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Reverse Sneezing Question

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Maggie has occasionally had reverse sneezing episodes since we've had her. In the last week or so, she is doing it lots more with the episodes lasting longer. It's starting to make me wonder if it's the result of something that needs to be checked out. Last night she woke me up several times doing this.


Does anyone have experience with this? She gets carsick so I hate to drag her to the vet for nothing.

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Are the episodes outdoors or inside too? Has the weather changed? Cold air makes Beth regular sneeze when we first go out in winter. Oh wait, you said at night. Hot dry heated air inside? I.e. look for environmental factors first that might trigger some irritation.

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I brought a foster dog in for his annual at one point and mentioned that he'd been sneezing and reverse sneezing a bunch the last few weeks. The vet wasn't concerned until the fecal came back positive for nasal worms. They get nasal worms by sniffing poop infested with the eggs. They inhale the eggs and the worms live in the nasal area. Then the eggs get pooped out. A normal fecal tests for it. They are not normally able to sneeze out the worms or eggs.

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I have been using a holistic Tincture made by Animals Apawthecary called Spring Tonic - I has helped with the reverse sneezing.

Both Spirit and Lazer have been reverse sneezing the last couple weeks - but this tonic has reduce the severity and duration.

I give it 2x day.


I found it at See Spot Shop up on Happy Valley and about 24th Ave. I bet it could be found at other stores.. maybe not the big

box type stores though - pm me if you want me to get some for you - i can mail it - or we could MEET up!! :)

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