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  1. I've been going through a lot of digestive trouble with Lenny and my best advice is to go to an internal specialist. It's the best advice I got (and I got a lot of good advice). I have a wonderful vet but she just doesn't have the same training. hugs for Duke
  2. Thank you so much for the prayers and comfort. He did eat a little last night and this morning and kept it down so without getting excited at least I know he's getting his appetite back. I am getting a lot of good advise here and will be talking to his vets and others to see what other options we have and what they mean for Lenny. So long as the vets agree that it is worth the effort and it wont make him worse we'll try anything. Also, thank you for for sharing your stories, they are a comfort. Luckydog, your words mean a lot, thank you
  3. Update 12/3- I wanted to let those of you who have prayed and given advise for my boy that it turns out he does in fact have cancer - gastric sarcoma. There is also a spot on his liver. It isn't his regular vets fault that it was missed when we first biopsied 4 months ago. After much discussion and soul searching we are opting to make him as comfortable as possible until he is ready. Surgery was an option but the best the oncologist could tell us is possibly 8-12 months and that's it. Given his current state of health it would be a painful time for him and there were concerns about his recover
  4. My thoughts are with you and Della, I know the frustration of not knowing what to feed your dog to make them better. It seems so rudimentary but it can be so complicated. Many hugs and prayers!
  5. Yay for good news! Keep it up Saul!
  6. Thank you all again for wishing us the best! That's actually where we started with this whole thing and I totally agree prednisone should be a last option, unfortunately we're there. A few months ago we started changing diet, medicines, I actually got a really great diet from a forum member here and it worked for about a month and then he became worse then before and would not eat. That's when I opted for the scope since his symptoms moved away from IBD a bit and the vet thought it was cancer when she saw his stomach. I will definitely try to ween him back off but right now he has
  7. I just got the news from the vet! It's a severe IBD (which is not so great news) so his vet does want to start a predinsone cycle. It's what I was initially trying to avoid when this all started but right now is just a huge relief. I feel bad that it's gotten this bad while I was working with it but at least I have a definite answer now and I can get him feeling better and gaining weight. The vet is willing to work on different diets to hopefully get him off predinsone in the future. Thanks so much to everyone who lent their support and prayed for my boy
  8. My heart goes out to you I'll be keeping Yuri, you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
  9. Thank you so much for the well wishes! It makes it a little less scary knowing he has people rooting for him. When I went home at lunch Lenny definitely had an appetite so I'm going to just keep trying to get weight on him and pray for the best. I will let everyone know the results when they are in.
  10. Lenny has been having a rough time eating and has lost a lot of weight. In previous threads I got a lot of good advise that helped for awhile but he still was having some issues. The vet and I decided to do the GI scope yesterday and she found a mass that was right next to the hole for his small intestines and was blocking a lot of it. It makes sense because well blended food (thanks Momofsweetpotatos) was the only thing that would stay down. We'll get the biopsy back Monday or Tuesday to tell us whether or not it really is cancer. We're taking it one step at a time so I don't really know what
  11. I'm in Las Vegas and use Desert Inn Animal Hospital, on Desert Inn Rd. I see Dr. Parantala (sp?) and she is wonderful. They are a bit more expensive than my vet in MD and usually have a wait, but they also take plenty of time talking to you and understanding your pet and walking you through everything. I love them Let me know if you need anything else ETA: for your second question, I currently use a sitter I am comfortable with who will spend the night, but my area is far for her so I've been looking into another woman. I've met her and she's very good with Lenny so I will probably us
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