! Cherry, we gots bunnies and prolly some arm-a-dillers butt yu no wut we got???? Rats! When Richard cleaned out the gutters with the pressure washer, he must have dislodge a rat (literally a drowned rat). I saw it while picking up the white stones that belong in the flower beds but wind up in the lawn. "Richard! There's a dead rat on the grass." His reply, "Throw it in the lake." I'll collect live spiders to get them safely outdoors and get a dead mouse to the compost pile but a rat?? Nuh uh. Finally, he did it hisownself. Ducky - a Kar
  10. Geez, Tiller wut's a houndie gotta du to protekt hiz bed and hiz stuffies. Mummy and Daddy watched cherch on de puter. During de Passing ob de Peas (no peas az yooshuwal, wutta swiz), Mummy camed ober and gabe me a kiss. Den, dey gibbed me a and wented to de AllMart. Now, Daddy is down by de pond WARE DE ALLIMAGATOR LIBS
  11. As, Fuzzy/Gino/Roman (whoever is posting), yu got it all rong. Napping wiff yur Mummy, on de big bed, is one ob de greyt joys ob life. Ducky, I do beleeb a Yelp/ soshul media campain is in order.
  12. It worked! Dangit! Mummy finks dat Angus is sssoooooooooo cute.
  13. It's worse first thing in the morning so, while he gulps his food and then chokes, this isn't that. I am on Famotidine so I'll try that tonight. Glutton for punishment?
  14. Dat's fur AndiPants (and Fuzzy ) We have a lotta fog dis morning. Butt Mummy cud still see de lake to watch fur de allimagator while I pooped. I woke up Mummy & Daddy agin dis morning by gagging. It makes Daddy fear fur de wite comforter and wite carpiting and make Mummy worry about me. She sez it's time to do sum real research.
  15. Clarkie! Dat is uneggseptable!! Mebbee Mama Halise will stop at Mickey Dee's on de way home fur a cheezburger.
  16. Yes, Miss Cindy. We need to see de bideo!! I do not muhownself roo. De onleee time I rooed wuz at Dewey and muh byutiful Ivy wuz wiff me so I did a liddle roo, juss fur hur. Speeking ob bideo, Miss Cindy, kin yur vet do a Zoom during de eggzam?
  17. Aw, Pippin, poor baby. You come over here and put your head on Auntie's lap and I'll rub your earses for you. Pippin, it's hard on de hoomins wen dey gotta spend dare bikkie munnies on fings. Plus, yur mamabear is
  18. Nope. Wen dey wuz gonna chop off muh toe, Mummy sed "take dat fing wiff it!" Den, I din't need muh toe chopped off. Now, Mummy sez I yam due fur a dentul and shee'l hab dem take it den. It duzn't bovver me at all. I'm tempted to tie a string to it to see if it'll drop off on its own but I've been good and left it alone. Hope all de limpin houndies are feelin bedder tuday. We got lotsa clouds and some lite rainings so I no Mummy will be home wiff me all day werking onna projeckt, waitin fur de noo dryer and avoiding de noos. The current situation is really me, especi
  19. Mummy sez he likes muh big bald thighs. She wudn't hab it anee ovver way. Dat's a skin tag on muh chestal area, knot a nippul. Just so yu no.
  20. No, Daphne. Mummy wuz . She put de cloves in de dryer and wented tu de store. Wen she camed home, Daddy had de dryer in pieces in de laundry room. It had gone d.e.d.! Mummy spent haffa day reserching dryers and we all wented to Lowe's to order de noo wun. De man hoo helped us hadda grey ob his own and lubbed on me no end! Den, I saw a sine. I yam a law biding citizin so I obeyed it.
  21. Backandforfandbackandfor fur Clark Ivy, dose houndies wut eet froot mite like PopeyeYuh
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