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  1. One GRtB vendor. Other vendors there chose not to advertise through Greyhounds Reach the Beach® so we have no knowledge of how many.
  2. The main location for Greyhounds Reach the Beach® this year is the Hyatt Place in Dewey Beach. Inside will be vendors, speakers, a Wednesday night Social and vendor Open House, a Saturday night Greyhounds in Art show, and much more. Additional GRtB vendors will be located in the parking lot on the south side of the Hyatt, in Grotto Pizza (Dewey location) and one vendor will be located in the Rehoboth Beach Fire Hall. The Blessing of the Hounds will take place on the bay beach on the south side of the Hyatt. There will also be a parade down the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach. There will be Greyhound Adventure bus tours. So forth and so on! There will be around 500 people in attendance. https://www.grtb.org
  3. To clarify, Petsmart is not a vendor. Reps from their store in Rehoboth Beach will be there giving away freebies, such as doggy bags and coupons for a free Express bath to everyone registered for Greyhounds Reach the Beach® ($29 value). Additionally, the website for Greyhounds Reach the Beach® is www.GRtB.org.
  4. Here is that image as a Christmas card, and others. http://www.zazzle.com/greyhound+christmas+cards
  5. Use Burt's Bee Hot Spot Spray and add Cod Liver Oil to his food. You don't need fancy "pet" cod liver oil, just get a bottle from your local pharmacy usually in the aisle with vitamins and supplements. Don't wrap or otherwise cover up the area, it needs air. Keeping it moist all the time will never allow it to heal. Just keep an eye on him for at least 10 minutes after applying.
  6. Adorable! He looks so much like my Italian greyhound puppy who was a rescue and looks to me as though he may have some whippet in him.
  7. With baby Dex the Italian greyhound With Fintan the borzoi (who thinks he is a lap dog)
  8. Aww Cleo, how I have loved you from afar since learning that you were "family". You were a "sister from another litter" to my beloved Tuna (Zealya), you and her had the same parents. Perhaps you will meet her now. My condolences.
  9. He is just about the cutest puppy I have ever known, both in looks and personality. It's definitely a tie with Nola as a puppy.
  10. Here it is: Dex and Harkan Also ... Dex and Nola Dex and Fintan
  11. No photo of him with me yet, perhaps next weekend. The photos make him look large but he's a peanut. I have a photo of him standing next to my IG and he is half the size, it's on another computer so I will post it later. He weighs just under 6 pounds.
  12. This is Dexter who arrived last night. He is 10 weeks old and the most precious, lovable little thing! I am fostering him for the Sighthound Underground. I might become a first-time foster failure, after 13 years of fostering dogs. Just home from picking him up last night (midnight-ish!). I set up a x-pen next to my bed for him to sleep in and he settled right in. Shopping for his wardrobe at PetSmart today. He settled right into a dog bed someone conveniently left on the bottom shelf. Next we went to Plow & Hearth. Dex made himself at home. And proceeded to take a nap with the merchandise: Then took another nap when we arrived home: Now he is settled into his pen. "Goodnight" :
  13. Would you consider a young, smooth coat saluki from Qatar? I am fostering one for the Sighthound Underground and she might be what you are looking for. She and my borzoi are best buddies and play together while my 2 older dogs opt out of participating in their hijinx. She loves to cuddle up with me on the couch and is good as gold in the house (does not get into things, is house trained and crate trained, no separation anxiety). If you are interested, feel free to send me a message and I will tell you more about her. Sarah
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