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  1. Hi Everyone Myself and my partner have just taken on 2 rescue greys from a trust near us, We are into our first week now. I'm taking them on an hour long walk in the mornings and in the afternoons sometimes its up to 2 hours in our local woods. I feed them around 7pm they seem to want to sleep after that, do I need to do another walk before bed after feeding them? Just the boy has had us up at 4am every morning whining (prosuming this is to go out) I come down stairs and take them into the garden for a wee, then bring them back in again and try to get back to bed. but again its the same thing at 6am more whining then I will do another walk. Does anyone have any tips of how i can get them to sleep through the night and hold out till at least 6/7 without any interruptions through the night? The interruptions during the night are wearing me down a little bit. I've got a bitch who is 3 and a boy who Is 5. My girl is no trouble at all doesnt whine, stays in her bed when I ask her too. but the boy is relentless. They both are following me absolutely everywhere at the moment. If I sit in a room they are in they will settle and sleep but as soon as I get up to go to the toilet or to make myself something to eat they jump up and wont settle.Any tips for this? Also my girl she came to us under weight, I tried giving her some toys the trust gave us and brought some at the pet shop. But every toy shes had ive had to take off her as she has tried swallowing it whole as if its food. I had to pull a soft toy out of her mouth as she was chocking on it and later was sick and threw lots of fluff balls up. Is this normal? Im too scared to leave them alone with toys while im not there now incase something bad happeneds and she chokes on something. Also the rescue recommended feeding them Waggs dry food and canned mixed in. But thier poos are runny so Its impossible to pick this up in a dog bag. Is there anything I can do to help this to make it solid? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks Guys x
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