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  1. One GRtB vendor. Other vendors there chose not to advertise through Greyhounds Reach the Beach® so we have no knowledge of how many.
  2. The main location for Greyhounds Reach the Beach® this year is the Hyatt Place in Dewey Beach. Inside will be vendors, speakers, a Wednesday night Social and vendor Open House, a Saturday night Greyhounds in Art show, and much more. Additional GRtB vendors will be located in the parking lot on the south side of the Hyatt, in Grotto Pizza (Dewey location) and one vendor will be located in the Rehoboth Beach Fire Hall. The Blessing of the Hounds will take place on the bay beach on the south side of the Hyatt. There will also be a parade down the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach. There will be Greyhou
  3. To clarify, Petsmart is not a vendor. Reps from their store in Rehoboth Beach will be there giving away freebies, such as doggy bags and coupons for a free Express bath to everyone registered for Greyhounds Reach the Beach® ($29 value). Additionally, the website for Greyhounds Reach the Beach® is www.GRtB.org.
  4. I am thinking about taking a much-needed vacation for about 10 days, likely in May but no plans have been made yet. I first want to see if it's even possible to plan a vacation and the number one priority is finding someone to watch my dogs in their home. I have a pet sitter, but with the length of time I will be away I would prefer to have the dogs go elsewhere and the petsitter come to the house just to take care of the cat. So, I am looking for one place with a fenced yard where Nola the borzoi-saluki can go to, and another home where Harkan the Italian greyhound can go. Nola is 8 yea
  5. Xan I do not have the words to properly express my condolences on Wabi's passing. I am so very sorry for the less of your special girl.
  6. Sorcha


    Adding my condolences on Ryan's passing.
  7. Sort of, there is Moist & Meaty. This is the only food my 14 year old greyhound will eat for breakfast, I prepare one pouch of it and top it with fresh-made scrambled eggs and whatever else I have around (turkey, bologna, etc.).
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