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Purina Calming Care Probiotic For Anxiety - Feedback?

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A vet tech/ GH owner acquaintance mentioned that their clinic is test-driving this product after the Vet Behavioral Specialist from the local vet school highly recommended it. Anyone tried it? Heard anything about it? She said they are hoping that it will be a good alternative for anti-anxiety meds. We give our new girl 100 mg of Trazadone an hour before we leave the house to help with separation anxiety. We have a trainer starting tomorrow to help us work through this situation, and would LOVE it if we could find an alternative to Trazadone to help her with her anxiety.



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In my experience, if a dog needs an actual rx drug to help with anxiety, most over the counter (non rx) products - supplements, calming aids, Rescue Remedy, chews, even DAP, whatever else - do little to help.

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So I looked at the ingredients and it seems to be just a particular strain of probiotic and liver flavor. Never heard of a probiotic helping with anxiety, I will be interested to see the results.


Like greysmom said, OTC stuff doesn't seem to help much with severe anxiety.

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OTCs are a wide and varied lot as far as anxiety. With Rescue Remedy 90% of people vastly under dose because of the squirrely slanted dropper and some have read to put it in water, NOT. I had a friend that had no luck at all with both the DAP collar and plug in but when she used them at the same time it was magic. :dunno.

Never heard of a probiotic working on anxiety but would be interested to know how that works. Every soul is different. Trazadone (even at a low dose) made both my sister and me zombies.

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