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  1. Sounds fun. Hope to maybe come next year when we will be Tennessee residents!
  2. Yes but i started GT in 2002 and I know I had well over 15 or 20,000 post counts or more at least. Not a big deal but just curious.
  3. Post counts. Looks like they went back to beginning. Not a big deal though.
  4. We started all the way at the very first when there was just around 8 of us. Now it has grown and we still love GIG.
  5. MilkysGreytGoodies. Sorry for the late post.
  6. We'll be there on Thursday. Come by and say hi.
  7. Thanks all. We did our walks last night but Thorpe did not want to go out with our other two.
  8. We always crate with new dogs. Then over time you will know when it's good to non crate. Even if they aren't crated anymore, I still leave the crate door open. The crate is their safe space and for some dogs, sometimes they will go in there to get away from the pack, or TStorms, or just to sleep. We still crate 2 of ours. One of our dog sometimes growls and can be snippy and the other one, could have a party when we aren't home. LOL. We always crate them when our contractor comes over to do house work and the doors and our fenced gate has to be open.
  9. Thanks greysmom. We have off this weekend, so we'll probably take them all for a car ride and if the weather is good, to this one park they love walking at.
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