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  1. Our girls love Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach, with a dollop of Olewo Carrots on top. I add a little water in, to make a "soup". Chicken stock might make it even more tempting. I have had to use that in the past with our first GH, who was picky. I would just buy the tetra packs and keep it in the fridge until all used up. Our girls are both hook positive, but asymptomatic, and their poops are AWESOME on the food regiment listed above. We tried Iams green with another dog, but did not have success with that. Each dog is different though. Good luck. I hate it when the pups won't eat or when the poops are mush.
  2. From a fellow Tennessean, my heart is with you. So glad you and your girl have been able to enjoy this amazing wether together the past few days.
  3. Here is the moxidection dosing info for Simparica: 0.96 mg per tablet For Advantage Multi, it is 100 mg per dose tube This seems pretty similar to me, but since Simpirica is oral and AM is topical, maybe the actual amount of moxidectin that is continually in the system is different? I have an appointment with my vet and plan to talk to her about this next week. Also, I looked for Coraxis online over the weekend, in case we end up just continuing on with that route (we have Bette on the same protocol as your boy), and it appears Bayer discontinued production of Coraxis, which SUCKS!!!! I DO NOT want to use AM. It stinks much worse that Coraxis, and is more oily, taking much longer too dry. Plus, I like Simpirica for fleas and ticks, but this would be overkill if we have to use AM. I am REALLY HOPING to get some positive feedback from my vet on Simparica Trio for our hook positive girls. I am not completely averse to Proheart 6, but my preference would be to dose with a pill. If there are adverse effects, it's just one pill, vs. an adverse effect from a shot, which can't be undone.
  4. Hi Mercy, thanks and to answer your question, no, we did not. After the first 72 hours, she settled down quite bit with the squeaky toys. She still plays with them on a daily basis, but in short spurts and if it gets to be too much, we put the toy basket away . . . She LOVES her toys . . .
  5. It has been a busy past 6 months. Beginning in March, when some of the tracks began closing in FL, and through the track closing in Birmingham, we have pretty much had a foster dog in our house non-stop. We affectionally have referred to our home as the greyhound depot. All of our fosters found their forever homes within 2 weeks, and all went on to just wonderful situations. First came Honey Girl, from FL. And after her was one of our favorites to pass through the depot. Really, we loved her, but she was just a little too timid for our active lifestyle. This is teeny, tiny little June Bug. Isn't she cute: After June Bug, there was Zappa and Nova. I can't believe I don't have pictures of them, but we loved them both. Then came Jacki. We came so close to keeping her, but the universe had other plans for us. Jacki went to her forever home on a Friday, and we drove down to B'ham to pick up Ursula the next day. She was the perfect fit from the start. We knew within a week that we would not be letting this go. She is playful, sweet, and checks all of our boxes. The biggest box is that Bette likes her, which is saying something. Let's just say that Bette is "picky" when it comes to sharing her affection. The fact that she will lay beside Ursula on a dog bed is nothing short of amazing. Ursula is 11 days older than Bette. They will both be 3 in October. Ursula is definitely the young-at-heart of the two. A few more pics of our sweet new addition. It feels like our pack is complete. We could not be happier.
  6. The reason I like the K&H bed so much is that rain runs through it rather than being absorbed by it, bc of the way it is constructed. Once the sun pops out, the bed dries pretty quickly. Just wanted to add a little extra info . . .
  7. Here's a pic of Bette and Ursula on the bed:
  8. Thanks Mandy's mom. I looked at these coats when we adopted Bette last fall, but ended up going with the voyager coat. We like it, but it's a little more coat than we need for just a rain event. I will probably go with the Chrysanthemum coat this go around.
  9. We love this bed: https://www.amazon.com/Pet-Products-Indoor-Outdoor-Waterproof/dp/B01ECC9A6Q?th=1 It's stays on our deck, and dries out quickly even after heavy rains. The large is big enough for both of our 56 pound girls to lay on together. We have only had it one season so far, but it has held up well through a very wet spring and a summer that has been pretty rainy. Not cheap, but worth it, in my book.
  10. Hello, who makes your favorite greyhound rain coat, and why do you love it? Thanks in advance.
  11. I'll keep investigating. For the time being, we are only "dosing" her with toys in intervals. The rest of the time, the basket of toys is put out of her reach. I think it's good for her to learn to be calm and content doing nothing. And yes, Bette is able to tune her out, as she does with most everything. We say that Bette is 2 going on 60 and Ursula is 2 going on 6 months.
  12. So, we are fostering (and may very well end up adopting) Ursula. She is 2 and fits the description of all the folks who warn against adopting a 2 year old. We have had lots of fosters in and out lately, all 2 years old, and she is the first who is a toy maniac. It is CONSTANT. While I love watching her get so much joy out of playing, the noise can begin to grate the last nerve. So, do you have any favorite toys that do not squeak and that will not destroy anything if she sends them flying through the air?
  13. We are talking to batman (yes, there is a man in our neighborhood who removes bats from houses and installs bat houses) to see if this will be an option. The bat house has to be more than 20 feet away from the closest trees bc of predators, and I am not sure our unfenced area will meet that requirement. I hope it will, bc that would be my preference.
  14. Does the Whistle 2 require the use of their collar, or can it be attached to a 1" Swiss Velvet tag collar? It is a little confusing from the pics on the website. I do like that is does not "jingle". We are a "no jingle" household.
