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Found 8 results

  1. Almost-13-year-old Uri's feet have been bleeding - after finding dots of blood everywhere for a few weeks, it took me a while to trace it to which dog and where. He has pink raw spots on his feet, on the outer toes, behind and above the pads (so not right on the pad). They open up and are bloody after he walks, then settle down, but stay raw, then repeat at the next walk. He has arthritis and is on meds, I have noticed he is limping worse but I don't know if it's a chicken or the egg thing - is he limping, and a change in gait is causing the outer toes to drag? Or is there some reason he has these wounds and the pain from them is making him limp? I'm trying to care for them - ointments, maunka honey, bandaids, socks, but not much is helping. Has anyone seen wounds like this before? Occurring symmetrically? I wish there was a way I could help them heal and not re-open without a vet visit. As he ages and gets more anxious, vet visits become more and more traumatic for him.
  2. So Violet is having her dental on Monday and we are trying to prevent a repeat of what happened last time, which was her urinating blood clots when they tried to get her up for the first time as she was coming out of anesthesia. I am still not sure whether this was not rhabdo at all (in which case they think stress likely caused irritation of her bladder/urinary tract), rhabdo only, or a combination, but of course we want to try to prevent a repeat. So the vet and I agreed that we should do something like Amicar and he was on board with Tranexamic Acid since Amicar is still so costly and hard to find. He is asking me to give 3/4 of a 650 mg tablet every 12 hours starting Friday or Saturday (to make sure she doesn't have a negative reaction) and keep her on it through the dental. I read over the old thread on this topic and saw most people were having the medication compounded, but also were talking about capsules. I found a GoodRx coupon that says it's for tablets and that's what the vet said we'd get so presuming that's true, splitting them should be fine, right? That would mean she'd be getting a dose of ~488 mg, which seems about right (she's 60#ish). They also asked me to start her on Yunnan Baiyao. This seems like a good idea to me, but I'm pretty unfamiliar with it's use. Waiting for my regular vet to call back just to run it by her because she uses chinese herbs, but is anyone familiar with it and has anyone used it in this type of situation? I just want to be careful not to overkill it here because she's not bleeding yet, and hopefully won't start. They recommended 1 pill twice daily starting tomorrow. I only see one product available through Amazon - it's in a green box - so I assume there's just one standard dose? Thanks!
  3. Guest


    I'm hoping that Macy's CT today will show that she's a candidate for another attempt at surgical removal of her tumor (fibrosarcoma). We have Amicar on hand and I've optimistically scheduled her surgery for July 2. When do we start the Amicar? I thought it was 3 days in advance, but our vet said one day. Also, I assume we should stop fish oil several days before as well? She's on a really high dose for her SLO. Thanks in advance! OT - Walgreens didn't honor the GoodRx coupon that would have saved us 100 dollars on the 42 doses! Can they do that???
  4. My 7 year old male bleeds from one nail bed after running any distance. Nails have been trimmed but when the bleeding happens, it quite voluminous. Anyone have a similar problem? Any solutions to offer?
  5. Hello folks, A few weeks ago, we discovered a round scab on Jack (3 years old)'s rear leg. We left it at that, but after one week, as we were brushing, we accidentally picked at the scab and it fell and bled. No big deal, it can happen. The scab reformed. Then the following week it had grown. We removed it as it seemed quite healed (wanting to peel off). A little corner bled at first but then all of it started bleeding. Eventually the scab reformed. But then it doesn't stop growing as if blood keeps "feeding it". If we even just push on it, then blood starts coming out from it. When we remove it, it is flat on the skin as if the growth is only from the scab. What is this? Should we be worried? We don't want to go to the vet just for them to tell us to "let it be" but at the same time we don't want to overlook something potentially worrysome! On this picture it is quite big because it appeared to bled last night while asleep, there was a little bit of blood on his leg this morning. I did knot washed it as I didn't want to disturb it anymore. Apaarently Jack hasn't been licking either, since it still looks the same as this morning. He does not scratch or otherwise seem bothered by it.
