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  1. We have a 5 year old female greyhound that we adopted back in May that tested positive for hookworms in June. She has been on Drontal plus every month and we also treat her with Advantage multi two weeks after the Drontal. Our vet (who has been the local greyhound adoption group vet for years) feels that the dog should continue to be treated indefinitely. She also mentioned she went to a conference that discussed the drug resistant strains of hookworms in greyhounds & that was the expert's recommendation. I trust our vet but I don't understand why we should just assume that we are dealing
  2. If anyone needs a doggy wheelchair, we are about to donate ours back to Eddie's wheel so that they can give it to someone. It was fitted for a 65 lb front leg osteo amputee.
  3. Thank you for your responses. Ginny passed away in her sleep this evening.
  4. Our 9 year old greyhound is 10 months post amputation due to osteo. She was just diagnosed with a very large lung mass that does not look like a typical lung tumor (we did x-rays, ultrasound and a ct scan). The rad report describes it as a single homogenous primarily fat attenuating mass. Does anyone have any experience with something like this? The vets we spoke to thus far can only tell us is that it's highly unusual. They don't believe it's a primary lung tumor or a matastatic cancer caused by the osteo. We are meeting with our regular surgeon for his opinion on Friday. Our oncologist is un
  5. I asked them to perform an ultrasound when they did the ct scan but the equipment or the tech wasn’t available at that time and Ajax wouldn’t let them turn him on his back when he woke up so we will probably try again next time. The CT scan covered the entire body - they didn’t see anything wrong with the organs - he had a blemish on the liver that may or may not be something and they suspect a nodule in his lungs but again those often appear in numbers. There is no question in my mind that this is terminal but I’m trying to figure out whether there is anything we can do about the swelling to
  6. Our 12 year old greyhound is unfortunately going through a medical emergency. He has some sort of a mass around his 9th rib and despite an x ray, a ct scan and a biopsy - we don’t have a definitive answer to what it is exactly and suddenly it has created a large swelling. We have already reached out to dr. Couto and he hasn’t had a chance to respond but perhaps someone here has had a similar experience. Back in July it started with a small hard bump on the rib. It was under the muscle and we were immediately concerned because it felt attached to the rib (it wouldn’t move). I was worried it cou
  7. Ginny is getting better but we are still waiting for the leg to heal. It’s a pretty deep wound so it will take some time.
  8. Rickiesmom, yes, absolutely. We are pursuing all options you mentioned.
  9. The main problem is that our chemo treatment is now delayed and she has only had two rounds so far. The oncologist is advising us that there is no guarantee the next chemo treatment will be tolerated any better and we don't want to put her through this again. Also, she wouldn't be get it anyway until the foot is healed. We are meeting with another oncologist next Friday to get a second opinion.
  10. This is what Ginny’s leg looks like now. https://i1243.photobucket.com/albums/gg545/borcho22/558DA744-1F9A-459D-B30D-60C45806C9F0_zps2l3enmno.jpeg The swelling is almost gone but she’s still avoiding putting any weight on it. The scab is about ready to peel off. We have been taking her to hbot treatments for about 17 days and I think they helped quite a bit. The wound has been very clean.
  11. I have no experience with high elevations but judging by my dogs, your boy may need more time to adjust to a new place. You could try to keep him on a schedule (breakfast, dinner, walks, etc at the same time) so that he knows what to expect throughout the day.
  12. She cannot put much weight on the leg so walking is even more challenging. We have to help her all the time. The lower portion of the foot remains very swollen. The wound is no longer increasing in size, there is some dead tissue that is white and parts of it have turned black. The affected area is approx 3.5” down her leg and it ends at the hock. We met with the surgeon on Saturday and he basically told us that we need to wait a little bit longer to see whether the necrotic tissue will need debridement or it will peel on its own. He believes the swelling is partially a result of blood vessel
  13. NeylasMom, thank you for the suggestions. We will try the gel. We started her on hbot 2x a day plus cold laser once a day. She is tolerating the sessions fine. Today is day 3 and it's still early to tell whether it's helping. We are dealing with a full-blown extravasation and it's very tough on the dog. Her foot is very painful and swollen and she has large ulcers. We have to help her to get around on 2 legs. Hopefully, she won't need debridement surgery.
  14. I sent you a private message with details. We haven’t received the wheels yet so I’d rather not promote a product we haven’t tried.
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