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Bland Diet For A Dog Who Won't Eat Rice?

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Enza has had loose pudding stools since yesterday and a lot of it. This morning, it was a combination of formed, pudding, and mucus and it reminded me of when she had giardia. She was given half of her normal breakfast and panacur, which I keep on hand as she had a bad bout of worms all last summer.


I want to give her the bland diet after fasting but she won't eat the rice. She will eat the chicken, she will eat the pills in the food, but will avoid the rice no matter what I put in it. Also, it never seems to help as it just comes out as rice.


I was thinking of giving her mashed potatoes and I am wondering if the instant boxed kind will work just as well. Mainly as I don't have potatoes in my house right and I know it's easier and also because it would be nice to have in my emergency stash for her.


(She also won't eat pumpkin anymore either.)



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Guest Speedhoundz

Yep, instant mashed will work. Kane had major diarrhea the past couple of weeks and he eventually stopped eating most of the rice but loved eating the chicken. I switched to instant mashed potatoes and he seemed to enjoy those better, plus it was less messy. Regular pasta (not whole wheat) would work as well, as Tuxsmom mentioned. Good luck!

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Guest Energy11
i use a combo of mashed boiled white potatoes, yams, turnips and chicken bullion when they turn their nose up to white rice. it works really well.


I LIKE that combo! Thanks for mentioning it!

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The Cheerios mentioned above work better for us than pasta, potatoes, oatmeal, etc. If dog is sensitive to wheat and rice both, sometimes I just give defatted meat and half a metamucil wafer.

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