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  1. Hugs to you as you go on without your special girl.
  2. Seems to me that Kathy and Beka have the same wonderful smile in that last pic.
  3. I was just about to point out we hadn't had a a Cletus fix for a very long time.
  4. Run free and healthy sweetie. It was an honor meeting you.
  5. Patsy


    I bet there is purple all over the place up there. Hugs to your family and I too am loving the concept of a Leo kind of day.
  6. The phrase I used in many many sets of Minutes was "discussion ensued". 😜
  7. Wondering what the canine equivalent of combat boots is?
  8. Thank you! NOW we need some Specky pictures. Specky Specky Specky
  9. That's quite the legacy! Good luck and we could have used some pictures hint hint hint. 😃
  10. It is kinda creepy. The Elf in the Shelf thing is after my time. Whose bright idea was it and what exactly is the point?
  11. Linus makes himself very helpful by ensuring no styrofoam container is ever abandoned on the kitchen counter. He will chew his way thru in numerous spots and then deposit the mess on the kitchen floor. He receives extra helpfulness points if little shards of styrofoam are scattered hither thither and yon. They both are devoted to their duty of holding down the toilet seat lid whilst either of us are showering. That way they are at the perfect height to be groomed. Doesn't everyone keep an assortment of cat brushes on the back of the toilet?? Linus also patrols the well being of the showerer from between the shower curtain and the liner. But then he's "special" anyway.
  12. Happy birthday honey. May you have many more chikkens in your future! Preferably knot free range that you collected your own self of course.
  13. Oh my. Just. Oh. My. Sweep goes beyond look out for your shoes to be careful of your entire house. Those are wonderful Christmas coats and a willing model--oh my!
  14. A bevy of black beauties! How lovely to see Darcy once again.
  15. What a gorgeous boy! I hope your pain eases a bit with remembering the good times.
  16. Cats are always about the "meant to do it"! Pam I'd definitely say you came from the proverbial sturdy stock.
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