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Found 8 results

  1. I’m thinking of trying PRP for Gabe’s arthritis. He has a pinched nerve around the hinge of his spine which has caused sever abdominal seizures. He also has bad arthritis affecting all joints, including a major loss of cartilage and muscle in his shoulders and hips. He still does well on Gabapentin and Meloxicam for the most part, but I’m looking for a more long term solution, and more solutions as he gets older as I know it will only get worse. His quality of life is still great at this point, he loves his walks and insists they be at least two hours a day. But I can see he is in pain. (More dramatic pain if he doesn’t move around as much, so walks seem to do him good). I also use the back on track wraps and they worked wonders for him, but now the effectiveness seems less and less. No doubt because of the scar tissue that is forming as his arthritis gets worse. He’s on cbd, and all the omega and glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin supplements with bromelian and boswelia. If I can trick him into eating devil’s claw I will try that as well. Laser therapy does not seem to do anything, and cartophen started to make him sick. Too many meds in general make him sick which makes his arthritis flare up.
  2. Hi our wonderful new grey Arrow loves to run around our smallish backyard. Today she came in from the run with a little cut on her lower hind leg. Nothing major, probably a half inch long. We want to get some general advice on treating such things. We washed the leg in a bath and then put a little neosporin on it. Any thoughts or recommendations? Thank you!
  3. This may be being posted for a second time because I cannot find my first post. If it is a duplicate, I apologize. If this post comes across cold, it is not meant to, it just is the way I type because of the business I am in. Unfortunately, my business is very fact oriented and I have gotten accustomed to typing that way. My 12.5 year old baby, Charlie, has been diagnosed with stage 3 lymphoma. I am bound and determined to do everything possible for him to stay alive so long as he has a good quality of life. Timeline: 4/26/18 - had blood work done and he was in perfect health (including his teeth). 6/9/18 - my boyfriend felt some lumps in my baby's neck that were not there a few days before (we check him over as a habit as we are petting him). 6/10/18 - took Charlie to the vet had an aspirate done of the lymph nodes behind his knees. 6/12/18 - the aspirate comes back as "inconclusive; however, high probability of large cell lymphoma). 6/14/18 - went to the oncologist and he has been diagnosed with stage 3 lymphoma and started him on the CHOP treatment with the first chemo treatment 6/14. He had lost 3 pounds between 4/26 and 6/10, but had put them back on as of 6/14. I have a some questions that I'm hoping my fellow greyhound owners will be able to help me with. Does anyone know of a vet oncologist that is located in the South Florida area and either specializes in greyhounds or is very knowledgeable with greyhounds and cancer treatment? I know greyhounds have certain differences from other dogs (i.e. bigger heart, different normal blood level ranges, etc.). Does anyone know if there is a different and more successful treatment when it comes to lymphoma? My research has shown that chemo is the best treatment for lymphoma, but I don't know if there is anything that can be added to the CHOP treatment that can make it more successful in beating lymphoma in greyhounds. I want to treat his body as a whole and not just do chemo as treatment and hope for the best. Does anyone have any diet recommendations? I currently have Charlie on Merrick grain free texas beef and sweet potato as a dry food. Meal toppers include turkey, pork, beef and beef hearts (yes, I know that beef hearts are part of the beef category, but they are his favorite, so I felt the need to mention them separately). I make sure that I trim off as much as the fat as I can because I don't want him to have pancreatitis. After dinner desserts are beef marrow bones and either fat free plain yogurt or fat free plain greek yogurt. Treats are either chicken hearts or chicken gizzards (can you tell he's spoiled yet?). After my initial vet told me he suspected lymphoma, I started Charlie on vitamin c (500 mg 2x daily), b complex (1 daily) and fish oil (1 daily). Does anyone have any other ideas for supplements? I've seen some comments on websites saying turmeric helps as well; however, my current oncologist doesn't want to give him too may antioxidants because of the chemo. Anyone have any other ideas? My baby and I have been through a lot and I refuse to give up without a fight. Any ideas to fight this horrible cancer would be most appreciated.
  4. We have a five year old, red, female retired racing greyhound who has just been diagnosed with GME. We are bringing her home today because someone had reached out and helped her get the proper diagnoses, to whom we are so grateful. We are new to this and do not know where to begin, even in asking questions. Her name is San Tan Snuggles. She raced 141 races and won many for her owners until she broke her right, rear leg while racing in Palm Springs, Florida.. San Tan Snuggles adopted us September 7, 2014.She has a partner, named Surprise who will be so glad to see her.
  5. Hello Fellow Greyhound Moms and Dads, My husband and I just returned from the animal hospital where our son, Rudy, is currently undergoing surgery to remove a tumor in his spleen. There is a likely diagnosis of Hemangiosarcoma, but we wont know for sure until early next week after they biopsy it. The doctor said there is a 80-90% chance of the tumor being malignant based on the blood pooling in the area, as well as other surrounding factors. Needless to say, we are devastated by the possible diagnosis - this is our first Greyhound and he felt perfectly fine up until this morning. Further, with a confirmed Hemangiosarcoma diagnosis, the vet has given him a timetable of 2-4 months to live past surgery, possibly more if chemo becomes an option. In the likely event that it is Hemangiosarcoma, does anyone have any knowledge of or previous experience with this type of cancer in Greyhounds? Or perhaps any recommended oncologists in the Boston area? If chemo becomes an option for him, does anyone have any suggested types/methods of chemo or meds they've found success with for Greyhounds? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  6. We had to give our 2 year old boy Drontal Plus for tape worms yesterday, again after having it on 3/14/15 - just before we got him. Gave it to him at about 3pm yesterday, last night, he was unusually hungry, sniffing the ground a lot (looking for crumbs?), lurking in the kitchen, etc. I gave him a small bit of food before bed to see if that satiated him. He seemed a little out of sorts at bedtime, but as of 4am, he started pacing, seems very confused, very little whining, sniffing the ground, unsettled, licking air, and lost his know-how to go downstairs. I read that incoordination is a possible side effect, but the confusion? I took him out and all he did was walk in circles, sniffing the ground. He is normally a great sleeper, so this is very unusual. Has anyone else experienced this? And if so, how long did it last? Should I take him to the vet?
  7. I can't seem to post clickable links on GT anymore (and haven't had time to figure out why). So here it is in the old fashioned way. From this site -- http://pets.webmd.com/dogs/hookworm-in-dogs -- I learned today that retreating for hooks in 3 weeks may not be soon enough. "Treatment should be repeated in one to two weeks, because the initial deworming activates encysted larvae and causes a new crop of adult worms to appear in 10 to 12 days." That's what seems to have happened with Shane, who was treated about 10 days ago. This gives me courage to go ahead and retreat now. He's really suffering. (Weird. It actually posted with a clickable link. Yay!)
  8. We have started the Murray Avenue Apothecary hyaluronic acid and proprietary corn cream treatment with poor Poncho who isn't terribly bothered by his corn, but who we hate to see limp at all on hard surfaces. The time investment is daunting because we both work 12-hour days, but we're going to do the best we can for him. We've started a corn category for posting on our Dutch Poncho blog, but I thought perhaps I might also keep a brief log here for reference, and any assistance that it might be to others who stumble upon this thread. Here is the initial posting with background about Poncho's corn and its treatment: Greyhound Corn Treatment - Dutch Poncho. And, here is the initial photo of the corn just prior to the first treatment:
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