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  1. One GRtB vendor. Other vendors there chose not to advertise through Greyhounds Reach the Beach® so we have no knowledge of how many.
  2. The main location for Greyhounds Reach the Beach® this year is the Hyatt Place in Dewey Beach. Inside will be vendors, speakers, a Wednesday night Social and vendor Open House, a Saturday night Greyhounds in Art show, and much more. Additional GRtB vendors will be located in the parking lot on the south side of the Hyatt, in Grotto Pizza (Dewey location) and one vendor will be located in the Rehoboth Beach Fire Hall. The Blessing of the Hounds will take place on the bay beach on the south side of the Hyatt. There will also be a parade down the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach. There will be Greyhound Adventure bus tours. So forth and so on! There will be around 500 people in attendance. https://www.grtb.org
  3. To clarify, Petsmart is not a vendor. Reps from their store in Rehoboth Beach will be there giving away freebies, such as doggy bags and coupons for a free Express bath to everyone registered for Greyhounds Reach the Beach® ($29 value). Additionally, the website for Greyhounds Reach the Beach® is www.GRtB.org.
  4. Use Burt's Bee Hot Spot Spray and add Cod Liver Oil to his food. You don't need fancy "pet" cod liver oil, just get a bottle from your local pharmacy usually in the aisle with vitamins and supplements. Don't wrap or otherwise cover up the area, it needs air. Keeping it moist all the time will never allow it to heal. Just keep an eye on him for at least 10 minutes after applying.
  5. Aww Cleo, how I have loved you from afar since learning that you were "family". You were a "sister from another litter" to my beloved Tuna (Zealya), you and her had the same parents. Perhaps you will meet her now. My condolences.
  6. My deepest condolences on the passing of your beloved Tessa. She will remain forevermore in your heart. May memories of happier times help comfort you.
  7. Well, now the foster pup has it. Therefore, it's definitely something contagious between the dogs. No! I put up 6 and 1/2 foot reed fencing over the chain link so that won't happen anymore.
  8. No rawhide here! Well, however it happened I guess I will wash all bedding and the 'popular' toys.
  9. Thanks for the input. No outdoor birdbath, or bird feeder for that matter. Nothing inside, or outside, they could have gotten into. No other symptoms, just the worse diarrhea ever. Maybe I need to remove all dog toys and wash them, too? Eesh, that's got to be nearly 100 stuffies (toy baskets in 3 different rooms).
  10. Fintan the borzoi started with diarrhea last Thursday morning. Do you have any idea how disgusting it is to wash diarrhea off fur a furry borzoi butt?! Yuck. Then Harkan the Italian greyhound started having diarrhea Thursday evening. I withheld food from both for a day and a half, then fed them white rice and baked chicken breast. Fintan's diarrhea finally stopped yesterday, and Harkan's stopped today. This morning, Nola the borzoi-saluki started having diarrhea so I guess that means the foster puppy (saluki) will be next. This is the first time I have had one dog after the next come down with diarrhea. In the past it's just been an isolated case with one dog. How would this have happened? Only thing I can think of is the shared water bowl but it's changed daily.
  11. The reed fencing arrived, so glad I went with 6 and 1/2 ft tall. Tomorrow I put it up, wish me luck!
  12. Ordered fencing to put up temporarily until I can afford a permanent solution. It's reed fencing and each section is 13 ft. long and 6 and 1/2 ft. tall. I will use zip ties to secure it to the chain link fence. http://www.amazon.com/Gardman-R668-Reed-Fencing-long/dp/B000VYNKFC/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1384198246&sr=8-2&keywords=Gardman+r668
  13. Actually I need to extend my privacy fence which is in front of the chain link fence. I put up the section of privacy fence years ago, to block out that neighbor. I ran it as far as the huge bush because it is even taller than the privacy fence, plus that as all I could afford. The food dump was right where the privacy fence ends. Grrrr.
  14. 3greytjoys: I could not get a picture of the scene, it was too dark. I clean the yard of feces morning and evening, and there is no urine order. Only my IG barks, and I stay outside with him. When Fin and Nola are alone in the yard, they simply stand quietly at the gate waiting for me to bring them back in.
  15. MYSTERY SOLVED So, after early 5 hours at the e-vet, 6 x-rays and $600 the only thing that could be determined was that Fintan's stomach was distended with "amorphous granular material and gas" and no intestinal obstruction, no evidence of bloat. The simple answer was that Fin had more food than was expected in his stomach. Tonight about 1/2 hour after dinner, I put Fin and Nola in the backyard and went back inside for a few minutes to do dishes. I returned outside, called for them, and neither came which is highly unusual. I took a flashlight to search the dark areas of the yard and there, behind the Burning Bush, I found them gorging on something. I chased them away from the area, shined my flashlight on the ground and found a pile of food, mostly potatoes and something else that looked like a soup of vegetables in a white sauce. It had been dumped over the fence, right at the fence line with a neighbor, into my yard. The same neighbor who had tossed rotten tomatoes into my yard all summer, which Fintan found and ate if I did not find them first. I went over to talk to said neighbor, an elderly widower who is hard of hearing. I explained there was what appeared to be leftovers of dinner tossed over the fence onto my property. No, he said, I did not toss that food over the fence. Yes, I had my dinner (but he would not tell me what). I told him about the trip to the vet and the expense, that got his attention to the seriousness of the matter. However, he still did not admit it. There is no other way that food got into my yard. I picked up some of it as evidence, not sure why but felt I should, then threw down buckets of water to wash away the rest, then covered the whole area in straw. Who knows what he tossed over the fence last night.
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