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  1. Looking for some alternative options to crating/kenneling during the day.... We brought home our grey, Pearl, just over 8 months ago and she's been really great so far. She was fostered before coming to us, and immediately took to our routine and her kennel. Typically we would kennel during the day while at work (8AM-3PM, roughly) and at night, from 10/11PM until 6 AM. She had a few accidents in the kennel during the day - never at night - since we brought her home but we've chalked it up to drinking too much water in the morning or not being able to hold it until we got home. It was never consistent, only once every couple of weeks or so. Then, about 5-6 weeks ago, she began showing a bit of a stubborn streak and now doesn't want to be crated during the daytime. She'll happily go in by herself and on her own terms at night to sleep, but she resists during the day to the point where my husband has had to carry her up the stairs and to the kennel because she just wont move. Now, she's getting destructive. A few weeks ago she pulled a blanket inside the kennel that was on top of it and shredded the thing to bits. Then this morning I noticed that the bars on the front of the kennel are now bent out of place with obvious teeth marks. I don't want her to hurt herself, and I definitely don't want our stuff destroyed! Now that she's reached this point, I think her accidents in the crate are part of the same issue. We've already started talking about our alternatives but I wanted to get some more advice from more experienced owners about what other solutions might be out there. I've had dogs my entire life and have almost always kenneled, so this is some new territory for me. Right now I am considering moving one of her beds into the kitchen and putting up a baby gate across the doorway so she's still out, but not able to get to our cats. I should also add a few things: 1. As mentioned above, we have four cats, so leaving her completely unattended and loose in the house is not an option. They all get along just fine and even sleep next to each other, but I'm not willing to risk anything and would rather be overly cautious when we aren't around. 2. A few weeks ago we started doing short "trial runs" with leaving her muzzle on while we ran errands close to home instead of forcing her into the crate. These have only been in 1-2 hour sessions so far. She's done well and will either lay in the kitchen or on the couch to await our return, but I am not completely convinced about leaving her for longer spans of time since I have seen her Houdini out of her muzzle in the past. Maybe a collar clip would help prevent her from getting it off? All options/advice/opinions are welcome!
  2. As greysmom said above, it's a good idea to decide how you want your furniture to be used. For us, we are fine if our grey sleeps on the couch- but definitely not our bed. We decided that from day one and luckily haven't had much issue keeping her off the bed, and she doesn't tend to have much interest in it. I will say though that she has her spots that she's chosen, and those are what she gravitates to. We also crate at night and while we are at work. Her crate is extra large, and sits in the bedroom corner just a few feet away from our bed. She's got a nice thick orthopedic bed inside it with lots of blankets because she likes to nest, and will go inside it at the end of the night when she's tired and sick of her sleep being interrupted by the sound of the TV. At one point we had two crates- one in our bedroom and one downstairs in the living room- and after just a few weeks she would consistently choose the one in our bedroom over the downstairs option. That's just where she wanted to be. While we're home, she goes to a number of places: she snoozes in her spot on the couch, lays on a second orthopedic bed in the corner of the living room, sunbathes on the rug in our kitchen next to the sliding door, or stretches her legs out and lays on her belly in the sunroom or our office if we're working. Usually though she will find a spot to lay that's near us, wherever we are in the house. She likes to be close and knows the routine very well. As for the stairs- our grey lived with a foster but didn't know stairs when she came to us. It only took 2 weeks of twice-daily trips up and down the stairs before she got the hang of it on her own. Lots of treats and praise helped, but it was definitely a two person job to get her up and down at first. The threads here on stair training were super helpful!
  3. We got our grey on a Sunday afternoon and went to work the next day. Luckily for us she had been in a foster home so we knew she was fine with the crate. However, for the first week one of us went home at lunch time to let her out/check on her to make sure she was okay as she got used to our routine. If they don't like the crate, they can seriously hurt themselves trying to get out- so you will definitely want to try it out before leaving for long periods of time. If you are in the US, we ordered ours from Chewy.com and got a 42 inch kennel. They've usually got the best prices and will have items delivered in about 2 days.
