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  1. The 'V" in the CVS one that I have is made from rubber. The pill doesn't slip as long as you have it snug against the "V". You might need to look closely at the ones in the store until you find one that has the rubber grip instead of the smooth plastic.
  2. I use this one from CVS. It is pretty generic and I've seen it at other stores under their own label as well. The key to this one is to make sure thet you get the pill all the way up into the V. Also, if the pill is scored, make sure the the scoring line is going the same direction s the blade or you will have a crumbled pill.
  3. Positive thoughts for Neyla and her Mom.
  4. Cult? What cult? We are all normal. The rest of the world has "issues." Welcome to Greytalk.
  5. Yes it is the Popeye from GPA Indy I have to double check his racing name but I think it was A Star Popeye Yup = he's a Gable Dodge Grandson! Just like Rocket. Guess that makes them cousins! That means that Popeye has many relatives here on Greytalk.
  6. He is a handsome dude! Can't wait to meet him. Do you know his racing name? His eyeliner makes me think that he and Rocket might be related.
  7. Yup - Rocket goes to his leash which is hanging on the wall and puts his nose against it when he thinks it's time for a walk instead of just a turnout. He will also go to the car and put his nose on the back door if he thinks it's been too long since he had a ride in the car. These are regular occurrences around our house, but they are still funny every time. If I'm making a sandwich he will do a sit when the lunchmeat comes out, because we alsways make him sit before he gets a treat = so now he automatically shows up at lunch time to help me make my sandwich.
  8. Welcome from Mahomet, IL. We are owned by Rocket, who was adopted from GPA Indy. If this is Popeye who was with GPA Indy, he is a handsome dude. Let us know if he needs a pal to have a playdate with. We need .
  9. I have seen it suggested here before to smear some peanut butter on the tile/shower wall at the height where you need the pup to stand. They will be busy licking it off while you are taking care of the bath. Have not tried it myself, but it sounds reasonable that it would work.
  10. I remember a while back that someone tried Blue Buffalo Lamb-based canned food when a pup would not eat. This would probably be hit or miss, so you might want to buy one can each of a couple different kinds and see if any of them work. I have used the Blue Buffalo canned food a couple of times when we thought that Rocket needed something more than kibble, and it smells like meat - not dog food. You might also want to try baby food since it sounds like the right consistency. I'm sure that others who have experienced this will chime in.
  11. This sounds similar to what we went through with Rocket a few months back. He is kibble fed, not raw though. Symptoms were similar and we did the bland diet of cooked and rinsed ground beef mixed with overcooked pasta or overcooked rice before getting him on a new food. (In our case we figured out the food was the issue after nothing else worked.) Several folks on here advised that you can leave the rice or pasta out of the equation as well. We also did 2 rounds of Flagyl over a couple weeks. The vet advised us that the mucous in the stool was the lining of the stomach trying to shed the part of the lining that was irritated and repair itself. Hope they are better soon! ETA - just saw your 2nd post above - we didn't have any firm stools with Rocket. Sounds like it's time to collect some samples and get them off to the vet to figure out what you're dealing with.
  12. She needs to move to Illinois. We'll pick her up. Could be that she senses the vibration / aftershocks. If the initial quake agitated or scared her, the sensation of the aftershocks might be enough to make her think that it's going to happen again. Our whole house shook yesterday when a thunderstorm rolled through. It's the first storm that I've seen Rocket react to. Usually they don't bother him, but this was the first big one since last summer. Normally he just sleeps through them, but when the house shook he sort of whimpered and went to his bed to lay down. Hope she's doing better soon.
  13. Back when we checked into this we heard every conceiveable opinion ranging from there being no health issue to the extremists who blame lawn fertilizers for every problem known to man. At the time that we adopted Rocket we were using Tru Green for our lawn service. In most of the reading that I found, I decided that I didn't like the overall long term risk that the chemicals used by that particular service posed. I did not keep the info, just canceled the service and moved on. Of course, the company says that their products pose no harm to pets if directions are followed. We have friends who use them and have had no problems with kids or pets on the lawn as long as they stay off when directed. I also recall finding some things saying that Greyhounds were extra sensitive to pesticides but do not have those articles to reference. I do fertilize the yard a couple times a year. Normally I use something to prevent crab grass and weeds at the beginning of the season, then switch to an organic fertilizer the rest of the year to maintain color. Our yard is not a showplace but it's good enough. I do not put any treatments in the fenced-in potty area - Rocket gets to fertilize and weed-kill that area on his own. If we come across an area where we find the fertilizer pellets on the sidewalk or see the flags, we just wipe the paws when we get back from the walk.
  14. When we can get Rocket to wear his PJ's he sleeps through the night, even snores.. There are times even in the summer with the AC on that we end up putting them on him if he has restless nights. Usually covering him with a blanket is all he needs, but if it's especially cold or he's had a couple restless nights in a row, the PJ's go on.
  15. Please add: Time4ANap - Mahomet, IL
  16. Since he was sniffing the air, could the grass have been sprayed or fertilized when you weren't around? If a liquid fertilizer was used you may not see any trace of it, but the Greyhound nose may be overly sensitive to it. Just a thought since it's time for that in many places.
  17. I know that Bill doesn't like to travel, so I'm not sure how he's going to go on his celebrity book tour......he is definitely a celebrity.
  18. Flashback....Flashback...Flashback Same response that we had when we were kids.
  19. Rocket is boarded at the Greyhound Resort in Indy whenever we go out of town. When he comes home, he sleeps for 2-3 days except for meals and going outside. An I mean "sleeps." He gets a lot more exercise there than here, and has a blast while there. He loves going there and even tries to get out of the car ahead of us when we pull in the drveway of the resort.
  20. Bill mah buddy, Dat skwirrelll don't habs any real meat on him. Da food yor mama serbs is much better for yoo. Besides, yoo don't get a cookie after eatin a skwirrell. Yur pal, Rocket in illinoize
  21. We have not seen much of the Brady kids lately. We need . Are they staying out of trouble or is this class court-ordered?
  22. Welcome to the Cult of Dinner With Bill.....I think there might be a T-Shirt in this somewhere.....We may have to ask Bill for the rights to use his likeness......
  23. Rocket in illinoize here....I yam so glad to see mah buddy Bill is doing well. As a reminder to those ob you hoo wonder where Bill gets his info, here is some info for all: "Many people wonder how to tell a left Chicken Leg from a right Chicken Leg. There is a "bend" in the leg where the "knee" is, making the leg into a kind of a V. Point the bend forward, away from you, so that you are "inside" the V. If the upper part of the thigh is on the right-hand side of you, you have a left leg; if it's on the left-hand side of you, you have a right leg." (Copyright 2010 Practically Edible. All rights reserved and enforced.) Read more of this snippet here : http://www.practicallyedible.com/edible.nsf/pages/chickenlegs#ixzz0iTYMupM5 See if you leave dat computer unattended again, lady.......
  24. Someone previously posted directions showing how they made some lightweight steps that let their dog walk into the van or car. The stepss were made out of styrofoam blocks. It's been so long that I don't remember who posted it, and can't find the post through searching. Someone will be along with those directions. Not sure if they will work for your vehicle but if they will then it's an easy solution. Edited to add: to GT.
  25. Lexie my lubs, Dr. Rocket says take 2 Burpdogs and call me in da morning.... and no more Future mudder-in-law - please kiss dat spot and tell her it's from me. She will be all better. Keep me posted. Get well soon my lubs. Yur Rocketman
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