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Worming For The Chemically Challenged Dog

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My girl Lilly is extremely sensitive to any oral medications due to a compromised digestive system. I've tried several monthly alternatives, both oral and topical, and she has had bad reactions to all of them. We do not have a flea issue, or a heartworm issue, though those are getting close in our area and I would have her on a monthly if I could. However she has had bad hookworms in the past, and recently we had a scare that turned out to be something innocuous.


I'm looking for non-chemical alternatives for her. Does anyone have any onformation of food-grade diatomaceous earth/ Or anything else that I might be able to try. I will do some research on my own, and talk to our vet, but I wanted to tap the GT hive mind as well.



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No experience with DE, but Rocket has always had stomach issues when I give him the monthly pills ever since Interceptor went off the market earlier and we had to change. After trying several, I found that the only one that didn't bother him at all is Sentinel. On the others, he would be lethargic for at least a day, and usually end up with soft stools. When I give him the Sentinel, I never even know he has taken it, as we just have a normal day. Might be worth a try if you haven;t tried that one. I know every dog is different, but figured I would at least let you know our experience with Sentinel in case you haven;t tried it.


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I don't give chemical worm treatment or preventation at all. For years I put 1 teaspoon of grated coconut, the thingd you use for baking, over my houndis' meals every day and we never had any worm issues.


The coconut with it's spikey edges penerate the worms and they can't reproduce. The hairs from a horse tail cut into small pieces have the same effect but don't taste as good and I don't have a horse.

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Diatomaceous earth and similar rough products don't kill intestinal worms in dogs.


Think it through: If the products did cut the worms, what would they do to your dog's delicate intestinal structures? How would they dry out (another oft-cited property) the worms in the wet environment of the dog's intestines?


For hookworms, you might try something like Nemex or Strongid T if you haven't. That said, if she doesn't have worms, I wouldn't worm her. Even with hooks, as I know you know, they can hide out in their encysted form for years, and the wormer won't have any impact on them until they decide to un-encyst their rotten little selves.

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