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    Boating, Gardening, & Therapy Dog activities my Hounds Gus & Cricket.

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  1. Could you please change which loop you are hanging the dog tags from on Pachi's collar? Tags should not hang from the same loop as where you attach the leash. They are better placed on one of the side loops, where the collar does not tighten. It is all too easy for the tags on the collar to catch on something, and if you have attached them to the ring that tightens the collar, then it can be dangerous for your new girl. It's so nice to hear how you are enjoying Pachi. She's beautiful!
  2. Sasha has just blossomed under your love & care - and I can tell, this is the start, of many adventures to come! Congratulations! It's amazing you have come so far with Sasha in such a short amount of time.
  3. At what times are you feeding your hounds? You really can help regulate when they have to go by knowing how long they take to digest their meals. Can you increase the morning walk to 30 minutes? That extra ten minutes of activity could help get things moving for your boy. If not, try a combination of jogging and walking with the dogs. I have found for bonding, there is nothing better than a good group obedience class. I've taken almost every Greyhound I've adopted to classes. It is fun for the dogs and it teaches them to look to you for guidance. Having them learn to obey you in distracting situations around strange dogs and people, and getting a solid recall are important. You can not duplicate this type of learning situation at home.
  4. Just how much time is this dog spending in a crate? Some dogs do not have the physical ability to hold it for over 6-8 hours (a dog door, going to a fenced in area solves this problem for most). What feeding schedule do you have her on? You can regulate when she has to poop by when you feed a dog. Could you let us know what her schedule is like for feeding, walks and turnouts?
  5. I've decided it's time to start watching a new Greyhound. I lost my wonderful Capt. Gus in Late March, to Osteo, and now I have two girls in the house. Miss having a boy. I have always been a sucker for the big galoots. Not ready to add to my pack at the moment, as I am busy getting my girl Casper Therapy Dog certified, so she can take over the good that Gus was doing at the time of his death. I have my eyes on a big boy racing with Velocity at Daytona. So I plan to follow his career, and see if he's meant to be me in the end ... His name is Castor's Courage, and he's a huge mostly white boy. He's a riot to watch race as he is so large, he makes the other dogs look almost like whippets. IF he applies himself, he has a huge stride and could most likely win most of his races ... so I think he'll be racing awhile. He raced last on May 4th, Evening Race 1 - (if anyone would like to see him in action) ... placed a 2nd. Is anybody going to Daytona who would like to do a grey-stalking for me? I'd love to get a couple clear pictures of him - it's hard to see much detail when they are screaming around a race track.
  6. Thanks Elizabeth .... I hadn't been able to bring myself to post here. I'm just too shattered.
  7. Tricia & Burke - I am so sorry to hear of Murray's passing. I'll remember him always & do be comforted knowing he's now running on the winds with Bea! You'll feel him in the warmth of the sunshine, and the gentle caresses of the breeze. The stars that shine so brightly at night - as gained another dog star. Hugs across the miles to you both.
  8. You've done a wonderful job of kissing all the color off of her face! Welcome!
  9. Oh no ..... I'm so very sorry to hear this. Hugs to her family.
  10. Cricket (Solitary Tremble) was my W&W hound. She is a litter mate to our Capt. Gus (Solitary Trigger). She raced until she "aged out" at Daytona - at age 5 1/2! Needless to say, we waited quite awhile to have her retire once we found her. But in the mean time, we fostered many greyhounds .... holding that "spot" open in our home for her. Watching and waiting kept us from adopting our fosters, too ... knowing that Cricket would some day come home to us. She's been here three years now. The first night home she slept roached between my husband and myself, I honestly think she knew it was all good! Funny thing - Gus came to use with the most unusual dog language I've ever heard come out of a Greyhound, and Cricket speaks it too. You can tell they are brother and sister, even though their personalities are very different. Cricket (Solitary Tremble) Capt. Gus (Solitary Trigger)
  11. Has it been three years already? How time flies. Sending hugs on this sad anniversary. Jilly was such a treasure we enjoyed getting to "know" over the years!
  12. I can't even imagine the pain of losing three in such a short time. Sending hugs across the miles to you. Run fast and free - CeeCee!
  13. So sorry to read this. I think we all came to know your lovely Spriet over the years here. Sending hugs across the miles to you.
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