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  1. I've just turned my attention to this vacation and I'm so excited! Thank you to Jen and Laura for being cruise directors.
  2. We pulled the trigger and went with Healthy Paws for Rally Roo. Thanks for the stories.
  3. searching for the rescue button now.... Thank you for these stories. It's nice to see it's a bit more clear what they will pay. It is always a craps shoot knowing what our reimbursement will be from VPI. Researching when the rates start to go up, at what age to.
  4. I know we hash this topic out every few months but I'm gonna start this topic again anyway. And no, I'm not interested in starting a savings account for her rather than buying insurance. I have used VPI for years and we've had no major issues with using them. It's time to insure our newbie and everyone sings the praises of Healthy Paws. But I mean why is it $10 a month better than VPI. Do they have a better pay out for claims? In doing my reading it seems Healthy Paws basically asks no questions once you get past the $250 deductible. Is that for real? They must have price limits to
  5. I also caught my breath when I saw the title. So glad he was treatable and has come through it so well. Look forward to seeing you on Saturday!
  6. We had a situation similar to yours. I'm not one to freak out over things but it isn't a bad idea to at least start contact with the Lexus Project to get ideas for handling the situation, not because you need to get Charlie out of there. Glad you are taking him to the vet because cats bites are ugly. What we did: We took our grey to the vet immediately and he had to be sedated to clean up the wounds. (They joked his entire life that he was attacked by a cougar rather than that he picked up a house cat). We checked out the laws in our jurisdiction and even though he was on lead and the cat
  7. I think you're right. I just need someone to say that. I've had old dogs for so long that a misstep looks like LS immediatley.
  8. My slightly over 2 year old hound is a wonderful healthy spry girl. She never was able to grade into a track and race professionally. Her back toes don't seem to spread out as much as normal greyhound feet. To my untrained eye it's like her webbing isn't long enough so the toes never fully extend. That is the preface to: In the past month or maybe a bit more I have seen her drop her back leg as she's walking. It happens very randomly and will only happen once (that I see) and then it won't happen again for days or weeks. It looks like a hip drop and she drags her toenail. Because I've had old
  9. Oh no. I'm just seeing this thread. I'm so sorry to see this. Hugs to you and Meg and kisses to Declan.
  10. I was going to stay out of this, but your dog is beginning to sound like one of my dogs. She was fostered in an active young adult home. No other dogs or animals but lots of activity and comings and goings and house guests. She started showing signs of anxiety by biting at a hand that approached her while she was on her bed. It progressed when this wasn't addressed to her jumping off her bed to snap at a person as they walked by her bed. It culminated in her jumping onto the couch and biting a house guest who startled her while she was sleeping. He went to the ER. The thing about this
  11. Have you thought about it being in his head? Psychogenic Polydipsia?
  12. My girl Salem was B-12 deficient. The vet suspected IBD. The thing is his body isn't processing food or absorbing food correctly to get the B-12. There is probably something underlying. Not trying to scare you at all but ask why he is deficient. The shots do seem to help them feel better.
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