  6. Some of you may recall that Sagan's dental was rescheduled due to his platelets being low. Well, it's 1.5 months later and we're going ahead with the dental finally, so I ordered Amicar from Walgreens. But now I'm worried about dosage. I know that it's supposed to be given 3x a day for 5 days following surgery. However, the recommended dosage in Dr. Couto's literature is 500mg on the low end to 1000mg at the high end, or between 15mg and 40mg per kg. I originally got a script for 15 tablets, but then I realized that Sagan is 84lbs and this article mentions the following: 55lbs to 79lbs: 500mg (1 tablet) 80lbs to 104lbs: 750 (1.5 tablets) >104lbs: 1000mg (2 tablets) (The article is about deerhounds, but I don't think that matters, since this information comes from the study conducted on greyhounds.) Does this look right? So am I ok to order 23 tablets? (i.e 1.5 x 3 = 4.5 tablets a day, for 5 days)? The vet tech I've been speaking to hasn't heard back from my vet (who is recovering from surgery herself), and I really want to pick up the Amicar today or tomorrow. Chances are I probably won't be hearing back from the vet today, so I needed to make a decision. The vet tech mentioned getting more if I wanted to (enough for a 1000mg dose 3x a day), but I don't think I want to give him such a big dose. Anyone here with an 80lb+ grey who has used Amicar? How much did you give? I need to know asap if I want the pharmacy to have the correct prescription for me and I need to let the vet tech know by 5pm. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me! This is my first time using Amicar, and I'm nervous enough about his impending dental...
  7. I haven't been on GT in SOOOOO long. After my Indigo died in 2011 (osteo), I was too shell-shocked to be involved in anything grey. Then, I had some human health problems. Then, I lost one of the Fab Feline Boys after a 3 month battle with liver disease. It hasn't been a fun ride. The household is still 4 humans but down to Maximilian (my 12 year old grey) and 2 Fab Feline Boys (ages 13 and 11). Max had a puffy snout last December. Vet seemed to think tooth abcess. We did antibiotics and it went away. This past Sunday, his snoot looked like an American Bull Terrier on one side. He yiped when I tried to probe around in there. Of course, he is prone to the grey drama gene. Went to see Doc on Monday. Seems to think tooth, again. He is on antibiotics and we are doubling his Wobenzyme for 5 days. His appetite is fine. This morning, he was rubbing at his face and yiped. When I looked there was some blood on his gums. Mind you...his teeth are AWFUL!! My docs and I are not crazy about the idea of putting an almost 13-year-old grey under for a dental. The bleeding has stopped and he seems fine. I am supposed to call doc tomorrow...just to let him know how Max is doing. Any thoughts? PS...I really missed you guys.
  8. I haven't been around much at all, and I'm sorry. Too much craziness in my life at the moment, it's been going on for a while and will continue at least until the end of summer. But I really need your advice, if you have any to give. Sagan was supposed to get dental surgery today, and we rescheduled out of concern that he might otherwise be at risk for post-operative bleeding, due to his platelets being unusually low (yes, even for a greyhound). I am so glad I requested pre-dental labwork. Anyway, without getting into it all, which would lengthen this post considerably, the point is that my vet mentioned that there is medication (aminocaproic acid) that can be administered just before surgery - and then following surgery for a few days - that will prevent bleeding, so if his platelets were still low next week, the dental could still be carried out. The problem is that they don't have this drug in injectable form (apparently it's been off the shelf in that form for some time, and no one locally seems to have it in tablet form either, so it would have to be special ordered. It is a very expensive drug - $200 for five pills. I am now faced with a decision as to whether to spend an extra $200 on medication that I may not even need to use, because it is not refundable. $200 is a LOT of money for me. Merlin's chronic health issues, apart from putting years on us in terms of stress and anxiety, have depleted our savings and we literally can only just barely afford to pay our bills at the moment. The vet tech I spoke to asked me if I wanted to look into possibly obtaining the meds from a Canadian online pharmacy to see if I could get them more cheaply that way. I wonder, has anyone done this before and can maybe recommend a good website that ships fast? You might be asking, Why the rush? Why not wait to see if his platelet count improves before a dental? It's a good point. There are two problems: 1. If we don't do his dental now, we're going to have to wait for quite some time. My vet is not going to be around until possibly well into August. If things don't go as planned, it might be even later. 2. If we wait that long, I may end up spending even more money because he may well require extractions at that point. His teeth are horrible and his breath is awful. The point here, though, is that we really can't afford to spend $200 for "just in case" medication. I also feel that this whole discussion overlooks the main issue, which is that his platelets are low and we need to find out why that is. And if we do, then the whole discussion about bleeding is redundant anyway. Although this all begs the question... what do vet offices do if a dog's labwork is fine and the surgery goes ahead and then all of a sudden the dog starts bleeding out? Do they seriously have to resign themselves to thinking "oh well, we're out of that particular medication that could stop the bleeding, tough luck"? I mean, I can't make sense of that at all. Am I missing something? What would you do?
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