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  1. Thanks all. We did our walks last night but Thorpe did not want to go out with our other two.
  2. We always crate with new dogs. Then over time you will know when it's good to non crate. Even if they aren't crated anymore, I still leave the crate door open. The crate is their safe space and for some dogs, sometimes they will go in there to get away from the pack, or TStorms, or just to sleep. We still crate 2 of ours. One of our dog sometimes growls and can be snippy and the other one, could have a party when we aren't home. LOL. We always crate them when our contractor comes over to do house work and the doors and our fenced gate has to be open.
  3. Thanks greysmom. We have off this weekend, so we'll probably take them all for a car ride and if the weather is good, to this one park they love walking at.
  4. Since the loss of Bear and Remy, our Thorpe seems to still be sad. He lays on the dog bed watching the door for them to come back. The other 2 greyhounds have handled it different it looks like. Any thoughts or just let it run it course? I've been giving all 3 more attention and loving to see if that will work.
  5. Congrats. What a handsome boy.
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    Thanks everyone.
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    I am so sorry. A beautiful girl. Run free.
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    I hope it's ok to post this. Remy passed away early Friday morning. He was such a good boy. He's not a greyhound but a Bull Dog Boxer mix. He had a rough early life living on the streets in Allegany County, Md. We think his owner kept him chained up all the time, abused him and Remy broke free and my wife's dog shelter got him. Nobody wanted to adopt Remy, he has fear and trust issues. He liked my wife, me and my sister. The lady who runs the shelter was going to put him down, but we adopted him and saved him. My wife worked very hard and Remy even went to dog boot camp to get re trained. Even though he didn't like people he didn't know, he was great with us and our greyhounds and other dogs at daycare. Remy and my wife trained in Rally and Nose work. Remy got his Certification 1 in them and got many ribbons for his competitions. Remy traveled many miles with us on our vacations and saw a lot in his 6+ years we had him. He protected us and our greyhounds and I will miss his sweat face. Rest now Remy until we see you again.
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    We got his ashes back. He now is on our mantle with all our others who have passed.
  10. What a handsome fella. I am sorry for your loss.
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    Thanks everyone. We will cherish all the good memories.
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    Bear turned for the worse on Friday night and Saturday he went to the bridge. Bear is now running free at the rainbow bridge. We got Bear as a 10 week old puppy and had great 11years together. He traveled many miles with us on all our greyhound trips. Got to see many places, people and other dogs. He just loved being around people and getting attention. We will miss you so much. Bear when we got him at 10 weeks old. He was such a handsome fella as a pup. Bear and his best bud Lincoln. I am sure they are playing at the bridge. They where so close and when we lost Lincoln at 5 Bear was so sad.
  13. He is still comfy. He does get up during the day and wiggles to a new spot. We have web cams in our house and we have 2 in our entertainment room where the dogs are. So, we can watch him. Last night he so wanted to be with us in the dining room. He kept getting up but he couldn't stand. He is still eating very well. He is on previcox and gabapiten. Dr says with these drugs he might be unsettled til the body gets use to it. He won't go out, so we have to wash him down and Trish has done lots of laundry for clean dog beds and pee pads. The other dogs are kinda staying out of it but I wonder if they know? We do have the harness but he hates it and growls when we try to put it around him. Still stubborn.
  14. Bear has been having trouble with his hind legs and he can't walk for very long. This weekend was the worst he has been. It was raining and our muddy yard didn't help him any. He is stubborn and wanted to walk but he couldn't. We had to pick him up and carry him in. He is on meds to help and today he seemed a bit better. Bear is 11.7 yrs old. Last night he didn't want to get up and if he tried he just fell over. We have the whole floor laid down with dog beds and soft blankets so if he does fall he won't hit the floor hard. He is on meds and the vet said it might take a few days before any better signs. Thanks for any prayers.
  15. We don't have any kids in the area anymore, just 2 gangs. Years ago in the 90's we had lots of kids. They all grown up and no new young families moved in I guess.
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