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Grumble, Grumble. Brees!


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Frigging Brees, somehow, while on leash walks only, crated when we're gone, no toys, no zoomies, no fun house arrest (except last weekend's camping trip, which was also pretty strict) has managed to rip (mostly) off a good chunk of paw pad.


She and I are having I battle of wills over a bucket of warm water and epsom salts. She magically removes the Therapaw in about half a second.


She's got whale eyes, and I can't reach my beer.


She's lucky she's pretty!

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I really do need to buy you that beer caddy you can wear around your waist then. :lol

Remind me to tell you the story of when Jake was only a foster and we broke him. :lol

Brees be a good girl and heal quickly so you can come walkie again and come over for a play date.


Carolina (R and A Carolina) & Rebel (FA Ready).
At the bridge: Kira (Driven by Energy) 7/19/97 - 6/17/04 & Jake (Jumpstart Dude) 9/12/00 - 1/24/15

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