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  1. SafeGuard is just the retail version of Panacur and is also packaged under that same label in various doses for dogs. When I first checked it out, probably 10 years ago, I found several sources that confirmed it was made by the same company on the same production line. It's just in a different package for retailers like Wal-Mart, Farm Supply stores, PetSmart etc. We've used SafeGuard successfully with all of our dogs. I first found it in my local farm supply and checked it out extensively back then because it was vastly cheaper than buying Panacur from the vet and I didn't need an appointment to have it prescribed.
  2. Rocket had wicked sleep startle. I was bitten as was one of his sitters. In each case, we knew he startled easily but both made a stupid move that triggered him being startled. We both earned membership in the Bite Club as a result. Rocket was much like your hound - the most easygoing, friendly boy you ever met. he loved everyone. As I read your description I immediately thought you startled him. For now and maybe forever: 1. Always announce yourself when approaching and make sure all household members and guests do so. Greys can sleep with their eyes open and you will think they are wide awake when they are not. Saying something as simple as "hey buddy" or using whatever name he responds to is usually enough. Let him see you. 2. Do not attempt to move him or take something from him when he's laying down. We had a rule of only petting him when he was standing up due to the startle. You may need to do something similar if his startle is bad. 3. I would make sure he knows the "Off" command and will get off the furniture when told to. Furniture privileges are earned, not a right. Rocket never had any interest in furniture so we didn't have to deal with that one. 4. If he has a treat or picks up something you don't want him to have, trade up. That's part of training but usually you can trade up sor something that he perceives to be of higher value such as a treat that he doesn't usually get and reserve that treat for times you need a high value item to get something away from him. It takes a little getting used to, but Rocket had almost 10 wonderful years with us and I would love another 10, even with the quirks.
  3. That's a great picture! I'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful Nova. Run-free, Nova.
  4. Janine - It's better to start a new thread for something urgent like this so that people see there is a new, urgent post. I would probably consult with the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center. There is a fee but the phone is manned by medical specialists - not just operators. https://www.aspca.org/pet-care/animal-poison-control Pancreatitis is a possibility due to all of the oil in the product, as well as diarrhea.
  5. That they will make you laugh, often hysterically every day. Also: Every one you ever met, and some you never met will bring tears to your eyes when they leave.
  6. Keep an eye out for corns on the paw pads, or anything that looks like the start of corns. Petunia was doing this and I'd have to call DW to bring the car to get us. She had corns on multiple feet that weren;t really very visible for a long time, but they were causing her pain. And she's stubborn.
  7. I'd give them 2 weeks apart but I think you should probably clarify with the vet as to how he wanted them given in this particular case. That's a lot of dewormer to give together so I doubt he wanted them given together. If you haven't given either to this hound before then I definitely would not give them together until you see how he reacts to each one individually. One of our hounds has bad tummy reactions to the Interceptor Plus while the other does just fine on it. The current generation of hookworms is largely resistant to some dewormers and there is a very long hookworm thread in the Health and Medical section with more info about the Prison Protocol and the Dr Ng's Modified version of that protocol. You might want to familiarize with that info and address with your vet if the Panacur doesn't take care of the hooks. Both of our dogs took over 6 months of 2 medications to rid them of the hooks, and one still has the hookworm antigen in her system so we probably aren't completely clear yet.
  8. I'm so sorry for the loss of your handsome Larry. I'm sure he and Zeke are sitting at the Bridge Bar with Rocket telling stories about all of the crazy things their humans did. Run pain-free, Larry.
  9. So sorry to see this. We didn't have a 100% diagnosis on all of Rocket's issues, but saw enough to know we needed to let him go before he injured himself further or was in more pain. We had tried all of the basic things including pain control and some Adequan injections that initially bought him more quality time than he would have had. Those didn't work any longer , and we weren't going to let him be in pain. Our vet was in agreement with our decision even though we never put an "official name" to his various conditions. I have not second guessed our decision. No more pain was the priority. Give Henry some ear rubs from us.
  10. It only took 3 layers of bedding to get her out there! Looking beautiful as always, Sweep!
  11. Val, Pack your soutk sutk lugag bags. Mah Daddyman will pick yoo up shortly. Sincerrrly, Patoonia....
  12. I just found this on Reddit and thought it was worth showing. May or may not work on a greyhound, but some variation of it and some tinkering might work well.
  13. Happy 10th Gotcha Day, Beautiful Lila! Those Dodgem Kids are very, very special!
  14. When the lightning alerts got to 12 miles from us I figured for sure we were going to get hit. They are sleeping deeply via the Conner method....
  15. Well, she and Kate are definitely getting naps. We had a severe thunderstorm warning and the storm was tracking right at us. I gave them both their storm meds. The stupid thing turned away from us about 2 miles south of us. So they get a really good nap for a few hours anyway.
  16. Petunia here. I am 12 today and I am too excited to wait for the old man to post it. Sing along everyone....Happy Birfday to meeeeeeeeee,,,,,,,
  17. I'm so sorry. Run-pain-free, handsome Zeke.
  18. We are so sorry to hear this. Spoil that girl all you can.
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