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Finally - May Have An Answer For Cutie


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After 14 months, the answer to Cutie's skin lesions may be food allergy. He said this may be one that he will write up for the journals.


I've been cooking doggie stew for 3 weeks now and when the vet saw her today he said there is almost no active scaling on her ears. So, starting today she gets some hamburger along with her veggies and if that works we will actually add TOFU. If she can tolerate the tofu, we can start looking for a commercial diet.


My little Cutie weighed in at 49 pounds today, so keep your fingers crossed she can eat hamburger cause she sure needs it. :(




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OY. I have been there with the food intolerance and I know what a nightmare this is.

Hoping you got to the bottom of it and she tolerates the home cooked.



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My current foster dog was thought to have SLO. His nailbeds bled. No skin disturbance. Well after 4 months of SLO treatment without improvement and the development of lesions between the toes we took him to OSU. They diagnosed him with a food allergy! Who knew that bleeding toenail beds = food allergy in the greyhound world.


He does best on a veterinary prescription diet of kangaroo and oat. He does okay on the less expensive (still $50 for 28 pounds) Natural Balance Venison and Potato. We tried a step less expensive (Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream) but it again caused the bleeding after a few weeks.


Of course, your hound may be totally different than Desi -- but the Natural Balance Venison and Potato appears to be the most limited ingredient non-prescription food.


Hope this helps,



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