  4. Some hounds talk a lot, and he's still getting used to his new home. He could be whining because he's bored or because he's nervous in the new place, not used to being an only dog, etc. My grey isn't much of a talker but will whine at us if she wants to play or go outside to run. In my opinion, if it's not that bad and he's not doing it loud enough to bother the neighbors, I wouldn't see it as something to correct. That could just deter him from learning to tell you when he wants something or needs to go out to the bathroom. It could also go away on it's own- as others have said, just give him time. He'll continue to settle in over the next few months and his true personality will come out in due time. As for the crates, some dogs will like them and some wont. It's also personal preference to use one, but it does come in handy during emergencies when the dog needs to be contained. We crate during the work day/night, and gave our grey an option of using a crate in the living room or our bedroom- she chose the bedroom crate every single time. If you want to try to introduce him to a crate, it's not too early. From what I've experienced it's probably better to try it now while things are still new and he's still learning the ropes of the house, rather than once he's got an established routine and knows that he could be roaming free instead. He may like it, he may not. I'd say if your boy isn't being destructive during the day while you're gone, you probably don't have much to worry about in terms of SA right now.
  5. Pearl makes sure that no blankets on the couch ever go un-fluffed, and she inspects every can of cat food for quality control. She also tries to do her fair share of yard work by "taking care" of the frozen poop for us
  6. Some groups might have senior or bounce greys for adoption that may not be uploaded to the website. Our broodie was that way- she had been with the group for about two months but hadn't been listed because she was recovering from an infection. They matched us up and she came home with us two weeks later, without ever being posted about online! I know my group doesn't always list the more "difficult to place" dogs online either, because that's where all the new adopters choose from and they want to vet those greys out to more experienced and familiar owners. I actually know of a big fawn guy who bounced in December, and has been with his foster for a few weeks now but isn't listed with our latest group of adoptables. It might be worth reaching out to your local groups to let them know what your looking for even if there isn't anything listed online... They might have a grey "waiting in the wings" for the right owner, or they can contact you once they have a dog that fits?
  7. Ours arrived yesterday, and it took Pearl a few tries to get the hang of things...
  8. So happy to see this today- Ive been waiting on another sale so I could order one for Pearl. Shes taken to stealing my spot on the couch lately and I want my space back!
  9. Sounds like she likes her personal space! Our grey will growl for similar things when she's tired and out of patience and wants to be left alone. I know a non-grey dog who has similar issues... She doesn't like people or other dogs near her unless it's on her terms. Another dog climbs into the bed next to her bed? Growls. Someone walks by her a little too close? Barks at you. Move a little to fast in her direction? More growls. Its all about that "personal bubble" for her (but then again, she's a bit of a drama queen). For Cameron though- if it's directed at your husband most often, it could be something she grows out of as they both learn the right cues and get more comfortable with each other.
  10. She's gorgeous! Congratulations on the new addition and good luck with all that cleverness- she's sure to keep you on your toes!
  11. Our grey ripped out a nail and dislocated a different toe within about two weeks of each injury. For the nail injury- it completely fell out and still hasn't grown back in entirely, even now and it's almost 4 months later. Her dislocation wasn't with the nail like yours (was the two smaller bones right behind the nail), but our vet used a mild sedative and set the toe back in place before bandaging and sending her home with some anti inflammatory pills and recommending no zoomies for a couple of weeks. I'm not a vet so I can't say for sure if the nail is something that can be re-set, but hope your boy gets to feeling better soon!
  12. I've found that our grey likes it when it's frozen will only do it when we feed certain flavors of food- chicken or duck most often. As soon as we switched her to a venison flavor of the same brand, she stopped. She's also less prone if we go outside with her and follow closely as she wanders through the yard. Watch them closely from a few steps away, give a stern "no" when they get close to eating one, and redirect their attention back to doing their business before hurrying them inside so they don't have more of a chance.
  13. FWIW, it took our grey about 2-3 months to get comfortable enough to start playing with toys... Her foster parents told us she had no interest and we tried a few to confirm her indifference until one day when she just went crazy in the yard for a tennis ball my husband was holding. Even now it's sporadic, and doesn't usually last very long. Sometimes she likes to walk around the house with a stuffie in her mouth squeaking it as fast as she can, or tossing her tennis ball into the air and watching it bounce across the living room... My advice would be to get different types of toys to let him try out, and give him plenty of time to explore it on his own! That aside, congratulations on your new addition and welcome from the Midwest!
  14. When we brought our grey home about 6 months ago, it took her two solid weeks of daily "stair training" before she was comfortable and confident enough to navigate them on her own. Each night (and morning going back down) my husband and I would coax her up, step by step, with lots of treats until we made it to the top. Then it was a big celebration when she made it! Now she's a pro and goes up & down as she pleases. It could take a little while, but he sounds like he's doing great! And that's an adorable picture to boot
  15. That does look a lot like ringworm to me, and I've been the unfortunate recipient of several outbreaks (both myself and my dogs) over the last few years. We always treated ringworm and hotspots with Vetericyn spray (http://vetericyn.com/products/vetericyn-dog-care/) and it works wonders.
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