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Blossom's Break Through Day.

Guest TeddysMom

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Guest TeddysMom

I am really amazed by Blossom. She has been here since Friday evening and has been avoiding us and hiding in her crate.


This morning I woke up to Mandy,Blossom and Spice staring at me from about 2 foot away. Of course when I moved Blossom ran back to the bedroom door. This afternoon I laid down on the bed to rest after working outside all morning, was watching Spencer and caught Blossom sneaking into the bedroom to lay on the dog bed closest to the door. I was so excited about that but then this evening we got done eating and DH started passing out cookies. Blossom was behind all the other dogs but she was there waiting for her turn. She still wouldn't take the cookie from him but when I held my arm out as far as I could, she did take it from me.


Even though everyone said she is more of a spook than Spice, I don't think she is. It took two months for Spice to start coming around. This is just wonderful. Here are a couple of pictures of her waiting her turn for a cookie. Isn't she beautiful?








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What a beautiful dog, and what a nicely matching collar too!

My nervous Peggy took about 2 weeks to warm to me and nearly 9 months to get on good terms with an elderly family member. They come around much more quickly in a group setting.

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Guest eaglflyt

She is stunning and I'm so happy that's she's starting to settle in so quickly. Good job! BTW, her collar is perfect on her. :inlove

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