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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone! I was hoping to get some advice or personal experience stories regarding our girl, Bailey. A few weeks ago, we noticed her eye was a little red and swollen. It was the weekend, so I took her to the only vet I could find open. They thought it was conjunctivitis and prescribed some eye drops. Within the day, it blew up to the size you see in the first picture. She was sensitive to the touch, wouldn't chew on that side of her mouth, was itching her eye, super low on energy, etc. As it wasn't getting any better, I took her to the eye vet, where they performed some tests and an examination. This vet said it was an infection behind the eye, causing the eye to swell shut and causing pain on that side of her face. They prescribed a steroid (prednisone) and an antibiotic (Cephilexa). Almost immediately after taking the medication, her eye seemed to respond well and she started to get her spirit back. After a few days on the medication, her eye appeared to go back to normal. She took the medication for as long as prescribed. Once the mediation was done, it was about two or three days when we noticed a bump above her eye, right around her temple (Second and third picture). It feels like a hard lump, about the size of a marble (kind of hard to see in the pictures). She's not sensitive to the touch, seems to have her energy and spirit, and is eating just fine. I took her back to the eye vet to clarify what the lump was. This time, they're not sure -- they suggested we do another round of medication (antibiotics and steroid) and see if it goes away. Or we can do a CT scan to find out what exactly is going on. Does anybody have any similar experiences? She's only a year and a half old (she was a oopsie litter puppy) and has never had a dental. The vet checked her teeth and said they looked fine upon initial examination, however did mention she would need to put Bailey to sleep to get a better examination.
  2. I just noticed this...extra vein type thing in her one eye in the sun yesterday. I went back through pictures and it's been there since we got her a month and a half ago. From what I can tell from the pictures, it hasn't changed, but I also don't normally take pictures of just her eyes! Is this a normal thing, or is it something to be worried about? Thank you! IMG_9167 In the sun IMG_9181 Dark outside today, so used a flashlight to illuminate.
  3. We noticed this Saturday night. Ady Bea is now 7 & 1/2 years old. <3
  4. As the thread title says... Brooks and Kali were on a walk last night when our neighbor's cat dashed across his path. Brooks pulled just hard enough to get his mouth on the cat. It was a quick tussle and the cat was gone up a tree. Lucky for the cat, Brooks's teeth are so worn down there was no broken skin and apparently no damage done. Brooks had five wounds, most of them apparently puncture wounds around his muzzle and eye (nothing close enough to the eye that I felt the e-vet was necessary). He immediately started dripping blood but it stopped just as quickly. I got him home, washed with soap & water, slapped some 3ab ointment on it, and figured I'd know more in the morning. This AM, everything looks good except the puncture above the eye. Here he is with both eyes closed, note the swelling above his left eye. note swelling above and around eye And here he is with both eyes open: technically, just one eye He also hasn't had breakfast yet (normally by 5:45am he's practically enunciating the words "feed me") and here we are at 8am but he's barely flinched. So, this is definitely a vet visit this morning, right? What's the likely treatment plan and how much should I be worried about his vision?
  5. Hi everyone, I've had Winnie for about a year now, and I've noticed that her skin color changes throughout the day, regardless of temperature or season. It almost looks like she blushes at times, especially in the evening or after dinner. She has a bit of a bald bum, tummy and throat and her fur is white, so it's pretty noticeable when she gets pink or red. Her third eyelids can also get very red at times, and then get back to normal. She has no sign of infection whatsoever, and was recently diagnosed as low thyroid -even though she has no symptoms at all, apart from her bald bum. She's totally hyper, and seems to be permanently hot. Should I be cncerned about that? Is there anyone else out there with a similar experience? Thanks!
  6. I've noticed that my girl Misty always has some eye "goop" since I got her. Only small amount of discharge, but everyday, especially when she wakes up. Usually the discharge becomes dry and brown. Then I wipe them off once or twice a day. I did take her to the vet when her left eye had sticky and white/yellow discharge. The vet didn't find any foreign object or extra eyelashes growing into the eye. So she gave her eye drop for conjunctivitis. The yellowy discharge was gone the next morning, and it seemed that her eyes were a little better during that week. Most of the time her eyes are a little red, and her third eyelids are visible (Is this normal? I thought they shouldn't be visible...). I'm posting a picture here. You can see the redness in her right eye and the color of her third eyelids. She doesn't have squinting or watery eyes. I've seen her rubbing one side of her face with her front leg a few times. She did that when she had conjunctivitis in her left eye. I think she's still rubbing the left side of her face. Could this be eye infection? Dry eyes? Or allergy?
  7. Guest


    After dealing with some diarrhea issues both while I was on an extended vacation and after I returned, I had to take Beaker to the vet again today for what looked like pink eye, but it was in both eyes and appeared seemingly out of nowhere over the last couple of days. The vet gave him a diagnosis of uveitis and gave me some pred drops to put in both eyes 3x/day. Aside from the squinting/tearing, he's acting normal. He was rubbing his eyes a bit yesterday, but I haven't seen him do it today at all, so I'm hoping that means the drops are starting to work and that this will clear up. Has anyone else had much experience with uveitis? I did a little forum digging and found some threads about it, but I'd love to hear any additional advice folks have!
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