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  1. I second (3rd?) the use of the human version. It's a fraction of the cost and does the job. Didn't know about the Vitamin C being needed. That's good to know. My very arthritic dog did very, very well on Arthrisoothe Gold. He didn't like the taste of it, so I used to crush the tablets and put it in his food. They have a liquid, too, but that was quite a bit more expensive.
  2. Yes, yogurt! I put that in my article , too- It's especially a must if they're on or finishing antibiotics. You got me on Olewo Carrots, though. I'd never heard of that.
  3. I'll second @zimsmom . UTI's can come on very suddenly. I've seen everything you've described in a grey with a UTI; and, unlike a fine wine, they don't get better with age! Seriously, though, I don't call the vet unless I'm really stuck; but I would call, if I saw what you've described.
  4. Hi, My Shannon didn't do well with pumpkin, either I wrote an article about this that might help. https://greyhoundhomecare.com/why-does-my-greyhound-have-loose-stools-ultimate-guide-to-recovery-and-prevention/ Good luck; please post back and let us know what worked.
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