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He's So Thin

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I honestly didn't realize how thin Mason has gotten (his stripeys hide everything) and now I can see hip bones and ribs and shoulder blades that I couldn't see before. He's going on the scale tomorrow to see how bad it is.


So, I hand fed him yesterday and he ate a ton of dog food but then had a rumbly tummy and loose poop this am.


Is this something to be worried about or something simple? Is it time to change food? I feed Iams green bag and both Molly and Mason have done great on it. Is it a vet visit?


I should also add we walk 2-3 times a day for 10-20 min at a time. Molly had been eating way more to make up for the exercise. Mason hasn't been lately.


This is how I lost my heart boy Dart so I'm panicking. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

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How much does he eat? How old is he? What did he used to weigh? What's he weigh now? (I know you can't answer that before tomorrow.)


How many meals does he get a day? You can try just adding another meal. If you add more food to an existing meal, it'll be more than he's used to getting at one time. An extra meal might be easier for him to handle. My guys get their biggest meal of the day (about 1 cup per dog) at 10 pm or so. They then sleep like rocks, and let me sleep late in the morning. ;)


I wouldn't change his food if his poop has been good up until now. (Iams green bag here, too.)

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Greys drop and gain weight pretty quickly, so don't beat yourself up for not noticing before the "oh crap!" notice. It happens, and it's not always a crisis.


There are tons of factors that affect weight. KF in Georgia asked all the questions I would ask. If you could answer those, you'll get better responses from GT.


Not knowing any details about the dog - I'll go to the basics. Check for worms. Parasites can cause weight loss and need to be dealt with. it's cheap and easy. Except hookworms. They take forever to get rid of, but it's do-able.


Go to the vet. Get a physical and a fecal analysis. It's probably something little. Don't panic.

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He free feeds and he's always eaten basically what the bag says. He's 6 years old and weighed 93 pounds. I just did a fecal test not that long ago because he was having loose poops but it never hurts to have another one done. Ironically, he just ate a ton last night but I was in the room with him. This needing an audience seems to be a new thing. Thanks for the ideas.

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Sometimes greys seem to get finicky about eating as they get older, although 6 does seem a tad young to me. Definitly a vet check and a fecal, but if those are all okay he may just want you there when he eats.

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weighing less has to be less stress on his front leg.


his stomach is not sunken in, ribs not showing he looks perfect to me.

did he loose his front leg/shoulder to osteo or an accident?

Taylor is my hound, Mason's littermate, and he lost his leg to Osteo last month.

I should clarify, that's Taylor. He lost his leg to osteosarcoma. Mason has all his legs, but he's sitting at the same weight Taylor is and he's usually 5-7 pounds heavier. He looks good. It's the weight loss that concerns me. Sorry for the confusion.

Taylor had been holding at around 88 pounds for 3 years, a few pounds less than Mason.

Taylor is less now, after surgery (but still running around the back yard like a lunatic)

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