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  1. My sweetest girl is gone. I've known this was coming - but in true Maggie form - she let me know it was time. If you'll bear with me, I'd like to share a few Maggie stories that I'll hold close forever. - For being a Florida girl, she sure hated wearing a coat. She just loved those first few cooler days of fall with the snap of crisp air. And she loved prancing around in the snow. naked. - She had an exceptionally high prey drive. Nothing under 27# (that was a big groundhog) was safe in our yard. Including birds. In her youth, she could take birds right out of the air as they would swoop down into our yard. As squirrels would run down the solid privacy fence and shake their tails at her, she'd make a big loop in the yard, pick up some speed and do a leaping body smash into the fence - because 50% of the time, the squirrel would fall on our side of the fence - and then they were hers. And she was so very proud of every kill. She'd deposit the carcass right by the door for me. Gruesome yes - but part of life with a high prey drive dog. - She was a meet and greet wonder. As people would be telling me how fearful they are of big dogs, Maggie would end up by the end of our conversation under their hand - they had been petting her for a few minutes and didn't even realize it! So much for the fear! - She loved to run. And she loved to be first. At greyhound playgroups, she was such an instigator for racing around the perimeter of the fencing. Even after all the hounds were thoroughly tired out, she'd still be trying to get them to go. And after playgroup was over and the humans were chatting as we gathered up our stuff, she'd lay down in exhaustion and not be willing to get up. Many times, I had to carry her to the car. She did so love to run. Dick (dmdsmoxie) was kind enough to look at the racing comments on greyhound-data and give me some insight as to what kind of a racer she was. He wrote this: "Maggie ran 65 races all at JCKC. She didn't have much early speed and didn't really rush the turn. To run 65 races you have to be something and what she was, was a closer. She needed extra distance and it didn't take long for her to be moved to the longer 3/8th races. She could come from 7th or 8th to win at times, but getting 5th or 6th heading up the front stretch the first time gave her a better chance to be in the top two. In A and B she really needed to be 4th or better up the front stretch the first time to have a chance to win and as she got older she learned to break a little better and was able to do that and more at times. She was a dog that was always trying." Thank you Pam Davis for getting my girl out of that hellhole, JCKC. The stars must have aligned perfectly. The work that you all did there was truly amazing and God-ful. This photo was taken by my very talented friend, Tricia Goode. It is my very favorite and was taken at GIG a few years ago. My sweet girl was all heart. And she took a huge hunk of mine with her. Love ya forever my sassy girl.
  2. Tricia and Burke - I'm so very sorry. Murray was always such a perfect gentleman when Maggie and I would see you all out and about. You were the home he needed. GodSpeed sweet Murray.
  3. How the stars aligned so that you two found each other! You were perfect for each other and perfect together. What a wonderful life he had with you. Lots of comfortable snoozes, homemade yummy treats, vacations to see his friends at GIG, lavished in your love. Both of you blessed to have each other. I will miss sweet Magic. Maggie will miss her guy. The stars were so bright last night. I think they were welcoming one of their own home. GodSpeed Magic.
  4. Hubba Hubba!!!!!! He is one tall drink of water Toni! What a looker! And he sounds sweet as can be. So glad you two found each other. YEAH! to Marilyn for the great matchmaking. Many wishes for lots of fun adventures together!!
  5. Just seeing this and catching up. So glad sweet Joe is home and feeling better. Hope he continues to improve!
  6. Judy - I'm so very sorry. GodSpeed handsome boy.
  7. An ACL thingy wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. Maggie had a partial ACL tear a few years ago and recovered beautifully. Hope she's on the mend soon. Wishing you and your girly a quiet night. I'm glad you gave us the OBU (opened beer update). Just leaving it unattended - like, abandoning it - could be considered alcohol abuse punishable by stiff fines in some states.
  8. I'm so very sorry. Sweet George was one of the terrific characters I'd come back to check on even when I was a lurker. GodSpeed handsome boy.
  9. I'm so very sorry Pam. Poodle is one in a million. You two have seen a lot of life (and stray dogs)together. You two will be in my thoughts tomorrow. Prayers and hugs for you.
  10. I'm so very sorry Judy. Arrow has been a GT fav of mine for years. He will be so very missed. GodSpeed handsome boy.
  11. Many prayers said for sweet Tatum. Many hugs for you!
  12. Steve - I'm so very sorry. GodSpeed beautiful girl.
  13. I'm so very sorry Jay. GodSpeed sweet Pinky.
  14. Toni - I'm so very sorry. Sweet Get'Em - pirate-y-est greyhound of them all. GodSpeed handsome.
  15. Maggie says "BOOYAH!!!!" (chest thump) Sam says "poopcicles". But in reality, they eat Natural Balance duck and potato
  16. I'm so very sorry. What a sweet boy. GodSpeed dear Lazer.
  17. Sam, the wonder mutt, has grain allergies. He can't even indulge in a pizza crust. Poor guy. He's been on natural Balance Duck and Potato for about 3 years. No problems. Maggie likes it too. Both maintain weight well and have lovely poo.
  18. maggiespet


    Deb I'm so very sorry. I wish you and that big boy with the great grin could have had more time together. GodSpeed Lucas.
  19. Lene' , I'm so very sorry. GodSpeed sweet Rudy.
  20. I'm so very sorry. Bet that was one joyful reunion for Rickie and Dad. GodSpeed sweet Rickie.
  21. A complete tear (IIRC that would mean the leg is quite useless and hanging there) or a partial tear? Maggie had a partial and surgery was the recommended treatment. I researched a lot and talked to all my fav grey experts and with the exception of one vet in WV, all agreed that surgery was her best bet. But she isn't a good anesthesia candidate (Malignant hyperthermia) and the possibility of having the same thing happen to the other rear leg increases dramatically. I chose 6 months of rest followed by a re-assessment. She was crated or x-penned 24/7 except for potty breaks. I carried her up and down the 3 steps off our deck. And when she was really going stir crazy, I drugged her. This was going to be her best shot at recovery without anesthesia. And it worked. 3 more months of leash walking. Gradually longer walks. No off leash in my fenced yard for several more months. It worked for her. She now does zoomies and catches bunnies. Hope Ashe is feeling better soon.
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