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  1. Seeh2o: We live in the Upland area near Ontario Airport. I will definitely look into the HempRXForte. We are about half way done with the Innovet bottle. Anytime we go to a specialist we go to Southern California Vet Specialty in Irvine. I DO like that vets are looking into and are getting more familiar with the CBD oil. Galgomum: It is amazing to see the results you listed with your greys! It gives me hope. I will definitely look into the HempRXForte now. I have heard from quite a few people (grey or not) that have used HempRXForte now and I feel that it may be a great next step
  2. I forgot to mention that he is on Gaba as well. I just know that the Rimadyl can be hard on a dogs body and he's been on it for a year-just worried that it may be doing more harm than good now. Gaba worked wonders until our Lou passed away last May. It was amazing to see the changes in his neuro issues-had spinal meningits/myelitis. Ralph on the other hand is getting old-12 years and relatively healthy. Funny, I started on Innovet as well! It's nice to see that there are others out there who have tried it. I wanted to get VetCBD but they are sold out EVERYWHERE in my area here in Cal
  3. Okay, I was trying to do a search on this forum about CBD or Cannabidiol for dogs. Our boy Ralph is on some pretty high doses of Rimadyl, Tramadol, and his normal Levothyroxine (for hypothyroid). Have any of ya'll used this or come across any info? I know of some Greys who are using it with good results, but I wanted ya'lls opinion as well... Thoughts?
  4. You are amazing. I think deep down we know that its possible this was his last Christmas (hard not to think about) and that quality is most important. But it helps when people like you and groups like this have had much more experience and can lend reassuring thoughts and suggestions for us. And we are taking him next week to the vet. I may look at one vet who does house calls as our VCA in Upland can take up to 2 hours for an appointment, sometimes longer. Our wait time tends to be no shorter than 1 hour and that's with no cars in the parking lot. His poor shaky legs can't take that much
  5. Oh holy moly dog-a-luiah! He ate two meals without problems today, no stopping, except to breathe and got his pills without troubles! I must have the only dog I've ever known to NOT like marshmallows. But, he DOES like Chex Mix, blueberry to be exact. We are able to hide his levox in a piece and he takes it no problem! Finally... As for his two successful meals (I hope I don't jinx it), I put frozen mixed veggies, riced cauliflower/sweet potato and canned spinach in my blender. Almost fully pureed it, added a cup of quick cooking oatmeal to it (dry), scrambled an egg plus a white in th
  6. Greyaholic, it just so happens that I had some nutritional yeast at home! I went to the store and grabbed a few cans of various meats and some oatmeal. Made a scramble (feeling ambitious) of roast beef, kippers, egg, oatmeal, nutritional yeast, even tried some ice cream and his normal veggies. Did NOT like that. Threw it out because he flat out ran from it. Made fresh with one egg, tiny bit of oatmeal, ham, small amount of veggies, and some leftover steak (guess he wants to eat high on the hog now). He seemed to eat that but I couldn't put it all down at once in one dish. He had to eat small p
  7. I have been stalking the forum lately, racking my brain as to what to do with my 11.5 year old big boy. Ralph is my beautiful boy in which age is starting to creep up on him, a little faster than not lately. He still tries to jump, do figure 8's, all the stuff he could do when he was younger but walks are starting to go from 1-2 miles to 1/4 and 1/8 of a mile. His hind is getting shaky and seems to have a harder time getting comfortable. But this is all beside the point. He has become quite the problem pup as of late when it comes to meals. He eats his treats just fine, but goes on hunger
  8. On Thursday, May 25, we said goodbye to our precious boy. He had a tough morning around 12:30am. Pacing, tail between the legs, ears down...it was a sad sight. He went back to sleep and then seemed to be a little better when I left for school-that was tough knowing that when I got home, we would be saying goodbye. My DH called the at-home vet again and asked him to come early that evening when he would be available. I guess Lou slept a lot while I was gone but my hubby gave him a sedative that our primary vet issued us for just in case. It did the opposite, he tried to hide the pain as he gree
  9. Thank you everyone. This morning he was his normal bright eyed self, barking like a vicious rottweiler wanting breakfast (he's the loudest, meanest grey I have ever heard!). His limp is still pronounced. I do like the "better to go out on a good day" than a bad one. If we lived closer to the beach, we would take him for the day. It's where he is happiest. I just don't think he would take the drive to and from very well. TBHOUNDS- his latest xray didn't show anything that his PRIM vet was concerned with. I know that sounds bad on the vet's part, but she said that the swelling is a concern,
  10. Thank you for your response. He is on 10mg prednisone (been up and down with this one-we can't go any lower or he goes downhill quickly), 100mg gabapentin 2x daily, cyclosporine 2x daily, 100-150 mg tramadol 2-3 times daily. My poor pup is a walking pharmaceutical experiment it seems. The cyclosporine is our specialist's latest attempt at getting him off the pred as he has atrophied significantly in his legs. His left leg (the good one) is getting so overused that it's constantly tight and flexed. I fall under the same category with better a day early than a day late but he still thinks and
  11. Our boy Lou has had a rough couple of years. Arthritis was discovered when he was 4, spinal meningitis myelitis in Dec. 2015, and now he has a debilitating limp on his back right leg. He is now 9 years old. My husband works and I am a full time college student. We have a tall doggy door but he still needs to be able to lift his legs to get in and out. Getting to the point of this...the past week has been hard. Lou looks bright eyed, doesn't whimper or whine in pain, smiles, eats his dinner with more gusto than someone who just got out of prison...but his right patella/stifle is swollen, a
  12. Thank you for your reply! Yeah our boy Lou takes so many medications. In fact, they took him OFF the Rimadyl because of the pred and gabapentin. I will look at maybe dosing him more along the lines of 6-8 rather than the 12. Reading through a lot of these threads, the timing is important due to these crazy dogs. Not only are they fast on the track, they are fast with metabolizing pills! Thanks again!
  13. I am curious as to how long it took for everyone's vet to truly diagnose osteo? My Lou has had so many health issues in the past year and ya'll helped me with suggestions when I posted about his leg in a different thread. Lou will be 9 (lord willing) November 19 and has been on Prednisone since December of last year when he was diagnosed through MRI at a specialty hospital in Irvine for spinal meningitis/myelitis. He has had ups and downs but we are coming up on his birthday in November which is about the time we notice something was severely wrong last year. The vet has since then placed hi
  14. Well, just got off the phone with Lou's specialist and they are going to put him on gabapentin along with upping his pred dosage back to 5mg everyday for the next month. Then we will give them a call for an update. If the signs are not positive, then we will make an appt to bring him back in. Even the hubby said it doesn't matter, he will call for a substitute that day at school and we will get him there. If it is good, then that is good. Wewill then try to lower his pred dose back to every other day. The reason for the gabepentin is because of the disc in his lumbosacral and nerve damage
  15. Why yes we are! Dr. Barry is amazing. We have also been working with Dr. Korner(Corner-not sure which spelling) as well. To make it even more awesome, our VCA vet was did the majority of her training with Dr. Barry. I am actually waiting on a call back from Corner or Barry so we can discuss whether or not to increase Lou's dosage back to 10mg a day. He seemed to do much better with that. I actually did not think about contacting Cathy. That is an excellent idea! They suspected Autoimmune. Poor Lou's MRI results were shocking. Where there should be black/shadows around the spinal cord
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