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Ripping Plastic Bags Apart

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I thought about putting this in Cute and Funny but am putting it here. Ever since I adopted Joy a year ago, she has been obsessed with ripping apart plastic bags. She doesn't eat the plastic; just rips it up. Usually she waits until the bags are empty but I have been known to find the contents of a bag strewn along the hallway or on the stairs as she takes the bag downstairs.


Does anyone else's hounds do this?

Carol, missing Magic (1/5/01 - 4/15/15) but welcoming Fuzzy's Joy Behar (Joy) into my life on 5/31/15.

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I think they use plastic bags as training lures sometimes. I know they use them in coursing events. And Toni goes nuts if I use one on our lure pole.

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Guest AimeeBee

George loves them and will shred them if he can, he won't eat the pieces -- just tears the bag apart. Also, he goes crazy if I tie one to a lure pole for him to chase around.

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Yup! Mine have all been lure coursing hounds at one point (or are going to be when they grow up) so it is kind of natural. :lol: My puppies start chasing them at 8-weeks-old and we let them "kill" the bag so that they get the prize (but don't let them eat it, obviously).

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