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My Handsome Man, Profile 6/5/95-1/12/07


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I know not many may remember my handsome man because I don't post here often, but I lost part of my heart on Friday. See you soon, lovey-boy.





Edited by NanLassiter

Nancy and Simon Dunne, with Clown and Daisy in Greenville,

SC....but missing West Yorkshire summat chronic! uk.gif

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OMG Nan, I am so sorry. That movie was beautiful and what a perfect song. I remember all your past movies :)


<p>Finn, Wink, Birdie, Snap and SmokeyJG Quicknfast 7/25/99-5/16/08, JG Quickwink 7/25/99-9/22/13, Iruska SweetDuv 7/19/03-11/9/16, Delbar 6/11/11 and Catahoula Smokey
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Guest argolola

I remember your pups and your movies. May God bless you and heal your broken heart.


Godspeed Profile. You are loved.

Edited by argolola
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Guest VaGreymom

Nan, I am so very sorry. Your tribute was beautiful, tears on this end. You have some lovely memories of that precious boy.


Run Free Profile.



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I am so sorry for your loss. You'll keep him in your heart forever.

From Wisconsin -- It's Nancy, Bob, Carla, June Bug and our newby Skorch.... along with Buffy. She's the little hound that meows.

With loving memorials to K.C., Barko and Major Turn -- all playing at the bridge.

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Guest DogDayzGreyz

I feel so lucky that I was able to meet Profile last march and know what a truely special boy he was and will always be.


Peace be with you, Nan, our loving choice is never our easy choice but it's the only one our friends would have us make.



God Speed, Profile. :f_white



Love you, Nan!

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Guest jeannejj

Nan, I am so sorry for your loss of Profile. I know how hard that final act of love is. It's always hard to say goodbye to a beloved friend.


Run free, sweet Profile.




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