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Benny's Having A Dental

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So we've had Benny for coming up to five months and I'm going to book him in to have a dental. When we first adopted him, he was seen by a vet who said his teeth 'weren't too bad for a dog of that age'. I cleaned them up as much as possible, but the time has come. I was hoping that with care they would come good. Unfortunately, they've improved dramatically, but not enough. However, he's lost a little bit of fat, put on some muscle, is fitter, leaner and happier than he was when he first arrived, and is much happier, so I'm happier about him going under.


This post is just to let you all know about how many $$$ these things cost here.


First place I rang, dentals started at $1000 and went up from there. That didn't include bloodwork, X-rays, fluids, painkillers, antibiotics or extractions. All I can think is that they REALLY good gas!


Second place included all that stuff and came down to $995.


Third place was $550 to $1000 depending on extractions, X-Rays, bloods etc.


Final place, my vet who works with racing greys and is awesome: $500 ish for everything, including the possible extraction of a canine. I've a feeling he's going to lose at least two of those and possible others, but we won't know till he's under.


So on Monday, Benny and I are heading out for his check up. The dental will be some time after that depending on how busy the surgery is.


My hip pocket is going to be feeling it for this unexpected family addition. But, that said, I just don't know how long it's been since he's had a dental. It might be never. Sigh.

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Yep it's not cheap!


Here in the UK, earlier this year I paid £300 (c$480) for BIlly's - he ended up having a large number of extractions - which would have bumped it to around £500 but vet was good enough to keep it at the rate quoted.

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Guest Muscovy

Oh, what fun :( I absolutely freak out every time I have to put my dogs under. It seems so awful to have to pay ~$500 for stress, pain, and a few less teeth!

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Sending good thoughts for the dental.


Central Illinois basic dental no extractions about $100 during doggy dental week. Ducking and running now!

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Canine teeth are always harder to extract than back teeth. That sounds about in line with what we pay here (in Oregon, USA).


Good thoughts for Benny! :hope

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Hoping for good news on Bennie.......


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