  15. I L-O-V-E Ruggables!!!!!!! I have several in different sizes all over my house and in my office. Great design, washes and dried easily, pretty affordable, and bonus - you can change out the topper with the seasons to get a different aesthetic. Highly recommended. https://ruggable.com/pages/runner-rugs-guide/?utm_source=google_adw&utm_medium=cpc&gclid=CjwKCAjwr7X4BRA4EiwAUXjbtxTf1EKq1ZA_Q4uI9n5lM1Raz6SiR3PwbQ8S2uIDvgzffH4esB32rBoCjMMQAvD_BwE
  16. Hello, we are considering installing a bathhouse in the rear of our yard. Any thoughts on whether or not this is a good idea, given bat guano will inevitably fall on the ground around the pole. Our Bette loves to eat anything exotic. Not sure if this would be the equivalent of having lots of birds around who poop in yards, or if there is something more to be concerned about re: the guano. Ideally we would like a large colony (250+), but may opt for a smaller house to attract a smaller colony. There are tons of bats in our neighborhood and we would love to offer them a home.
  17. So is that what all that biting at her side is all about? Hooks???? Bette will do this occasionally and I check her for fleas (although she is on flea prevention). I have wondered what she seemed to be so bothered by. Is it bc the internal sensation caused by the hooks is creating a referred itchiness? So weird.
  18. This is the protocol we have had Bette on for 6 months and she is still hook positive, though asymptomatic. I am at least glad that she does not have bloody diarrhea, which some of our hook positive fosters have presented with. I am going to do some more research on Simparica Trio, and talk to my vet about this vs. the Proheart Injection. We have to go in a different direction, given that so far, the Dr. Ng protocol has not worked for her.
  19. Has anyone used Simparica Trio for active hookworms, specifically dogs with larval leaK? It contains moxidectin, which is the primary ingredient in Advantage Multi, Coraxis and Heartgaurd Plus. Just wondering if this treatment is actually able to do successful battle with the endemic hooks that so many newly adopted dogs are struggling with. Im thinking of the dogs who continue to test positive for hooks month after month, even with multiple deworming. Here is a study paper, which sounds promising, but I am not a scientist or vet, so can't really glean if this will be effective with larval leak. I'd love to hear from those who have had good (or not so good) outcomes with Simparica Trio. https://parasitesandvectors.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s13071-020-3951-4
  20. We have a foster boy who is hook positive and developed acute HGE within 48 hours of arriving. He got so sick so fast that he has spent the past 2 nights at the ER vet. Hope to pick him up today. When the diarrhea got bad, we just followed behind him with a Kroger plastic bag and caught the mess. Tied it up and threw it in the outdoor bin. Worked like a charm.
  21. Thanks all. I am very encouraged by everything that has been shared. We were at the vet clinic in Birmingham over the weekend; the one that vets the racetrack dogs down there. Both the vet and his tech have greyhounds, and they use the Proheart injection for their pets. Not necessarily for hooks, but for heartworm treatment. They try to push it with their patients bc it grantees compliance for the duration of the shot. Have not had any issues using it with their grey's or other pets in the practice. I am going to talk to my vet about switching Bette to this option. Maybe start with the 6 and if she does ok with that, move to the 12. Also, re: the possibility of her getting reinfected with hooks in the yard; I suppose that is a possibility. We have a very large fenced yard, and we always pick up poop immediately, so it seems unlikely, but I suppose anything is possible. My hunch is that we are dealing with larval leak, and its just gonna be a marathon to get her cleared.
  22. Hello, Bette has been doing Dr. Ng's protocol for hookworms for 6 months. She is still positive for hooks. I just read about Proheart 6 or 12 as a heartworm preventive, but also for treatment of the resistant hookworms that are so common now. I would LOVE to switch her to this if it is, in fact, efficacious. The Coraxis that I apply monthly is stinky, messy and gross for about 24 hours. The Drontal Plus mid month is expensive. If giving her a shot once a year or once every 6 months will provide the same treatment effect, I would much prefer that (assuming it is not exorbitantly more expensive). We dose monthly with Simparica for fleas and ticks. I assume we would continue with that regimen. We are consistently fostering for our group, as they are moving dogs from FL and AL, and if we fall in love with one of our fosters, we will likely end up adopting, so would want to start the new addition on Proheart, as well, assuming they are also hook positive. I'd love any thoughts or feedback (positive and negative) from those in the know re: Proheart.
  23. Also a fan of Olewo Carrots. We make up a 5 cup batch which lasts almost a week (refrigerated). 10 TBSP of carrots/5 cups of almost boiling water/5 tsp of coconut oil. They improved Bette's poop to almost tootsie roll quality AND she is hook positive. We have her on Dr. Ng's protocol, and she came with soft poo, but the carrots added to Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach is a good combo for her.
  24. We have a 2 year old female, Bette, who is damn near perfect in our book. We are considering adding a second dog, bc this year seems to be the year to do it if we think we might want to chip. We have a female foster here now, and there was initially a lot of growling and snarking, which was not fun to oversee. That has calmed down over the past 2 weeks, but we still do not feel comfortable leaving them alone together, unsupervised, even to walk to the mailbox. My question is related to gender combo's. Tell me your experience with female/female combo's vs. female/male combo's. I know a lot will depend on the individual dog's personalities. I am looking more for generalities. Thanks in advance.
  25. Hello, we have always had female dogs, and one of the reasons we have not had boys is there propensity to mark. We babysat a boy dog who marked in house, which was a turn off. We have also seen a few dogs at msg's who mark like crazy. Tell me about your experience with marking inside. Does age of neutering have anything to do with whether a dog marks in the house? Short of keeping a belly band on them, are there other methods to prevent this, or is it just that some boys dogs are gonna do what they do?
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