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  1. I can't give Enza trazadone as it either makes her hyper/manic or she slides off the sofa in a stupefied zoned out nature. She's on Gapatein daily for years and never seen it really impact her but lordy trazadone is terrifying to watch.
  2. Ironic I found this as we are pretty sure my girl has the same issue. It swelled up under her tongue yesterday, but it's significantly better today.
  3. Enza also has the issue with her spine. I know when the issue has flared up when she starts limping and a combination of gapabentin and muscle relaxers gets her over the bump. It was explained to me that it's similar to our legs going to sleep.
  4. Thanks. Makes sense - will need to figure out how to do the small meals, but in retrospect I did think I had made her breakfast rather large. And have a good three days left of Flagyl so hoping it will get us over the hump to kibble.
  5. It's been seemingly a long time since I've posted, but of course it's a frustrating problem that drives me back. For about two weeks, Enza has been on a bland diet. She was sedated and that seems to have thrown her off. After a round of flagyl and homemade bland food (potatoes, chicken, etc), she firmed up and I started transitioning her back to kibble (Nature's Domain Salmon and potato which she has been perfect on for years). But she went from sort of firm to almost liquid in two day. Called the vet and we went for another round of Flagyl, added back in the probiotic that I was remiss in giving with every meal, and tried the I/D canned. That was Sunday and perfect poops for two days. So I added in a 1/4 cup of her kibble to start the transition again...and her poop this afternoon was once again trending soft and a bit of mucus. I admit it's been almost four years (lucky me!) since I've had to do this. So...did I start the transition to early? Is this normal and she will adjust since it's been so long without kibble? Or is it time to switch foods after three years. And that of course leads to the whole issue of "what kibble now"....
  6. It took Enza almost 24 hours. And now we have this awesome UTI to deal with. Really, really regretting the MRI that didn't change one damn thing.
  7. Thanks, guys. I feel better and will keep an eye on her.
  8. For the first time in the six years I've hard her, Enza was put under anesthesia for an MRI on Wednesday. She came out of it fine and by last night was back to her happy, stuffie shredding self. However, she is needing to pee a lot more despite not drinking. She needed to go out every two-three hours all through the night and I am exhausted. Is this just normal after anesthesia?
  9. I just opened a new bag and Enza has been fine. Which doesn't help you.
  10. I know VOSM does hydro therapy and I think Jen used them for that. They are awesome if only for the very large beds in each room....
  11. Find out where you can walk your dog inside - Pet stores, local stores etc. Or if you only do yard turn outs, start taking them for walks around the neighborhood. Enza is so desperate to get inside that we pretty much end up running the few blocks.
  12. Giardia does smell pretty bad and it could be slimy on occasion. If you're concerned she picked up something, might be worth a round or two of panacur.
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