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Thinking About Adding A Pack Member

Guest tysmom

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We are thinking about adding a small dog to our pack.

Im taking the hounds to the spca tomorrow to introduce then to a rather high energy chiw/mix. a four year old.

I wish i could bring him into their enviroment but they dont allow it even for a couple of hours ( they are quite the snippy group there) I couldnt believe

there atittudes, but that's another thread..


anyway, Im not sold on this dog, but I would like to give everybody a chance to suceed. Of course the hounds will be muzzled .

Its a small room where they do the meet and greets. any suggestions on how I should handle the intro's so it goes well?

Im a little worried how my intensely low energy guys will handle this little bundle of energy and I dont think one metting in a stange place will tell the real outcome.


supposedly the little guy interects well with other dogs and my hound s have lots of experienec with my daughters young dogs..


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Are you prepared to keep the dogs separated when you are not home for the rest of their lives? No matter how small dog safe my hounds are, there is no way that I would leave them together with a small dog unsupervised - just an accident waiting to happen in my opinion. Even muzzled, they could accidentally hurt a small dog through rough play. Just something to consider. But then, I am really conservative when it comes to hound safety.


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oh for sure i would keep the little dog crated when not home. Ive heard too many horror stories about what can happen.


Your right about the layer of possible difficulties.. here's my thinking.. we lost of member of our pack recently, a non grey hound whom i loved dearly.

I have said for years when she passes I will never own anything buut more greyhounds. She was large breed and hairy and way more maintance than the hounds.

The she;s gone a bit unexpectedly at almost 14. Ive had time to sit with it and i decided another hound just doesnt feel right, for many reason and I wont go into them all but the biggest issue

is space in the house , in the car and the camper, we have a huge yard but the house is a small rancher. Its not a problem for me as much as my husband who doesnt share my intense passion for animals. he 's fine with the hounds but we are trying to simplyfy at this stage in the game.


I began to think about a small dog, one that can be held and carried and be sweet and kind and my husband is willing if we can make the match work. It may not be this dog but thats what I want to see. He's sweet and kind and licks your face chase a ball and he's an adult who will be able to hold his own with big dogs. Ive already met him. Im worried about bring the hounds ionto a strange enviroment with a dog who may introduce himself by jumping. I want to make the meeting as smooth as possible.


do you suppose one at a time would be better??

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Why would you even consider a dog you're not "completely sold on"? I'd wait until there was a dog I was crazy about personally! Little dogs get snapped up from shelters WAY faster than larger dogs, so you don't need to worry about that dog finding a home.


If you do take your dogs there, bear in mind that it will be an incredibly stressful environment for the shelter dog, and your hounds may well be extremely stressed out as well.


You're not likely to get an accurate assessment of their potential behavior is what I'm trying to say.


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Yes i already know that. I asked them if they would allow a home visit and they said absolutely not, which I think is absurd but we wont go there.

When i said Im not sold on him.. I met I wont be sold on any dog unless he shows potential to get along with the hounds. I dont want it to be something I have to make happen.

It has to feel right to all involved so Im reserving judgment until after everyone, including my husband has a chance to meet him.

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Guest bellenzo

Is there a possibility you could foster a small dog to see how it works? I'm fostering a pug right now. It's been a year since I lost my pug and decided to volunteer to foster, with perhaps the intent of adopting if it goes well. A pug, of course, is a sturdy small dog, but I still keep her separated from Mila and Brutus when I'm gone. When I'm at home they get along great. (Although I think Mila takes offense at her presence :P) . So, I guess I'm saying it is possible and if you put all the right precautions in place, it can be quite rewarding.

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anything is possible , but I know spca fosters some dogs but mostly the special needs dogs. I asked a bout a home visit and they freaked out.

as it turns out I cant take the hounds tomorrow because they have to contact the vet to see about shots first its quite the process..


they said the husband doesnt need any shots to come..lol

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I'd not adopt a dog, with dogs already in my home, from anyplace that wouldn't let me introduce my existing animals to the new one first if that's what I desired. Yes, animals can be trained, but they are also smart and can help pick a good match.


When T came as a foster, we introduced everybody outside and if any of us felt it might not be a good match, he was going back with the people he came with. I realize many people adopt greyhounds, with some already at home, without being able to meet them first. But if the potential new dog is local, there's no reason to not be able to meet. Even at a shelter. Bring new dog outside to meet existing dogs, one at a time - exposes your dog to less crap if they don't have to go INTO the shelter.

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I'm really quite surprised at the severity of there rules.


My daughter adopted there 2 years ago twice and didnt have to jump through hoops like I am.


I didnt have to go through anythiing near this to adopt my hounds and I know that differes from place to place too.

the people that ive spoken too on the phone and in person are really quite snippy. i realizer im not adopting the people thannk goodness but you would think

a little people friendly attitude would be good in public service.


They probably have seen a lot of bad people and things happen to animals Im sure. so im trying to roll with it.


I will suggest we let the dogs meet outside first when they let me bring the dogs finally. i have to get the hounds distemper shots updated first on monday and they have to call the vet


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Hey Deb. What's the rush? Why don't you wait until you feel straight in your mind about everything. You have two dogs. Maybe as time goes on, you will just fall into a new dog situation.

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do you want a 6 month old iggy that just came my way? Owner did not do research on the breed and can't deal with him.


too late, I got him adopted!

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I think you need to let this dog go and go find an all breed rescue to work with so you can shop/foster/see more dogs. The two all breeds that I work with here are always struggling to get fosters and paying to board dogs. You could do a world of good just fostering while you are assessing things. If you don't want to commit to foster A then whe s/he gets adopted you get foster B. Repeat until you get the one you want.

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If you know what breed of small dog you'd like, try that breed-specific rescue. a lot of them have their dogs in foster homes, so know the personality of the little one and can match it up with your big ones better. And then they might be more flexible on meeting yours on neutral ground. Most of the breed specific rescue places are overflowing with dogs because of the horrible economy.


Good luck.



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Guest KsFrets

Craigslist is so full of dogs needing homes, it's almost overwhelming. Our small dog non gray (mutt) pack member came by way of abandoment when people moved away and left her to live under the porch of an empty house. We took her in to give her a warm place to stay, and get her cleaned up and healthy. Our intentions were to find her a good home. She was so good, and got along so well with our greyhounds, that we couldn't let her go. but we would have had that option had it not worked out so well.

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