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Drontal Plus For Hook Worms

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Sooo, like every other hound from Florida, Maggie has hooks. I had been using Pyrantel every two weeks, per the the rescue group's recommendation; however, the poops were always soft and Tuesday she refused breakfast.


Our vet gave me two dosages of Drontal Plus and her first dosage was Tuesday night. She is feeling much better this morning; however, here is my question:



The vet said to give the second dose in 2 months. That sounds like a long time between dosages. My understanding is that, any medication only kills the adults and the dog can be infested again in about 3 weeks once the eggs hatch.


Does anyone have experience with using Drontal for hooks?

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We've used it for whipworms (they were visible in the stool) and one dose took care of it. I'm not sure how it impacts the eggs etc, but there is an ongoing thread about the hookworm issue http://forum.greytalk.com/index.php/topic/322685-hookworm/that might have the info you are looking for.


Hope this helps. We are dealing with it too, Petunia came from a farm in Alabama and tested positive.

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Do read through the Hookworm thread. It's very helpful. My Lola suffered for 18 months with hookworms. The Prison Program protocol finally took care of the problem. Here's the link: https://prisongreyhounds.org/Hookworm%207-2018.pdf

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We've also had (early) success with the Prison Protocol as linked above. It includes Drontal and Advantage Multi. And I'll echo, definitely check out the hookworm thread, it has a lot of good information from people on modified protocols that have had some success as well.


Unless your vet is already very experienced with this problem, they probably are woefully ignorant of the specific hookworm situation with greyhounds. You'll probably have to educate them on protocols, etc.

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