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  1. They aren't sure about a cause. They think something got in her eye then the infection spread to behind it, as this all started with a red and itchy eyeball. It's been a very scary and stressful few weeks, but I'm glad things seem to be getting better. They're testing the bacteria that oozed out to make sure we're on the right antibiotic. Thanks everyone for the concern and well wishes!
  2. Update: The bump was tested and found to be a bad infection. She is on antibiotics. Last night, the bump popped. We took her to the vet where they drained the fluid out of it. She's feeling much better with all that fluid out of her head. Now she's enjoying warm compresses and extra love until she's healed up. The first picture is the bump before it popped, and the second is it after it's been drained and has been oozing fluid.
  3. Her vet was closed because it was the weekend. She has an appointment with her regular vet. I'm going to ask if they can do an aspiration. The first vet said they could but it would likely not be as good as a CT Scan, which was quoted to be only a bit more expensive. I'm going to reset and talk to her regular vet and see what can be done.
  4. Hi everyone! I was hoping to get some advice or personal experience stories regarding our girl, Bailey. A few weeks ago, we noticed her eye was a little red and swollen. It was the weekend, so I took her to the only vet I could find open. They thought it was conjunctivitis and prescribed some eye drops. Within the day, it blew up to the size you see in the first picture. She was sensitive to the touch, wouldn't chew on that side of her mouth, was itching her eye, super low on energy, etc. As it wasn't getting any better, I took her to the eye vet, where they performed some tests and an examination. This vet said it was an infection behind the eye, causing the eye to swell shut and causing pain on that side of her face. They prescribed a steroid (prednisone) and an antibiotic (Cephilexa). Almost immediately after taking the medication, her eye seemed to respond well and she started to get her spirit back. After a few days on the medication, her eye appeared to go back to normal. She took the medication for as long as prescribed. Once the mediation was done, it was about two or three days when we noticed a bump above her eye, right around her temple (Second and third picture). It feels like a hard lump, about the size of a marble (kind of hard to see in the pictures). She's not sensitive to the touch, seems to have her energy and spirit, and is eating just fine. I took her back to the eye vet to clarify what the lump was. This time, they're not sure -- they suggested we do another round of medication (antibiotics and steroid) and see if it goes away. Or we can do a CT scan to find out what exactly is going on. Does anybody have any similar experiences? She's only a year and a half old (she was a oopsie litter puppy) and has never had a dental. The vet checked her teeth and said they looked fine upon initial examination, however did mention she would need to put Bailey to sleep to get a better examination.
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