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  1. Thanks to all who responded. Funny thing - I was out of town this week and he didn't bother my husband at all. I got back yesterday, took Sandy for a nice long evening walk, and he was up again in the middle of the night barking for no particular reason. I'll try melatonin first, then if no results I'll ask the vet for a script for Trazadone.
  2. The vet is looking into melatonin, but didn't sound particularly sure of dosage or effectiveness. I was hoping someone here had tried it.
  3. My beast is named Sandman, but you'd never guess it lately. He wakes up in the middle of the night and either goes outside to bark at -what? - or lies on his bed yipping gently until someone gives him a treat or a pat. Then he'll sleep for a couple of more hours and repeat the process. He is not in pain, and this is driving us nuts. Even a long walk before bedtime doesn't help. The vet says sleeplessness in older dogs is as common as it is in humans and is researching melatonin as a possible treatment. Does anyone on this board have experience with that or other possibilities? We humans n
  4. Yeah, so have I, and it's a real downside of his name. But he responds to it, or Sandy, so I guess we'll keep it. He is SOOO well-behaved! He whined a lot the first night, but slept well last night and has not chewed anything except a fuzzy slipper (well, duh!) and an earplug. We'll take him to Petsmart this afternoon to add to his stuffie collection, so he doesn't snag the other slipper...
  5. We recently lost our grey, Sherlock, which was awful. We decided we wanted to adopt another grey, and just this weekend met "Sandman Coming", a sweet young hound who has already made himself totally at home. Here's his pic (I hope this works - I haven't posted pictures here before...):
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