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  1. Luk at Ivy, de soshul butterfly!!! It's niceandcool dis morning Mummy called me freshandfriskie.
  2. Miss Doktor Robbin Frootcake posted a pickshur ob JJ juss yesserday on de schnozbook. I thot I'd bring it heer fur us tu enjoy.
  3. Soupah hoomid tuday. Bleh! Mummy's goin tu de tu git a crown! Actually, she's making an impression of the implant so she can order the crown. It's been 11 months since I broke that tooth so it'll be nice to have it finally replaced. Happee Birfday Miss Halise!!!
  4. So, just how did you come to be stabbed in the eyeball with a wooden stake??
  5. Am I the only one who read this quickly as "get the plague"? No? Just me then.
  6. hmmm.... sounds like my husband. Do you suppose Zorro del galgo and Richard are related?
  7. Happee Birfday Miss Mam!! Miss Loosy Auntie Jenny, did yu git a packidge on or aboot Septemember8 on yur frunt porch? Askin fur a frend.
  8. We take de recylclamables to de "dump" and I git paid a .
  9. Mummy and me are goin tu de dump lader and den fur a wikiwalkie.
  10. Miss Chris, mummy habs bin making apple soss. She sez wen peepul come to luk at de house, she will gib dem a jar ob apple sold. Ivy, yur knot goin to a wedding? Yu’d. Be so pritty as a bridesmaid. Aw, Miss Halise
  11. Please share! Merc is the only one who sleeps through the night around here. So glad liddle HadaParsnip is bedder. Mummy sez sheez gonna be grading All. Freekin. Day. Yu no wut dat meens? Shees knot goin aneeware and I'll no ware she is All. Day.
  12. I used to use a pie plate when I had to get a specimen from my girls. Whooz goin tu Dewey?????
  13. Wut gud is a art projekt wiffowt a Wikiprint? Backandforf fur Liddle HadaNanaParsnipFairy Doktor Robin Frootcake, how's yur earses? Are yu still sloshing?
  14. Me, too. I spent way too long looking for Wiki’s noseprint in it.
  15. Mummy is Catlick, tu butt I bin to seders! I eben gots a collur wiff a sgx pointed star onnit. Yu go tu sumwunes house wut smells ob pot roste. Den yu git lots ob pets and wuffies. Den ebereebudee sits down and reads outta buks juss nap froo dis part. Den, dey eet! Yu git nibbuls ob all sortsa fings. Butt ifn dey gib yu boiled eggs den dey hab de nerb tu compain ifn yu
  16. Charlie - Mummy uses dat same resipee. I fink yu are rite dat it is an anshent tradishun passed down tu grey-mummies. I believe the exact words were "meat locker". How's Misser Doug tuday. I feel so bad fur him.
  17. Morning! It's nise and cool! It's Goin tu de Dump Day!
  18. I wented to skool yesserday and lubbed it. And, den, we wented to a serramony. It wuz inna big tent so I cud lay in de grass in de shade. We cud see de ribber. Of course, this is the same river the World Trade Center planes flew down.
  19. I've been known to close my eyes with certain drivers.
  20. Dewey Goes Pink often lines up with GRTB. I'm coming back from a summer of plantar fascitis and slowly working my way back to 3.1 miles. My real concern is Mercury. I might be able to leave him with the woman with whom I'm staying but I hate to impose. I can pay for houndie sitting but he doesn't enjoy and just stands there waiting for me to retrieve him.
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