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  1. Ginny is getting better but we are still waiting for the leg to heal. It’s a pretty deep wound so it will take some time.
  2. Rickiesmom, yes, absolutely. We are pursuing all options you mentioned.
  3. The main problem is that our chemo treatment is now delayed and she has only had two rounds so far. The oncologist is advising us that there is no guarantee the next chemo treatment will be tolerated any better and we don't want to put her through this again. Also, she wouldn't be get it anyway until the foot is healed. We are meeting with another oncologist next Friday to get a second opinion.
  4. This is what Ginny’s leg looks like now. https://i1243.photobucket.com/albums/gg545/borcho22/558DA744-1F9A-459D-B30D-60C45806C9F0_zps2l3enmno.jpeg The swelling is almost gone but she’s still avoiding putting any weight on it. The scab is about ready to peel off. We have been taking her to hbot treatments for about 17 days and I think they helped quite a bit. The wound has been very clean.
  5. I have no experience with high elevations but judging by my dogs, your boy may need more time to adjust to a new place. You could try to keep him on a schedule (breakfast, dinner, walks, etc at the same time) so that he knows what to expect throughout the day.
  6. She cannot put much weight on the leg so walking is even more challenging. We have to help her all the time. The lower portion of the foot remains very swollen. The wound is no longer increasing in size, there is some dead tissue that is white and parts of it have turned black. The affected area is approx 3.5” down her leg and it ends at the hock. We met with the surgeon on Saturday and he basically told us that we need to wait a little bit longer to see whether the necrotic tissue will need debridement or it will peel on its own. He believes the swelling is partially a result of blood vessel damage and it will come down as her body figures out new routes for the blood to travel. She may need bandages for weeks once the dead tissue comes off. We had x-rays done last week and her lungs are clear. Otherwise, it would have made absolutely no sense to keep her around. That being said, she still enjoys things like car rides, food, and laying in the grass. If any of you are doing chemo, insist that they use an IV catheter and not a butterfly needle to minimize the chance of this happening to your dog.
  7. NeylasMom, thank you for the suggestions. We will try the gel. We started her on hbot 2x a day plus cold laser once a day. She is tolerating the sessions fine. Today is day 3 and it's still early to tell whether it's helping. We are dealing with a full-blown extravasation and it's very tough on the dog. Her foot is very painful and swollen and she has large ulcers. We have to help her to get around on 2 legs. Hopefully, she won't need debridement surgery.
  8. I sent you a private message with details. We haven’t received the wheels yet so I’d rather not promote a product we haven’t tried.
  9. Thank you for the good wishes. GreytMom, could you tell me more about your experience? What were the initial symptoms and how long did it take for any ulcers/drainage to appear? Ginny's ankle was very swollen for about 5 days. It's day 9 now and the swelling is almost gone. However, a small patch of skin on her leg is getting very irritated. The skin is red and the fur looks a bit crusty. We noticed that she started licking it and we put a sock on to protect it. The oncologist has been taking it quite seriously. We have been in touch every day or two. She had us come in on Friday. She believes the wound is just a superficial irritation from licking and prescribed an antibiotic ointment. The leg doesn't look that bad right now but we certainly hope it won't get any worse. I am posting a picture for your reference.
  10. Thank you all for your suggestions and good wishes! TwiggysMom, Twiggy's story is an inspiration. Ginny looks so much like Twiggy in the pictures (except she is missing the wrong leg). She lives for her walks. Running in the yard is no substitute. She is still frustrated because we cannot go her usual routes but she cannot walk very long yet She takes very frequent breaks and just stands for a quite a while. We ordered the front wheels for her. Hopefully they will allow her to enjoy longer walks.
  11. The leg is still painful but it is less swollen. Hopefully, it won’t get any worse. As a precaution, the techs will use IV catheters only going forward.
  12. No change today. We have been in touch with the oncologist as well as dr. Couto. It seems that it’s some sort of an inflammation. If it’s drug extravasation, we will have to wait and see whether it gets worse. She’s on painkillers and antibiotics in the meantime. Also hot compresses every few hours. The oncologist is following up with the nursing staff to find out what kind of catheter was used for the infusion etc.
  13. We went to the vet as soon as we saw the swelling, and we just updated the oncologist. I believe you are right. There are some cases where Carboplatin caused significant damage in greyhounds. I’ll try to get them to have the oncologist call us.
  14. The oncologist who is in charge of her treatment wasn’t in that day so the vet spoke to her on the phone. The oncologist said this drug doesn’t leak out and cause tissue damage. They also recommended hot compresses - I assume to improve blood circulation. I had the surgeon (who happened to be there) look at it and he said it’s most likely a blood vessel inflammation. He wasn’t very concerned.
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