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  1. They can be such drama llamas. Mercury has KNOT been nursemaiding me. He seems a little put out that he's not getting as many massages, etc. as usual. Ungrateful snot.
  2. Velvet, lukkit dat cute peenk logo! Mummy is She gotta free hour semminar dis morning and is tryin knot to take de morfeen until lader. I lost a molar, gained a cadaver bone named George, and will have an implant to replace the tooth this winter. Not the kind of implant I ever imagined getting.
  3. Waiting at the drug store for morphine. Maybe some purkle unicorns in my future.
  4. Mummy's leebing me!!! O.K. sheez leebing me wiff a butt sheez still leebing! O.K. sheez leebing me to go to de cuz she cracked a toofer butt she shud be staying wiff me. Merc, your sympathy knows no bounds. I've been in pain since Monday night. You can chill for a while and I'll stop and buy kibble on the way home. Speaking of sympathy, Sherrie!! You poor thing!!!!
  5. No! Say it isn't so! If the light is one, you HAVE to go in. It's the law!!!! Cold dis morning. I hadda wayre muh kote and Mummy warmed muh kibbul brekkie fur me. How's Angie's pawpaw dis mornin?
  6. I'm laughing because I was dealing with something similar this morning. I was doing some grading on the computer and hearing whining. Merc was standing there giving me the stink eye. What did he want? He'd had outs, breakfast, ear rubbies, more ear rubbies, hugs. No. He wanted his all-body puppy massage. He hadn't gotten enough attention/affection and was standing there letting me know it. Since Richard went to Florida, he's with me 24/7 except when I run and errand or go over to the track. And, he demands his full quota of loving.
  7. Nope. I peel and core the apples (usually using an old fashioned peeler that clamps to the counter top. (Save the peels if you're going to make jelly.) Throw them in the slow cooker with a little water, spices, and a bit of salt (no sugar). Cook a day or so for apple sauce. Mash with a spoon. Cook 2 days for apple butter and 3-4 days for apple paste.
  8. This is my second year in a row without an apple harvest. It doesn't seem right to not have my fingers stained with apple juice about now. Spirit
  9. hmmm..... We are up, tu, but it's alreddy ate ob de clock so snot beree erlee. Since it's dark lader in de morning, Mummy bin sleepin in til sebenlebenty firdy! She woke up stiff and sore dis mornin and blamed me!! Me! She sed sumfing about me sleepin on toppa hur all nite. All I no is she woked me frum muh beauty sleep free times to tell me, "Merc, move!" Ob all de nerb Miss Susan, habs a nise meet an greet wiff yur cuzzin.
  10. I habs bin nown to eet de footon and did so agin Guess what I'm spending my afternoon doing. Again.
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