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  1. Thanks again you guys! You all have great answers. I will definitely wait then for the next group of greys in 8 weeks. I dont want to risk it with a dog that already has some space issues when like yall said there are plenty that are better about it. I think I have the best information for now. Im going to read some books on toddlers and greyhounds and continue my search for the perfect match!
  2. Thank you all so much for the replies! It gives me a lot of hope. I appreciate it so much! I have one last question. There is a dog we might possibly look at. The foster parents said he is a little timid and has groweld At her 2 year old son a couple times when he even just walked past? Is that typical behavior? Or are there other greys that are more tolerant than this one? Also, is that something they usually grow out of, or does this dog just sound really insecure? Thanks!
  3. Guess I shouldve clarified! These 3 dogs were in 3 different foster homes. All three were not compatible with young children! And thank you, I will take a look at that book.
  4. Great advice! Thank you again, your message is very reassuring!
  5. Thank you so much for your reply. It brings me some peace! Our grandson is very well behaved. He’s been raised with horses, cats and other dogs. He knows to give dogs their space but like I said, toddlers are unpredictable! We are working very closely with the adoption agency and they are trying hard for us to find the right one! Are there any pointers on how to handle the first month or so with the toddler? We were wondering if a muzzle should be applied the first couple times together. I really want this to work out and am willing to try anything! My daughter is also very aware of how particular this might be regarding my grandson and a new dog so she’s on board with discipline her child and making sure he behaves correctly around the dog!
  6. Hello everyone! My husband and I are in the process of adopting a grey. We are approved and currently waiting for the perfect pup to add to our family. I have a major concern though. We have a grandson who is 2 years old. He is respectful, but toddlers are toddlers and dogs are dogs. We were about to go meet a potential adoptee when the foster parents told us about the dog being aggressive towards her children. This happened three times with three potential greyhounds! Im starting to lose hope that we will ever find a greyhound that is kid friendly... our grandson is around probably 4-5 times a week. I realize it will take awhile for the dog to get acclimated to being around crazy toddlers and Im prepared to put in the effort and time to make it work. However, is this breed simply not compatible with toddlers? I want a greyhound so bad, they have the perfect personality but now Im starting to get cold feet.. anyone out there have a good experience with introducing greyhounds and toddlers? Thanks yall.
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