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  1. He's doing fine now. His mouth was a little bloody the first night and he was really out of it but back to his gooofy self the very next day. He misses you too (actually Holly, but you usually came along). Jenn
  2. Oh joy, it looks like Bug had 6 extractions today, I can't wait to see the bill. I haven't experienced this with a dog before. Is Bug going to be in terrible pain and doing weird things with his mouth or anything else I should know about or have on hand? Jenn
  3. This is called "habituation" and I agree that this is where many greyhounds are lacking as opposed to socialization with people and other greyhounds. Jenn
  4. Richard, you must be a busy guy keeping tabs on all those greyhounds. Jenn
  5. Robin, I'll be thinking about you and your boy. Jenn
  6. How interesting. Bug's nose does look like Sprinkle's but it kind of comes and goes or at least it looks worse when it's drier maybe. What I have noticed that seems different is the color seems more pale right at the end and his gums seem to show more just like Sprinkle's. We were just at the vet a few days ago because Bug was starting to limp but the vet found the source to be in his neck on the left side. It was real obvious by his reaction to pressure there. We also made an appointment for a dental on March the 5th. They took a blood and urine sample which came out fine except for slightly low on the thyroid but he hadn't had his Soloxine since early that morning. I didn't think to ask her about his nose, dang it! I also have no clue what LUpus is but I have a hunch I'm gonna find out. Jenn
  7. I used to own a yellow Volkswagen that looked kinda like it. I'll get a picture of Bug's nose and post it. Jenn
  8. What meds are you giving him for pain? Onyx had arthritis and vocalized more at night when he was lying down than any other time of day. Like you, I couldn't tell if it meant he was in pain or something else. We tried different meds without much change. Then we added Tramadol and the noise stopped. He was moaning though, not crying. Hope this helps. Jenn
  9. Ditching the crate would make the dog happier. House training him would teach him not to go in the spot. It's a win/win situation. :-) If you know your dog cannot hold it for 10 hours, it does not matter where you leave him. But I don't think this is something you can really know until after your dog learns what you want him to do. I have always had the best success by housetraining from the get go, in the house (not a crate), and letting the dogs be wherever they are most comfortable. 10 hours on a regular basis would worry me too much though. I would probably search the globe to find that one trustworthy letter-outer person. I am not trying to be critical. Just hoping to help. Jenn
  10. A regular tape recorder would do the same thing. Jenn
  11. Here comes the anti-crating troll. Ditch the awful thing and housetrain your dog instead. It is much easier than all this stuff you are going through. The crate is not working and could actually be the cause of all your problems. Also, if you set up a camera or tape recorder, you can get a better idea of how his day really goes. Jenn ETA: Oh, I see someone beat me to it.
  12. She just likes to keep you on your toes. Jenn
  13. I'll bet you're really looking forward to that. Jenn
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