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Thoughts On Clinical Trials

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I was wondering how others feel about participating in clinical trials. I am considering putting Chase into the clinical trial for rapamycin, but then I wonder what if he is one of the dogs chosen to be given the placebo. For those who have participated or would consider doing so would this My concerns may be moot as he may not be a candidate for amputation let alone the trial. This is just one of the many things flooding my mind right now.

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If there is no difference in treatment for Chase other than whether or not he gets the rapamycin then, without knowing all the details, it sounds like you have nothing to lose? If he receives the drug he may benefit, if he doesn't then he is no worse off than he would be if he didn't participate?


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I would do it if it didn't compromise my treatment plans otherwise or mean I'd have to do something I wouldn't otherwise (within reason). A lot of trials restrict you from using things like supplements or homeopathic treatments so that might be a factor for me. But if your course of action would be amp and chemo and the trial requires amp and chemo, go for it! Worst case you get some expenses covered. Best case you get a better outcome. You can drop out if he's having side effects.


Hugs. I know it's a lot to process right now.


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^^^^^ What Jen said.


Plus also, I would have to be OK with the ultimate trade off - knowing my dog might not get the treatment vs how much good it would do overall for the advancement of finding a more effective cure. I would also need to be assured that pain management would not be compromised by participation.

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He would get the same standard of care they would give even if he doesn't participate, which is amputation and 4 rounds of carboplatin. His pain management would not be compromised. There are no restrictions on pain medication. Herbal supplements, however are not allowed.

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