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  1. I've just turned my attention to this vacation and I'm so excited! Thank you to Jen and Laura for being cruise directors.
  2. We pulled the trigger and went with Healthy Paws for Rally Roo. Thanks for the stories.
  3. searching for the rescue button now.... Thank you for these stories. It's nice to see it's a bit more clear what they will pay. It is always a craps shoot knowing what our reimbursement will be from VPI. Researching when the rates start to go up, at what age to.
  4. I know we hash this topic out every few months but I'm gonna start this topic again anyway. And no, I'm not interested in starting a savings account for her rather than buying insurance. I have used VPI for years and we've had no major issues with using them. It's time to insure our newbie and everyone sings the praises of Healthy Paws. But I mean why is it $10 a month better than VPI. Do they have a better pay out for claims? In doing my reading it seems Healthy Paws basically asks no questions once you get past the $250 deductible. Is that for real? They must have price limits to
  5. Have you thought about it being in his head? Psychogenic Polydipsia?
  6. Thought I'd wish you a happy birthday here too!

  7. Damn it. I have no idea where the emotis work or don't work... anyway, Hi :)

  8. Wow, you're so popular! Lookit how many folks wanna stare at you!

    Love the new siggie pic, btw. :)

  9. More stalking you fascinating woman!

  10. You have been stalked...

  11. What vet do you use? I have my close to me vet for the usual suspects but I drive to Great Falls Animal Hospital whenever I see something where I think experience with multiple greys is of benefit. I love my regular vet and think he's the best but he also understands my need to see Dr. Kellogg for special cases, particularly a limp or feet stuffs. Corns can be hidden up in the toe pad and not be visible. Have you squeezed each of her digits both at the pad and above to look for any discomfort? I'm thinking corn or joint injury when I ask this. thinking positive thoughts for Celest
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