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Guest KennelMom

So....I drive up to Project Racing Home last Saturday to drop off charmsmom's boy Cash. We are NOT looking for another dog...I don't even go back to the kennel to LOOK at the dogs. I stay up front and chitchat with the kennel director for a few minutes since I haven't seen her in ages. I'm telling her about the past year and all the changes we've had. The heartbreak with the Podengos but, despite being a difficult decision, it was the best one for our pack and our life. I said that we weren't looking to adopt again for a really long time but that I've learned to never say never. Because the second you do, a dog comes along that needs you more than you don't need to add another dog. :P Pretty much at this point, any adoption would have to entail a group contacting us to adopt a specific dog they couldn't place anywhere else.


She brightens up and says that she has a dog she's considering a kennel resident at this point b/c she's going to be virtually impossible to place. She's already bounced from experienced greyhound people who've dealt with shy dogs in the past. The dog needs a large pack and owners with spook experience who are patient to let her blossom at her own speed. Hmmm......this dog's needs are sounding an awful lot like a family I happen to know :blush I figured it wouldn't hurt to meet her real quick :rolleyes: Yeah right. I tell the kennel director that I'd talk to DH and we'd let her know...


On my way to my sister's house I called DH. It went like this:

Me: Soooooooo.....<kennel director> has this dog that's been waiting a 1 1/2 years to be adopted. Bounced once. Spook. Pretty much a kennel resident at this point. She asked if we'd be interested since our family is what she thinks this dog needs.

DH: Bring her home.

Me: Um....are you sure? Do you want to think about it for a 1/2 second or so?

DH: I don't need to. This is what we do. These are the dogs that we are supposed to help. Bring her home. There's a reason I fell in love with Leroy (Cash)...he was here to open my heart up to the idea of adopting another greyhound. And here is the greyhound we are supposed to adopt.

Me: OK! I'll stop by tomorrow on my way home (the kennel is three hours away and I was staying w/my sis for the night to visit).


So....Sunday morning I filled out the paperwork to adopt our new girl! Idy (probably changing but to what we have no idea...Ken is liking the name Venus). She's doing really well...much better than I anticipated. She follows the pack out to the yard and back into the house. She follows them at feeding time into the detached garage. She found a bed in the bedroom that she feels safe on so she lays in there and comes out every once in a while to check things out...usually when another hound goes in to check on her she'll follow them out. She lets us approach her v.e.r.y. slowly but it'll be a long time I think before she comes to us. That's Ok...she has the next 12 or so years to work things out ;)


I don't have a ton of pics yet b/c the camera flash freaks her out. Here's one from the ride home and one of the resident hounds meeting their new sister. She's so tiny! I think she's the shortest dog in our pack (and we have some small greyhounds!)






Even when you aren't looking...sometimes the right dog finds you anyway. :)

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Guest momto3greys
Awwwwwww, she looks so worried. Don't worry sweetie. You are in a good place. Please update as she progresses Heather. Spooks are the best.




Congrats. She is absolutely adorable.

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Guest MomoftheFuzzy

Very cool. She's beautiful! I'll be anxious to hear about her updates and progress (and we all know there will be progress.) :)


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Congrats to her and you!!!



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Guest wmlcml6

Congratulations. Did "Venus" ever race? If so, what's her racing name? Just curious. She is a doll baby and hopefully being with your confident pack can help her blossom.

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Guest greydogluvr
:wub: Your DH. :wub:


What a man!


She is adorable.


I agree. What a wonderful person and a beautiful girl. What a special bunch you all are.

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OMG. She's got eyes that melt my soul. :wub: Welcome to heaven on earth, little girl. :confetti

Jeanne with Remington & Scooter the cat
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! She is a Beauty. :wub::wub::wub: She could never be in a better home, you and Ken are her Angels!!! Thanks so Much for helping another baby, and I am sure she will come out real soon with you two around. :confetti:confetti:bounce1:colgate

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Heather she is GORGEOUS! Congratulations!! I'm so pleased, I got all teary-eyed when I read the conversation you had with your DH.


:wub: Your DH. :wub:


What a man!


I second that!!!!!!! :clap :clap


ETA - I think Venus is a beautiful name for her. :wub:

Edited by merlinsmum


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Guest DoofBert

Congratulations....And, yes, I know the feeling of having a GH that needs you land right in your lap.


We'll look forward to more Venus photos.

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