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Dental Issues

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Hi Guys,

I'm just looking for some advice to see if I'm doing the right thing. My greyhound Murphy, who is 5 and a half, has been having really bad breath the last few weeks. I thought it was something he was eating but took to the vet for a dental to be sure.

The vet says it's probably periodontal (?) Disease. Murphy is booked in for a clean and possible removal of his affected teeth on Tuesday. 

The vet said he won't know for sure if they need to be removed or just cleaned. But I'm wondering if there's any alternatives to removal of the teeth?

The vet was looking at his front teeth and one of his canines (the long pointy ones). Has anyone got any experience with this?

Am I better just to let them remove the teeth or is there something else to be done? 


Thanks for any advice

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4 hours ago, organistswife said:

They feed greyhounds rubbish when racing.

Slops that they evacuate quickly.

Not so in the US.

A good cleaning should help tremendously. Make sure it is a sedated cleaning, not just a scraping while awake kind. Brushing and water additives will help maintain dental health. Some here like to use raw meaty bones and chicken feet. Do not use any commercial bone chews or rawhides.


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Greyhounds are prone to dental issues (I read somewhere it’s to do with the shape/length of their dental arcade). He won’t miss a tooth or two but it you want to try and prevent him from losing any more it’s best to try and introduce a regular clean if you don’t already, using a soft toothbrush and specific doggy toothpaste (we use beaphar branded stuff but there are plenty on the market). If he’s been a racing dog it is likely that he will be used to having his teeth cleaned (Buddy mercifully was) but that might not be the case. If not, you can start him off by applying toothpaste along your finger and let Murphy lick it off. Then you start applying your pasted finger to his teeth (as if your finger was the brush). Then use a finger brush with toothpaste, and if you need to, progress to a soft brush.

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If he does lose some teeth he really won't miss them.  None of mine have ever actually chewed their food anyway!!  Though you might need to switch to soft or paste-y treats like squirt cheese or liverwurst if he loses molars.

FYI there is a peridontal disease that they can get - C.U.P.S. I think - where they have to have *all* their teeth removed.  They really get along just fine.  No excuse for not doing dental hygiene at home though.


1 hour ago, organistswife said:

I'll bow out, being a Brit who doesn't know what she's talking about.

It's a persistent myth that canine athletes are fed garbage whilst racing.  First off, a poorly fed dog can't win, and why would you own a dog that doesn't have a chance to win.  Second, you can't develop the muscle and bone structure, or the stamina, necessary for high stress physical exertion if you eat poorly.  Have you seen a properly conditioned greyhound?  They look like body building 100 yd sprinters!!!  You don't get that way from eating garbage.  Dogs are not people and they can and *should* eat the parts of animals people don't.  They need muscle meat, organ meats and tripe, and bones and fat, plus whole grains and veggies, to have a complete and balanced diet.  Most trainers in the US feed a combination of raw meat and kibble, and add in their own blends of veggies and grains and supplements.

Dogs are turned out 4 or 5 times a day to play and toilet, and their output is monitored as closely as it is in a home setting.  Again, a dog whose food passes through too quickly doesn't gain the necessary nutrients from that food to run and win, so why would you want it to pass through quickly???  Please don't fall for the hype and misinformation from groups or individuals with questionable end goals.

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