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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone! My husband and I are in the process of adopting a grey. We are approved and currently waiting for the perfect pup to add to our family. I have a major concern though. We have a grandson who is 2 years old. He is respectful, but toddlers are toddlers and dogs are dogs. We were about to go meet a potential adoptee when the foster parents told us about the dog being aggressive towards her children. This happened three times with three potential greyhounds! Im starting to lose hope that we will ever find a greyhound that is kid friendly... our grandson is around probably 4-5 times a week. I realize it will take awhile for the dog to get acclimated to being around crazy toddlers and Im prepared to put in the effort and time to make it work. However, is this breed simply not compatible with toddlers? I want a greyhound so bad, they have the perfect personality but now Im starting to get cold feet.. anyone out there have a good experience with introducing greyhounds and toddlers? Thanks yall.
  2. Hello All! I've been haunting this board as a guest over the months, but am in need of some experience and advice. I am looking to get a dog soon, and after much research on dog breeds I thought a greyhound or whippet would suit me well. I have the opportunity to get either, a two year old whippet that needs a new home or a retired grey. I have not met the whippet but am told he is mellow and his previous owner was 80, so he probably isn't too crazy. I have no idea what grey I would get from the agency, they match up based on profile. I have passed the interviews and home checks. I have a couple of issues that impact my situation: I have some back and joint issues that would make it difficult to lift a heavy dog, or hold onto it if it bolted at full force. The grey people have said this shouldn't be an issue, they'll look for a petite grey with a low prey drive to minimize these issues. I also have a tiny (and I mean super tiny) studio apartment with no yard. The main living space is probably the size of a master bedroom (about 14x16) with a separate kitchen and bath attached. I'm in SoCal where it never rains or gets too cold, so getting stuck inside during the winter is not an issue, and I have a well thought out plan for their exercise including am/pm potty breaks and walks, and weekly adventures at the beach, around town, or short hikes in the mountains. I had originally thought I would be able to take my dog to work with me, but due to recent changes in workplace rules, I may not be able to. This means my dog would need to stay in my apartment for 9-10hrs M-F. If I get a power snoozer with a big bladder that could care less about a mid day potty break, great, but if not, I'll have to work out coming home for lunch (20min drive both ways), or ask a local family member to potty walk them for me. Also important, I can have one dog only, so getting a companion is not an option, nor is moving to a new apartment (courtesy of the ridiculous SoCal rents). For those of you who managed to read through my novel, this is where I kindly ask for your advice. I have no experience of whippets, but greys have long been one of my favorite breeds. My heart leans toward a grey, but I'm getting pressure from my family and others to get the whippet given their smaller size. For those of you that have had both, which would you recommend, especially given my situation? Even though the greyhound folks approved my apartment, am I totally crazy trying to bring a medium to large sized dog into that small of a space? Does anyone have advice on handling a 50-60lb dog that I can't pick up in one go? I'm particularly concerned about how to handle my dog as it ages (and I do too!). Thanks so much to anyone who replies! This is really tearing at my heart.
  3. Hi everyone After many months of mooning after the idea of having a dog, I finally feel ready and the fiance is open to the idea. But. We have a 1.5 year old son. I decided on a greyhound after a ton of research, and falling in love with their general personalities. Couch potato! Goofy antics! Smiling and rooing! Lazy but loving! I've been lurking on here for a few weeks, and even have an application sent in to an adoption agency. My slight worry is though, I've come across quite a few posts on here about various aggressions. Food, bed space, etc. I plan on keeping the dog and my son separated and supervised, of course, but I'm just looking for some success stories I suppose, or even pointers for what to look for in that first home visit to make sure we choose the right pooch and set ourselves up for success. Also, my son takes zero interest in dogs. At most he'll look at them in interest for a few seconds, point and babble a little, but never any touching, pouncing, or hitting. Usually he straight ignores animals, even when they are trying to lick his face. He's a weird one.
  4. We are getting ready to adopt our first greys (we want two). One of our local programs trains the dogs with prisoners (basic manners and obedience) for three months and then fosters, the other does not believe in fostering because they feel that it is unfair to ask the dog to bond with a foster family and then take them away and ask them to bond again. We can see valid arguments on both sides. Does anyone have advice about which one is better? Is there a significant difference? Has anyone had issues with a dog who was fostered missing their foster family? We want the best possible start for our dogs.
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